Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday Sep 30, 2009 on CBS

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  • I really wanted this one to be better given that we are only two episodes into the new season but it wasn't all that great and I guess there are several reasons for that ...

    SSA Hotchner is back on the job just thirty-four days after being brutally attacked by George Foyet. The team are loudly wondering why he is so agitated and stressed? Could it be because he almost died at Foyet's hands? Or maybe it's because his ex wife and son have had to go into protective custody for their own safety and he blames himself?

    Meanwhile, in a pharmacy in Kentucky, Darrin Call, suffers a psychotic break due to being off his prescribed medication and murders three people, injuring others. The BAU are called in to investigate. Reid is somewhat hampered by a knee injury sustained in the season opener (Matthew Gray Gubler had undergone knee surgery and was, thefore, required to be on crutches and rest as much as possible.) which means his ability to go out in the field has been severely curtailed and this has an effect on the team dynamic - it introduces an aspect of 'boringness' to that particular area.

    Investigation into the background of the psychotic Darrin Call shows horrors from his childhood which show very clearly why he is suffering from mental illness and why he kills anyone who physically touches him.

    I was rather bored with this episode, except for the parts where we saw Hotch so clearly suffering. The writers can do better than this.
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