Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 21, 2012 on CBS

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  • Jim Clemente rocks it! THIS is profiling. THIS is Criminal Minds.

    I feel like I've been given a ride in the WayBack Machine and I'm watching CM from years ago - back when real profilers worked with the writers to give them insight into the minds of these creatures who stalk our world and prey on the innocent. Perhaps because this ep was written by retired profiler himself, Jim Clemente, who looked these monsters in the eye for a lot of years and doesn't need to play around with torture scenes or fake, randomly inserted hijinks to build an episode.

    From our first glimpse of Angel by the side of the road, to the last scene between JJ and Morgan, everything about this ep resounded with truth - the darkest kind of truth. The truth of a little boy who "hadn't been held in a very long time," who bore the scars of bite marks - and worse - and still could be reached by a patient, loving hand. The truth of a daughter who had always had an inkling, a fleeting, hurriedly repressed knowledge, that her father wasn't right. The truth of a grown man, a profiler, who had looked his abuser in the face and chosen to stand up for other children like him instead of descend into depression and self-hurt.

    How refreshing to have that doubt, that not-quite-sure feeling about an unsub. Who is it? Is it the father? Or are these unquiet nightmares, not true memories? Beautifully written and acted by everyone involved to throw the unsub's identity into the shadowy place between blatant, from scene 1 out there, and completely unknown. Current CM writers should take this script apart line by line and learn how to do it right!

    The subject matter was unthinkable - utterly horrible - and yet so tactfully and perfectly told that we did not turn away in disgust, but watched, sometimes in tears, to see if Angel could be reached, could be helped, and if his abuser would be caught.

    Those scenes with Angel beneath the hospital table? Flat-out perfect. I don't know if the "coin" is JC's method of coping, but it played beautifully here. Heart-wrenching.

    Prentiss connection with the daughter was also so wonderfully played out. Patient. Insistent. Intelligent. Dialogue that was right and adult and insightful - oh, how I've missed you.

    The Reid/Hotch discussion was also fantastic - real profiling. Reid was actually in this episode - for a few minutes, anyway, before being relegated to the background. And Garcia was professional and believable - just the right amount of light in a dark ep, not the big-bang, center of the sun explosion of immaturity she's been lately.

    And that last scene, in Morgan's office?? THAT is the way you do 'team bonding,' people. You make it real and you make it coherent and full of continuity with the ep and what we know about these people.

    Thank you for reminding me of why I ever called this show my favorite. Act quickly and make Jim the head writer of this show before he gets gobbled up somewhere else. And, WriterJim? Thank you for being so transparent with your own story and helping us see these children as real people who need help, not caricatures. You rock.