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Official discussion thread: "Through the Looking Glass" - Spoilers

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    Please discuss "Through the Looking Glass" in this thread. This episode was written by Sharon Lee Watson and directed by Dermott Downs.
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    So, family annihilator, right? A la The Fox? But full of high tech gadgetry and out of the way hidey-holes with two way mirrors a la the Will Wheaton episode. I'm getting the distinct feeling that these current writers are just throwing old episodes up in the air and putting together pieces that fall near each other. They don't seem able to grasp the concept of 'profiling,' which, on a show about profilers, is sad.

    It wasn't terrible, mind you. It was just ... blah. I so didn't care about the family's "sins." The wife was shrill, the husband not strong enough and the daughter not messed up enough. Yes, I know, they were 'hiding their secrets.' Remember that scene in The Fox where Gideon looks around the family's house and notices all the tiny little clues that tell a good profiler that there was stuff going on behind the happy family photos? Yeah, I remember, too. I remember profiling that happens among the actual profilers, not at the end of the episode via flashbacks and a voice over by Garcia who has magically connected to our unsub's subconscious. What the heck was THAT? There was absolutely NOTHING shown about this unsub's motivation before that hurried little montage.

    Beth had always made me yawn. Hotch isn't losing someone else -that's a good thing. But I would pay big money to get them to devote a little more effort into writing good profiling than in these boring asides.

    I liked the newbie's comment about Asperger's to Reid because she followed up and talked to him about it. Reid is too easily made the butt of all new character's jokes, IMO. Lazy writing. But character development for her, talking about speaking the truth right out there. Good. But don't be mean to my Reid. (pats Reid on head)
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    Yeah definitely had the been there done that feel and the killers motivations were weak and Garcia's childish display at the end left me cold.

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    Crazy, like The Fox, but nowhere NEAR as well written or acted. I found it quite boring except the discussion between Reid and Blake and the relief that we just MIGHT be rid of Beth. I do like seeing Jack though. Great kid! I once again had the impression of jumping to conclusions rather than actual profiling and that annoys me. New writers required. Again.

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