Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 4

God Complex

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2012 on CBS

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  • Good and cool

    Good but I can't figure out how u can watch a epasiode
  • This one was far too gruesome and freaky. Sorry, but I really have no need for this episode ever again.

    This episode was just horrible. The story was far too freaky and far too mortifying to even think about. It's one thing to have serial killers, but it's another to have some guy chopping and changing legs like thaey are puzzle pieces in a jigsaw.

    I am a HUGE fan of the show, but I think I also always can't stand the episodes with some freaky doctors performing crazy experiments. That just freaks me out too much, whereas following a psychotic serial killer is far more intriguing.

    In terms of Spencer, and the new girl on the phone - I think this will be an interesting storyline, but I have no idea who she is or why she was acting so mysterious at the end? That was a little shocking. Meanwhile, Alex Blake wasn't too bad today. Overall, she seems to be improving each week, but it is also worth noting that she'll never be Emily Prentiss.

    There was also far too muhc time spent on the unsub and the victims and not enough time spent on the rest of the team (except Reid). I barely heard Rossi's voice in this episode. Hotch's too, for that matter.

    This one ws just too greusome for me. Too freaky. Please get rid of weird doctors and crazy scientists and bring back the good old killers like the Reaper or people lik e that. They are far mroe interesting.
  • Well, I least I saw a bit more of Reid ...

    I like episodes which deal with Reid, but I also like ones which have an interesting plotline and good writing. For me, these two ingredients were missing in this episode.

    It took them long enough (how many seasons?) to mention Reid's headaches and now we are left wondering who this woman is to whom he was speaking. Please let us NOT have another 'season of secrets'. I'm starting to like Blake more as the series progresses but J.J. doesn't seem to be getting a whole lot of screen time, it's centreing more around the males. I have no problem with that but with Emily gone and getting used to a new character, we need a bit of the familiar as well.

    Shades of Idi Amin with the unsub but I wasn't all that interested. Either the show is becoming more and more predictable or I am getting jaded. I would rather it was the former and hope for better things.
  • Writing is going downhill

    The writing on this show is starting to show its laziness.

    I didn't mind the Reid subplot at all, of course, although I did find it hard to believe that he wouldn't see her behavior as creepy after everything he'd encountered in his years at the BAU. I certainly found it creepy, even before I knew she was watching him.

    But what really irritated me was the main plot. There was just so much about the way the BAU worked in this episode that just seemed like... lazy writing. I can no longer watch it on, and it's been a while since I've seen the episode, so I only remember one specific example (although there were more at the time). When they were delivering their profile, they said something like:

    "The doctors under Hitler's regime had the same psychology."

    Really? ALL of the doctors who worked under Hitler's regime shared the exact same psychology? All of them? And that's not even counting the fact that they brought up Hitler... a major indicator of lazy writing in any show that isn't actually about Hitler...

    I'm sure there's no shortage of real-life and more recent examples of doctors with god complexes who committed atrocious acts. The naming of past killers who've been studied or interviewed by the BAU often lends a certain degree of realism to the show that was notably absent in this episode (and actually, in all of the episodes to this point this season).
  • A clever title goes here!

    Reid is talking to .....Beth Riesgraf the lady from leverage.

    But i would love to know why or who she is in the show? I like Reid's story line finally.

    But yea the girls are not getting enough storyline.. would love to know whats going on with everyone else as well. this episode was good but not that good... this season .. lets see how it goes from here on
  • A bit contrived.

    Although C.M. is one of my favorite shows, this episode felt a bit too contrived. It wasn't bad at all, but it didn't really flow naturally. There was a mortician who all of a sudden starts to experiment with transplanting legs, while the person who's to benefit from said experiments isn't bothered by her condition in the least. The team doesn't come up with a trigger for the sudden behaviour, the comparison to WOII german surgeons was different but did not explain why.

    A very nice surprise was how Alex handled herself in the prison, she wasn't intimidated at all, the prisoner was an open book and left him with a clever snark. She also confronted Reid when his behaviour was too out of character for her to let it slide, but backed of and respected his privacy when he asked her to.

    Wich brings me to Reids behaviour, all of a sudden he has this connection to a women who has helped him but who herself is in a situation where she can't talk freely. It will be interesting to find out the details of how this came to be. All in all not too bad of an episode but there certainly have been better.
  • Season 8 looking pretty good...

    As a cynical writer who loathes romance this was the one I was dreading. They would have to blow me out of the water to impress me with the Reid subplot I knew was coming. Did they do that? No, but they certainly came close. The relationship certainly was different as they promised from the normal Hollywood trash I've come to so despise. The power of having Reid hear "I love you" for the first time was incredible.

    On the other hand I fear CM is sacrificing good writing for gore and shock value. This is powerful every now and then - look at season 2, all those well written psychological unsubs and then BAM, they hit you with the gore of Frank; but too often and the show becomes typecast and very boring. I don't remember what episode, but I'm reminded of the cop who begged the BAU for help a few years ago, saying "What, my bodies aren't covered in peanut butter so it's not interesting enough?" or something to that effect. The writers would do well to remember their old stories.
  • First half was well-paced, the second a little rushed

    The team heads to New Mexico to deal with an unsub who is amputating limbs in an experiment, while Dr.Reid has a back and worth with mystery woman over a pay phone.

    The first half of the episode was generally interesting, things were mysterious, the team did a fantastic job of attempting to place things together. Reid was the focal point, and any episode that does this tends to be a little more focused on an intellectual reasoning for the crime. Reid is the best developed character, and having him keep the secret of the mystery woman added more tension to the rest of the season.

    The second half of the episode, and it really was the second half of the episode, just all of sudden seemed to have a shot of adrenaline and took off with new ideas, twists and developments. Most of which seemed to come out nowhere, and were seemingly undefined. It made sense in the first half, his natural need to find something and stop at nothing to be correct. The second half presented all these new ideas and lead the character down a new path that didn't seem to make sense. I was really enjoying the episode, but unfortunately the rushed explanation didn't seem to fit with the overall idea that was developing in the first half.

    Gubler did a fantastic job as previously mentioned, as did Ray Wise, but it was unfortunately not a memorable episode in any way.
  • 8x04 - God Complex

    This was a really good episode. I was so creeped out by the unsub that I had to close my eyes and plug my ears during the limb amputation.

    The mystery of who Reid is talking to is also interesting, and I look forward to learning whats going on there.
  • Great one (overall story arc)

    This was a great episode. I liked the unsub and his plan. Reid focused episodes are always great. Actually I think there was also a bit of character growth/ bounding in this episode. Which is one of the main reasons this series is so great.

    Reid having a secret and a "girlfriend". Reid and Alex bounding, because of the secret and she kept her promise. Then Derek who teases Reid but also let him know he cares. And JJ and Reid also had a nice scene when Reid made a joke when the visited the first victim. That was old times there.

    This girl sounds interesting. Not only because Reid talks to one. But also, why only via payphone. And better yet, that last scene was very mysterious. Is she held somewhere, or is she free to go under some conditions. And is there any connection with the "unsub" we saw at the end of the first episode of this season. Or maybe, is she the unsub??? Hope not, if she has a connection I hope she somehow is kept by him/ her (And Reid) saves her.

    At first when the talked about a girl that Reid spoke with I kind of hoped it was the girl who was the victim of a stalker in an earlier season. The model that pulled him into the pool I mean. But actually, I think I like this one even better, because as Derek said, she can keep up with him. That's kind of cool.

    So, good unsub, but certainly promising overall story arc. I really like it
  • great!

    it was an awesome episode, i wanna learn more about this mysterious woman and Reid!! loved it
  • The doctor is ready to operate.

    This episode was just madness but a perfect 10.In the episode an unsub is amputating limbs from one victim and putting them on his other victims to try and prove that you can walk with someone else's leg.At first in the episode it shows you a victim waking up with his leg cut off and I thought that was just crazy but then gets more crazy when he attaches that victims leg to someone else. It was insane how he thought it could work and he let one of his victims walk into a hospital and when the nurses had a look he had another persons leg on.When the team is struggling in the case Reid gets some extra help from his mystery caller who helps him with the case who we don't really know much about but I presume we will know more about in the future.In the end we find the unsub is trying to prove it works so that his wife can have a leg but as I expected was shocked to find what her husband was doing and the team was able to arrest him before anyone else would fall victim to him.
  • Loving The Reid Thread

    The actual case wasn't very engaging or dramatic. I've seen Ray Wise be a lot creepier. I mean, c'mon, he has been in Wes Craven flicks, was really bizarre in Twin Peaks, plays the Devil on Reaper - I just wasn't all that impressed with the character - whether that was due to him, writers and/or directors I don't know. It was a very bland performance from an actor with his background.

    Alex is growing on me. I liked the way she handled the interview with the incarcerated doctor, and how she profiled Reid but eventually stepped off and ultimately protected his privacy.

    Mostly, the unsub and story of the week provided background for the Reid Mystery. This is really out of nowhere, and I liked the surprise and feel of it. There's a big story in that, or at least I hope there is. Important to remember that the unsub shown in the season opener is one of the unsubs from prior years. Whether this has anything to do with the intrigue surrounding Reid's geneticist, we shall see. A 9 from me, largely because I'm so darned happy to see Reid in the foreground again with the potential for an engaging arc to come.
  • Season 8 has finally begun for me!!!!

    Loved this one... Reid stories are always amazing and this one was no different... To be honest I was extremely disappointed about the first 3 episodes and wasn't even going to bother checking this one out but am glad I did...

    After a long time we got to see some Reid and Morgan bonding which is always great to see... Still don't like the new one but am ok with watching her now...

    My only concern is that they don't just forget about this Reid storyline just like they did the headaches... Overall the best episode for the last 3 seasons for me