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Official discussion thread: "The Replicator" - Spoilers

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    Please discuss part two of the season finale, "The Replicator," in this thread. This episode was written by Erica Messer, and directed by Glenn Kershaw.
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    No replies yet? Are we losing viewers or no one cares anymore? Doesn't fair well for the show either way. Just by reading comments leading to this "doubleheader" finale answers my questions.

    I'm not going to totally bash the finale since I found parts of it entertaining. I'm not sure if anyone will read this anyway. Where to begin? I'm combining both "Brothers Hotchner" and "The Replicator" in this reply. First of all, most times when I reply it's because I feel the show is in trouble. I see in the few reviews that were posted people had enough time to hit the "Agree" or 'Disagree" options but not to post in the forum. Oh well.

    Sean Hotchner, has he been on any other Episodes besides Season 1 "The Tribe" and "Brothers Hotchner"? Quite the gap to start plugging in a character. If Eric Johnson was used more during the Series maybe it would have had more meaning. Too coincidental Hotch is in NYC the same time Sean's employers are involved in this spiked wine with ecstasy debacle. The bleeding from the eyes is overkill at this point in the Series. Just didn't have that great "Criminal Minds" feel to it. Entertaining since I've watched the show from day 1, but I certainly wasn't on the edge of my seat. Too disjointed throughout. Felt like I was forcing myself to really like it since I'm a huge fan of the show. I'm sure I'll still watch as long as it's on the air but they keep pushing toward that "jump the shark" moment. Maybe they already hit it and I just can't detach myself from what used to be the most incredible TV show.

    The beloved Erin Strauss? When did this occur? Our friend? I thought she was the BAU Chief "bad guy" that was always looking for ways of breaking up our team. The love they showed her made me think I must have missed a bunch of shows somehow. I haven't though. She was always against the team, questioning their tactics and unorthodox ways of investigating cases. She tagged along when they didn't need her just to get in the way and prove by her lack of knowledge how right the team was. Now Strauss is one of their best friends in the World. BFF Strauss! Didn't buy any of it. Like I read in a review, get rid of Blake. They can't write out any of the main characters or Criminal Minds will be saying farewell. Blake doesn't even come close to the quality character Prentiss was. I thought for sure Blake was leaving during last weeks "#6" episode with her hubby. I thought what a great way to write her character off the show. But when she made her decision to stay with the team, well let's just say it's inappropriate to post the words of how I felt here. does still have Emily Prentiss in the team photo for Criminal Minds so they didn't even feel the need to insert Blake's photo.

    The one review that mentions JJ and Rossi drinking the wine at the end of "The Replicator" is an interesting theory.

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    I've never been a fan of Erin Strauss. So, I'm not all that sad that she is gone. That being said, she deserved a MUCH better ending than what she received.

    All in all, it was a pretty good season finale. A number of loose threads were tied up neatly. Granted, I'm willfully ignoring the legal, moral, and ethical questions raised by Rossi's actions. But the lack of cliffhanger is a refreshing change. It also gives the writers an opportunity to come up with some fresh storylines.
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    Overall this ep was entertaining. However, there are so many plotholes.

    Firstly, i find it weird that the target was Strauss. Well, shes HEAD of BAU. Isn't BAU make up of a few teams beside this team under Hotchner? If the unsub wanted to target Strauss, wont he taunt other teams in BAU too?

    Secondly, the SWAT team were at the unsub's house and hes free to walk around simply cos hes wearing an FBI jacket? Didnt the in charge officer there brief the crime fighters on the background of the situation at all before going there? They didnt know to whom the house belong to? Seriously, how can he not be recognised?

    They also make a point of showing that the unsub moved the placements on Rossi's desk and they totally forgo that information. No one noticed the unsub was there!! Not mentioned at all!!

    Lastly, the team profile the unsub as having a speciality in biochemistry. It is a good pt but it was totally dismissable. He was shown next with that electronic stuff that affect the helicopter's operating system, then he tried to blow up his house with... C4!!! WTF??!! Shouldnt they at least try to link up some chemical explosion to further affirm that his passion was indeed biochemistry?

    Seriously i think they should have split this ep into 2. It is a good plot with too little time to explore the possibilities. At least they would have shown how the agents got out of the locked room.

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