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Official discussion thread: "The Pact" - Spoilers

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    Please discuss "The Pact" in this thread. This episode was written by Janine Sherman Barrois and directed by Karen Gaviola.
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    I'm going to have to rely on you folks for a discussion of this ep. I tried to watch it, honest, but none of it made a lick of sense to me from the get-go. The writer seems to love these "one's a psychopath" teams (unfortunately, can't get The Thirteenth Step out of my brain, even with the strongest brain bleach imaginable) of people who go off the rails and somehow manage to kill a bunch of people. My 'not-following-you-itis' was so advanced that I fell asleep and didn't wake up until the credits were rolling. So, honestly, did they wrap it all up in some kind of logical bow at the end or did the unsubs die and meet each other in the clouds?
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    You should be glad that you didn't have to suffer till the end. Bad points of the episode? Here we go:

    - Team making wild guesses - A little bit of soil that could come from many places around the city means the killer is precisely where the team guesses. And he is lying close to the road so they don't have look for him too long.

    - Unsubs' inexplicable behavior -Unsubs want to make the murderer talk. They have a gun and a baseball bat, he is unarmed. They don't hurt him but do exactly as he tells them. Isn't it obvious that when someone murders your child you shoot random person so that the murderer has fun?

    - "Good" unsub drives off into the sunset - When you grieve you can beat bad people to death with a shovel or drag them alive behind your car. Then you just have to run away to Mexico without faked documents or anything and no one can find you. You are still a good person!

    - Empty town - Unsubs were dragging their victims chained to their car for a while. In a city. No one saw them. They broke into a house, took a hostage and went back to their car pointing gun at him. Still not a soul to witness.

    - Rossi has to personally go to Mexico to arrest "evil" unsub. Police in Mexico wouldn't find two women sunbathing on a beach without him. "Good" unsub is right behind him. But he doesn't look around.

    I don't get it why people liked this episode. The was nothing logical in this story.

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    It's not uncommon for American law enforcement to personally go to another country for the arrest of a fugitive so no foul on that one. The rest of the story was trite the old one's bad the other has a reason thing is way over done. This one was for the new to police procedural's bunch.

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    As a loyal CM fan, this will probably sound unheard of, but I actually forgot that it was Wednesday, and there was a new episode of CM terrible of me! lol I'm going to blame it on being stressed out at work...

    I felt like we were all over the place in this episode, and the tie-in between the random UnSubs and the victims seemed far-fetched, and things that Penelope easily stumbled upon in her computer searches. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but there was something "off" in this episode, it didn't feel cohesive, it almost felt like many mini parts that they super-glued together to hopefully fit into a cookie-cutter episode.

    The "bad" UnSub wasn't really explored that much, and why she was that way, and then I do have to admit, I liked Kim Wayans' portrayal of the other "good" UnSub, but there was something missing from their relationship, maybe it was just the way they were written.

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    I liked the episode. I mean, the guesses were not as cohesive and seemed like random guesses than actual profiling but the story sucked me in and I was just waiting to see what happened next. And best of all, Blake had very few lines. It was good to see a Rossi episode after how he got pushed to the side last episode. I still wonder about Rossi's jurisdiction in Mexico though. I know, if the FBI andMexican policecome to an international agreement, it works and american criminals can be taken backbut it also takes a lot of paperwork, talking, and diplomacy which takes time and Rossi was there pretty fast.

    My only real complaint about the episode was that it seemed more like a CSI episode, you know the basic police procedure. CM is certainly to a point like that but the reason CM is not CSI or any of those numerous cop shows is that it adds apsychological aspect to it. It wasn't there this week though.

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    I'm afraid I can't find much to say about this one that is in any way positive. I've seen some badly written, appallingly acted and some shocking storylines on this show in the last three years and I thinks this one ranks in the top ten of the worst. I hope things improve.

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    Black unsubs are very rare in crime procedurals and are always treated very sympathetically.

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    I purposely sought out a message board because something about this episode is driving me crazy. I Never could figure out how the lady unsub, the white one, ties into the story. They said that the little girl who was killed in the accident, her mother was dead. So who was this woman?? I even watched parts of the show again trying to figure it out....
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