Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 5

From Childhood's Hour

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2011 on CBS

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  • An unusual type of episode, to say the least.

    I found the unsub in this episode quite interesting and the reason behind his behaviour. It was worth looking at from an 'outsider' perspective. The writing was okay. Not stellar, but okay. The biggest problem I had was with Rossi's ex wife turning up as that particular storyline seemed to push everything else away from the screen (and the forty-plus minutes) allocated to the episode. We have certainly had the previous Mrs. Rossis mentioned MANY times throughout the show and finally, we have seen one who arrives with some very distressing news. I DO enjoy learning things about the lives of the characters, but not to the exclusion of the main storyline, which should be the unsub and his victims. I think this one would have been better if it had shown that because the ending scene, relatively brief though it was, took away the main focus.
  • Perhaps the best of this season (except the premiere, obviously) and in terms of character development, this one was sensational there too! (Spoilers ahead!)


    I was excited to finally be meeting one of Rossi's ex-wives and while teh storyline did not quite go in the direction that I had expected or predicted, it was most definitely a sad and suspenseful one, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

    The case itseld was sensational! I t was definitely a unique type of episoed with an unsub who abducts children with unfit mothers and then gains the child's permission to kill the mother in a very sick way...

    I don't want t o spoil the whole case, but I thought it was clever writing to have the unsub as a 9/11 operator. It was a great way to explain everything and it worked perfectly with the sotryline!

    Cna't wait for next week's episode, especially with Rossi's storyline developing, and also hoping for a great case as usual!

    This was a spectacular episode, and I hope that Criminal Minds continues to deliver more like therse!

  • A good episode with excellent direction.


    This episode was good but not amazing or over the top.I liked the the storyline and the the interesting part was that the unsub didn't want to hurt the kids but rather their parents and major point to the fact that he was in fact a 911 operator....a real life scenariolike that could be freaky.The whole idea that he had a ritual or other otherwise he would set the kid free was also quite intriguing. I really liked the child actor who played the first abduction victim-bobby, I thought he did a brilliant job of emotions and at the same time portraying that he was a self sufficient kid as reid had pointed out and hence did not cry or crib like the second victim.Rossi's storyline though good, felt a little out of place but never the less I got to see one of his wives. The last scene was just heartbreaking to see rossi so upset as he's usually quite stolid in front of the team.

    In the end when they reveal that it was the unsub who killed the mom was another suspense but I guess everyone kind of had a hunch about that (I did) because of the way they dramatized the unsub's mother's suicide in a white gown, you could figure out that it was his fantasy rather than reality. I really liked the direction in this episode, the first scene with the kid behind the glass door and the scene where bobby is drawing his mom and the unsub is killing had a very creepy effect, with the crayons and blood.

    Can't wait for next week, loving CM!