Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 20

Hanley Waters

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2011 on CBS

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  • A woman is on a killing spree in Tampa, Florida, and the BAU must race to stop her as the body count piles up at an alarming rate.

    I feel that this episode should have screened after "Lauren" given that the team are now having sessions with Hotch to deal with their grief about losing Prentiss. The fact that Hotch was doing the counselling at all is ridiculous. He is as much a part of the same unit as Prentiss was and, as such, it is protocol to have someone uninvolved in the loss to offer grief counselling. I know this from personal experience and I'm fairly certain the writers would know it too but at least Hotch was doing something central for a change. That has been rare for a long while now. As for Strauss allowing him to do the job? Since when has Strauss EVER given Hotch what he wanted? She certainly wouldn't start now! It was nice that Rossi acknowledged Hotch's pain and sense of loss and made reference to the fact that he has had to deal with much tragedy in recent times. Also, at least he seemed to know that Strauss would not actually be willing to let Hotch conduct the counselling.

    I thought Morgan's assessment of how he was feeling about Prentiss was the most accurate, Garcia's far too brief and Reid's almost as though he was looking from a distance, which is probably how he copes with things.

    This Season 6 trend of showing us the unsub before the opening credits is annoying beyond belief. Suspense is part of a good crime/drama and that is all being taken away because we know who the perpetrator is right from the outset.

    There was a modicum of profiling around the table but nothing spectacular. Garcia was part-presenting yet again and quite a few conclusions were reached in a short space of time which, in earlier seasons, would have taken much longer.

    I understand why the unsub behaved the way she did but for witnesses to the gun store shootings to say that she appeared calm means that I must have been looking at a different person as she was jittery, sweaty and unsure of herself. It seems more than a little odd too that the gun store owner would leave her standing there with a weapon when it had already been established that she did not have any kind of permit to own or carry a firearm. I also noticed what a deadly accurate shot she was. One bullet, one kill each time. Maybe she should join a SWAT team. At least she missed when she fired at the paramedics.

    It will continue to make me scream internally that Agent Seaver is permitted to join in when it comes to giving a profile to local law enforcement. Maybe in 7 or 8 years after she has learned her craft, but NOT as a newbie whose continued presense is yet to be properly explained by anyone. Seeing J.J. and Prentiss briefly in the opening sequence just made it feel worse. Seeing how badly 'Suspect Behavior' is doing in the ratings doesn't surprise me at all. Networks should learn that NOT every show on the planet needs a spin-off, particularly when it is one of the direct causes of such carnage to the original as we lose cast members and writers from "CM" in order to keep the other show afloat. Well, if the numbers are anything to go by, the new ship is sinking fast and I just hope it doesn't take the Mothership down with it.

    On a more positive note, good to see Hotch fronting the cameras when the appeal went out to the unsub. As Unit Chief, he SHOULD be more central instead of just lurking in the background. Thomas Gibson did a terrific job in the restaurant when talking to the parents of the little boy. Great acting and good to see a little more of Hotch's 'human' side again.

    I personally thought that the unsub's husband did a better job of acting than she did, and I think the fact that, for me at least, her performance coming across on screen as rehearsed and wooden made it harder for me to feel sorry for her. All in all, I certainly wouldn't rave about it, and the script was as weak as they have almost all been this season, but seeing Hotch actually doing his job was an unexpected surprise. Let us see what next week brings, shall we?