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Season 8 Speculation and Discussion (may contain spoilers)

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    [1]Jun 23, 2012
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    I am a huge fan of Criminal Minds, have been for a while now, but I can't help but be pretty disappointed by season 7. The writing seems lackluster, the cases less interesting, and the weird glimpses of the characters' personal lives that bookend the episodes are jarring and seem wholly unconnected to the rest of the plot. Once upon a time the show connected the characters' personal stories to what was going on in the case of the week, and now they just seem to think the viewers will be interested in whatever they want the characters to be up to this week--Garcia is worried she slept with Morgan (please, that was the most flimsy excuse for intrigue ever, I doubt anyone believed for a second anything went down between them)! Prentiss is worried about purchasing a house (yes, I know that was their way of working Emily out of the show, but still, they couldn't come up with anything better than that?)! Everyone goes to Rossi's house for Italian! I mean, I get it, they're trying to flesh out these characters as people and not just as crime solvers, but I no longer look forward to Criminal Minds every week like I used to.

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    I agree! I almost forgot to watch it each week - and it was one of my fave shows! Compared to everything else that's out there, it's lacking a strong continuing storyline that compels you to find out what happens each week.

    Fingers crosse the next season will be better...
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    On that note, I am converting this thread to a season eight discussion. Please use this thread to discuss who and what you would like to see this season.
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    [4]Aug 14, 2012
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    I would like to see more focus on us not seeing the unsub before the end. Personally I want to be surprised. 100 was one of my favorite episodes and I would love to get back to an unsub that keeps the group guessing where and when he will do something rather than us know who he or she is. I would like them to be wrong about the the unsub more. It makes me feel like they are more human.

    I am looking forward to Reid getting a girlfriend. However I hope she is not a blonde. Only because that would be predictable.

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    [5]Aug 28, 2012
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    I'd sincerely appreciate more Reid this season. Especially talking about his headaches, possible mental illness again. They never explained what happened with that.

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    [6]Sep 17, 2012
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    More Reid would be awesome!!! Yes....I would also like for them to finish that arc....the mysterious headaches disappeared but we never really knew what happened....stress??? Some explanation regarding this would be nice....logical and not so vague.
    Also I wish they would explore more his brilliant mind. All the things he can do. He was brilliant at 24....Gideon and Hotch wondered what he would accomplish when he was older and more experienced...I haven't seen that progression.
    Also I miss all the random facts. Reid is brilliant but a geek at heart and he loves to share all that knowledge that he has stored in that brilliant, beautiful mind of his.
    So yes to MORE Reid!!!! A lot more
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    [7]Sep 24, 2012
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    I'd like to see some decent script writing and not knowing the identity of the unsub before the opening credits roll. As someone else posted, an arc like "100" which kept the team on their toes would be excellent. I was disappointed with the way Prentiss was written out so I hope the writers can show some more imagination this season. I also wish Jeanne Tripplehorn all the luck in the world.

    I hope we don't have character romances all over the place, it'll turn into the 'Grey's Anatomy' version of 'CM' and that isn't why I watch it. But basically, yes, good, fast-paced, professional writing with decent plots and characterization is what I'm hoping for. The 'CM' of old would be excellent. I will hope for it to happen.

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