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What were your favorite profiling moments?

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    What were the moments that stand out to you... I'm specifically thinking of moments when the team and its members were just doing their jobs?

    The first moment that stands out to me was the end of "Hanley Waters" (6.20). Of course it helped that, coming off of "Lauren," it was an emotionally-charged episode anyway, but I really liked the case. I like how they solved it, and I loved, loved, LOVED the way Hotch handled her at the end. Even knowing that he was focused on disarming her, I was still in tears; it was that effective.

    I should mention that though the first moment I could think of was an emotional one, I certainly appreciate the clinical analysis on the show; the detective work and psychological study that goes into solving a case (at least in the good eps). It's just that those moments thankfully happen frequently enough that... at least for me... they all run together after a while. But they are appreciated.

    Anyway, that was the first one I could think of. May post more as I think of them. How about you?
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