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Suggestion / Request to the powers that be at Criminal Minds

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    I'd like to make a free suggestion and/or request to the powers that be at Criminal Minds (e.g. writers, producers, etc). I know from time to time the writers of CM drop by (or at least they did at one time).

    How about an overseas arc where we get to see BAU activity by not just our crew, but also what various countries have for their own BAU.

    Some suggestions:

    1) Should someone be willing to try another Criminal Minds spin-off, why not have it take place in another country. This new BAU team could be from AU, UK, JP, Israel, etc. I'd suggest going with a country that is BOTH interesting to the American audience but also has its own large Criminal Minds audience. This way it could be popular in two countries. Who know maybe CM could grow like other series to have its own country versions, which could (in the end) find their way back to here. IMHO, that would be way cool.

    2) The team gets sent to a conference where they are both teaching/sharing and learning from other BAU teams (from other countries and maybe another USA team or two). This could be a one-time conference OR a series of regional (e.g. continent level conferences) for existing BAU or police groups wanting to learn or considering their own BAU departments. Our heroes introduce the idea by talking about other groups going and wondering why they didn't get picked. Hotch announces they'll be going to in or on

    Obviously, while there they get roped into some adventure that creates a small story arc (e.g. 3 episodes would be my choice).

    3) Similar to Mexico, an overseas country (we'll call it ) has a serial killer. The President of the country, as a family friend got involved as a victim or say a possible suspect, requests the best BAU team (and might ask by name).

    One idea on how to introduce this would be: In an earlier episode someone from this country () becomes involved with our heroes in a positive way. As a result, several episodes later (say 1/2 a season) , when country has a serial killer or some other crime (terrorism, whatever), the positive experience with our group causes an invite to go to them (through proper channels).


    Anyway, IMHO, overseas episodes would be fun for both the cast, crew, and viewers. It also would open up several possibilities for a spin-off and/or mini-series and/or TV movies.



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