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Official discussion thread: "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy" - Spoilers

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    Alydarbaby wrote:

    I just knew no one in the main core would be in danger. It just seemed like they were going to twist it somehow and they did. This wasn't my favorite episode but it was a switch up on what we are used to. Given that I suspect there won't be many like it. I did however like the ending. It's about time someone took Strauss down a notch. Having to deal with a parent who is an alcoholic I think they showed that she is a bit human. More than often they tend to go off and on the wagon. It seems she is no different. I wonder though how the team may change with the prospect of her possibly not being above Hotch. That is what concerns me more.

    I stopped paying any real attention to previews years ago, especially on CM. They always twist it. They are trying to get you to watch under false pretenses. But what do you expect from a network that fired JJ and had them spend all that elaborate mess (that took away time from the main story) to write Prentiss out. The only reason I put up with it is I hoped to actually see the end of 'Dear Abby.' Great nickname, whoever thought of it. I have never cared for Prentiss and didn't realize how much I didn't until I thought there was hope.

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    I'm sort of back from my an intro, I'd like to say that I have not enjoyed the CM episodes this season. Even though we have our team back, it feels different, the cases so far have been weak, and I don't understand the logic in some of the episodes. Having said that, I absolutely LOVED this one.

    I could've done without the alcoholic Strauss, but I guess they needed to add a low B plot to the storyline, and I guess this sort of ties in with having Aaron cover for her last year? I guess I must've misread the signals, because I thought she had cancer instead of going to rehab...unless I have that wrong too. I guess I made up something much more interesting in my head.

    Sorta reminded me of Sleepers, with Brad Pitt, pretty good, I'm glad they arrested him in the end, and I like how they painted it both ways, was Josh his name? Forgot at this point, but whether he was good or bad, kinda cool how they played it out.
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    Great episode the case was decent but the thing with Strauss made the show I mean wow I thought she had cancer when she went on sabbatical a few episodes back but this twist with her being an alcoholic was a great turnabout.

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    Not a run of the mill CM episode but although different it was a fantastic episode and my old Star Trek Odo made it even better. Strauss an alcoholic, maybe we wont see her character again and that's great.
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    The episode wasn't too bad.

    I actually liked the suspense to not knowing what exactly was taking place with the case.

    I liked the confirmation on the previous hints at something going on with Strauss. I think she's easy to hate as a character but whenever I take into consideration how long she's been working in the FBI and the fact that she was working there at a time where many women weren't working there I understand why she has such a chip on her shoulder and why she can be so bitchy.

    And finally. As per usual Morgan was right. It frustrates me that no one really gives the man credit. In retrospect he questions Hotch probably as much as both Prentiss and Rossi do...but he's the only one that ever catches flack for it. Which is frustrating. What can you count on from Morgan? For him to ask the questions that nobody else has the balls to ask but everyone is thinking. Pairing Morgan (who is more perceptive than anyone gets him credit for) with Strauss and not informing him what was going on was problematic. Given the fact that Hotch knew what was going on he should have been paired with Strauss himself. And the fact that Morgan was able to pick up on Strauss' drinking and stuff and Hotch hadn't was questionable. It's a team full of profilers for crying out loud, if not Morgan, somebody would have picked up on it. Pairing somebody unstable like that with one of his team membes isn't even safe. And I'm sorry, to whoever pretty much implied that leadership entails a "Do as I say, Not as I do mentality" it's ineffective and wrong. I hate words like "subordinate" it implies that somehow the boss is always right and all knowing even when they aren't. Given the nature of this's effective when they work together, and even though Hotch is the team leader it's more of a democracy and has been that way for quite some time. So playing the "boss" card on a team dynamic like theirs just doesn't cut it. Besides...Morgan is still a Senior Agent. If we want to go down that route...that's part of why he's allowed to be that opinionated. As far as ranks go...technically Morgan is second in command (they give Rossi the respect because of his past history with the BAU but Morgan and Hotch still outrank even Rossi on paper). So I ask you...what Deputy doesn't have a more open repoire with their Sheriff? That's the way I see it.

    But I was disappointed in the little tiff. I was glad that Morgan finally called Hotch out. I mean that man rides him about his trust issues and keeping things secret etc... and doesn't acknowledge the fact that not only does he do it too, but so does the rest of the team. (Hell I'm still waiting for some repercussions for Emily for a handful of things). Besides...the argument between them pertaining to that is stale and unnecessary. Morgan trusts his team...otherwise he wouldn't still work them...he'd be running his own in NYC. I actually wanted more thoughh...because I'm still waiting for MOrgan to have a realistic and Morgan-esque reaction to Emily being back and he hasn't. That entire thing has blown over far too soon for me personally.

    And yeah. As much as I love watching Morgan...I also missed my Morgan and Garcia banter, and my other two fave characters Reid and Garcia...their moments were great but I missed seeing them. No complaints though, sometimes taking the backseat is necessary. : )

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    I didn't think Hotch paired Morgan with Strauss knowing there was a problem. When Morgan brought the situation up to Hotch, Hotch responded with, "I thought she was getting help," which led me to believe that when he sent them out together he didn't realize that Strauss was still drinking. I mean she wasn't stumbling around slurring or anything and Morgan even agreed with what she said until he smelled it on her breath. So I don't think Hotch deliberately sent Morgan out there with a drunk partner. I would doubt that Hotch would share something like that with any of the team if he thought there was no need, which I think he didn't. I don't think Hotch should have announced that Strauss was an alcoholic. He knew it, thought she was getting help and when he found out she'd fallen off the wagon he acted and took Morgan with him. Until there was a need for him to act, I don't feel he was keeping secrets in not sharing Strauss's problem with the team. I don't think it's that he doesn't trust anyone but that it was really nobody's business if she was getting help. He's the kind of man that would strive to maintain her dignity and his. I agree that I expected more repercussions from the Emily thing than has happened. That and Strauss are not on the same level whatsoever as far as I'm concerned. That was an out and out lie to the team, not just a fact left out becauseHotch didn't think it was necessary so I could see Morgan having a blowout over Emily and I've always wished he would.

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    I know my previous post may suggest otherwise but I didn't expect Hotch to blurt out that Strauss was an alcoholic. I know discretion is essential and that would have been wrong. I think that's part of why I was getting so annoyed by how that all played out though. I mean because he knew something that the others didn't it just seemed like the smartest move in general to be paired with her himself. I mean even if he thought she was recieving treatment he still knew that she had an issue to begin with. But I still just felt like they suspended belief in showing that Morgan was the only one who realized she was drinking and no one else did. I just found that entire scenario almost irritating and I think I've been more frustrated with the heat that Morgan as a character has been catching from many of the viewers because of his approach. He wasn't out of line. He had valid reasons for his annoyance and I think if you couple that with he and Hotch's already tense and tumultous relationship I personally just gave him kudos for finally getting some things off of his chest. I think their issues are deeper...the incident in itself wasn't so bad but the years of tense conversations and ridiculous reprimands exchanged between the was nice to see Morgan finally address some things with Hotch. Hotch may not have been hypocritical in that particular scenario but he has been in general in regards to how he addresses all of Morgan's "issues" w/o doing the same for himself and other members of the team. I'll get off my Morgan soapbox now. I actually love both Hotch and Morgan...

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    This was one of the better episodes of the season but I would not consider it a perfect 10. I mean, the fact hotch and morgan fought about strauss' alcoholism is fine but it was a little overplayed. I don't mind a little argument but that was a bit on the melodramatic side. I can overlook that though, that happens on occasional episodes. Besides, as much time these people spend together, it'd be unrealistic if it didn't occur. Someone is gonna have to explain how 5 alpha males, trained to survive in the hardest conditions, could get killed by a middle aged, thinner and weaker guy though. Great set up, appreciated the details but that made no sense whatsoever. Not only was he outnumbered but kids in military schools have great reflexes and reaction times. That's a particularly big plot hole there.
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