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Which team member is "leaving forever?

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    [1]May 10, 2014
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    after the end of last weeks episode when the big shoot out happened at the end with the pimpin' preacher, the preview said that "one member would be gone........ "forever".

    so, who gets it? obviously someones contract [is there another show that has so many contract beefs?] didnt go like we all had heard. the end of that episode had a MASSIVE amount of cops and BAU members going down. someone had to bite it.

    any ideas? anyone heard or read who it is? hope it isnt gubler. he is my fav character. they need to get him more in the forefront and more features. his charcter is deep and tragic and interesting. they have been wasting his character.

    and i can see him saying, "hey, i am done being a shadow on the wall. more episode time or more money".

    they chose to let him go. i WILL be pizzed off for sure!!

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    [2]May 12, 2014
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    Well, we know for sure that they're returning for Season's been confirmed in the past weeks. The episode description reads "One agent puts 'her' life on the line," so I can narrow that down to:



    Garcia (although she isn't an agent in the field, per se)

    After watching the short clip of the next episode (multiple times, I admit) I conclude that Reid makes it...we can see him lying in a hospital room with Garcia standing near him; and he says "Garcia, he's got a gun!" and then there's a gunshot offscreen, and the screen goes black. gut's actually saying JJ will be the one to go somehow, based on an interview I read with AJ Cook - even though she wasn't one of the injured this past episode. Still, JJ's become a pretty central character ever since she moved up from press liaison, so maybe I'm just grasping at straws.

    I really do hope it's Blake, even if that makes me an awful person. I very rarely wish death on people - even fictional characters! But just because I feel like she doesn't really mesh well with the rest of the BAU team. I mean, they're always throwing her in with Reid, but even still, I'm not getting that tight-knit closeness that most everyone else has with the rest of the team. Tripplehorn's a fine actress and all, but I don't connect with Blake on the same level as the rest, for whatever reason.

    Just my opinion! I too love MGG's Reid...he appears to have a pretty chill, laid-back personality, I doubt he'd throw a fit over less screen time, even if Reid's been in the background lately. But then again, I don't actually know the guy.

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    I'm assuming it is Reid who isn't coming back.He seems to be wanting a change from the BAU at the end of the last episode of season 9.
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