Criminal Minds

Season 9 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2013 on CBS

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  • He may play a genius, but he's still learning as a director...

    Come on guys, give Gubler a break. He hasn't been directing for that long. Sure, script has a lot to do with it but overall it was pretty good!
  • Wishing for a new story.

    Another trophy killer with a sad past. Yawn.
  • Not the best

    Weak episode all but it just didn't seem too believable....

    the ending as well the singing part was amusing but really being that sad that your bar closes down?
  • What's happening to criminal minds?

    I am so shocked and disappointed at how this season is turning out. Every episode so far has surprised me in how predictable the plots were. I LOVE LOVE or loved criminal minds and it's such a huge letdown to see it go downhill like this. Did the director or writer change??? I feel like this is a completely different show.
  • Not Bad

    "Gatekeeper" followed yet another predictable trend, yet another predictable outcome, but it was not that bad a show. I like them incorporating some side storylines to make these characters stand out, even if the karaoke at the ending was a bit lame.
  • Great Episode!

    It's not every day that you get to see Reid deliver a baby, but it was great! And Rossi singing was great too!

    As for the case, I liked how the team seemed so confused as to why the unsub did what he did, it's great when the team is stumped sometimes.

    Great episode!
  • Great episode

    to andrew. what do you mean "bring us back to reality"? Just because you don't like the episode doesn't mean others can't (which the majority of us do) so gtfo.
  • Where were all of these writers the last 2 seasons????

    To me a great episode... Loved the interaction and the bonding between the team especially the off key singing at the end... :) It is nice to see a bit of a back story for all the characters... The main storyline was also good making us believe that the unsub was a voyeur and then revealing the reasons for the murder...

    Enjoyed the comment Ried made when he said he memorised the entire manual... That was so him... Oh and the statistics on the plane... So Ried as usual... Good job guys please keep going
  • This show has fallen so far it's depressing

    Are you people serious? 9.5? 10? Really? Wow. I'm sorry to have to be the one to bring everyone back to reality, especially since I've been a huge fan of this show since the first season, but this season has been incredibly disappointing so far. And this episode, while not the worst to air this season (although it's close), was no exception. The entire plot with the unsub was completely predictable, formulaic, and unoriginal. Reid's character has gone from an interesting multidimensional genius with a history of personal loss, substance abuse, and an institutionalized manic-depressive mother to a completely insufferable shell of a character who seems more like a grown man dressing up like a genius for Halloween than an actual person. This season he has been nothing other than an increasingly grating annoyance, rattling off utterly ludicrous esoteric demographic statistics at every possible opportunity and contributing almost nothing of substance to any conversation or episode.

    And therein lies the problem with the current season. The show feels completely devoid of fresh ideas- rather than attempt to develop any of the main characters further in interesting ways, or have anything significant occur to change them, they simply are as they are, and as they have been for the past 1-9 seasons. I still loathe Jean Tripplehorn's addition to the case and would do anything for them to bring back Prentiss or even Elle from way back in the show's initial, and by most fans' accounts, best seasons in its run (seasons 1 & 2). I've given up on Mandy Patinkin's Gideon ever returning- however, the show desperately needs a return to what made it so great in its first 5 seasons, which is interesting, suspenseful storylines with seasonal story arcs that we actually care about and serve to reveal something new to us about, further develop, or significantly change the dynamics/structure of the BAU members who are the show's primary focus. I really refuse to believe that the writers cannot come up with anything more interesting for the team to be doing in their off hours than having these ridiculously campy and sop***ric get-togethers where they do nothing but engage in inane rituals or bizarre activities to bond while they take turns exchanging contrived and overly sentimental expressions of praise and/or acknowledgement. This is simply not interesting at all. Please, criminal minds, one of my former favorite shows of all time, stop with the campy self-congratulatory banter and bring back the witty exchanges and interactions between the team members that were entertaining, funny, or at least interesting. Bring back unsubs that are actually menacing- don't just go for a gross-out factor of brain and optical implant surgery or forced cannibalism- these ideas, like the team member interactions- feel way too forced, and are ultimately not interesting or satisfying to watch at all. Sorry. And oh yeah, Reid delivering the baby at the end of this episode was absolutely ridiculous and I actually turned the show off when they all started singing because I was so mortified by what I was seeing. I was praying for this show to return to greatness, however, after watching this episode, I would honestly settle for a return to mediocrity. If not, it will continue to subject what remains of its fan-base to increasingly unwatchable drivel like this episode, and likely seal its fate as the show's long-overdue final season.
  • Great Episode!

    Great episode directed by the Great Matthew Grey Gubler. Made you see both sides of the situation.
  • criminal minds

    Again a nice episode of Criminal Minds with a creepy unsub, i mean spying people from your window that psychopath 101. Anyway i liked it, especially with the background story with his wife and kid. Furthermore Reid had to deliver the baby and the woman named her son after him. To sum it up keep doing more episode as those.
  • Really good!

    This was another solid episode of Criminal Minds with an interesting case coupled with some interesting profiling.

    I wasn't really sure what the killer's motives were in the beginning, but it was very interesting to see it unfold and reveal itself. The scenes at the end with Hannah going into labour were really intense,a dn I can't believe the baby was named Spencer! LOL!

    Loved it! The singing at the end was hilarious in a quirky way. Nice episode!