Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 19

Heathridge Manor

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2012 on CBS

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    okay no matter how bad or good this episode is the fact that Robert Eglund is in it gives it ten points for me :D
  • One very mixed up family ...

    I like Matthew Gray Gubler's directorial work and the guest stars in this episode were obviously chosen very carefully but I found the whole thing a little bit too 'busy' after at first being slow to get going. Garcia is always worth watching when she is in ditzy mode but I still have a little bit of trouble getting used to her presenting the cases, especially given that J.J. is there and more than qualified to do the work. Of course, it does mean more screen time for Kirsten Vangsness and that is definitely a GOOD thing, but the writers should be more cautious in what they allow a technical analyst to do.

    Robert Englund, Kyle Gallner and Juliet Landau certainly share a fondness for roles in episodes such as this. Throw in the shades of 'The Silence of the Lambs' "women down a large pit" reference, and you have all the makings of something good. The trouble is, I was never quite convinced that the BAU, with the exception of Prentiss, actually had a clue what they were doing. The Shakespean/Elizabethan connection should have come to them within minutes, particularly from Reid who DID make the connection, but it took him longer than I believe it would have done, given his enormous knowledge base.

    folie a deux is, sadly, not as uncommon as it may seem and I did enjoy the way it was played out by the three actors involved. I would have liked to see more of Juliet Landau. She played a truly psychotic vampire in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and I saw some similarities between those two roles. I imagine this was deliberate and tongue-in-cheek from either MGG or the writers.

    I was not at all surprised by the ending. It would take a very strong personality to live a life such as that for sixteen years and not be as deranged as your brother. The girl really had no chance.

    More profiling would have been nice, and the team helping out more instead of standing around looking clueless while Prentiss and Reid put the puzzle together would have been good as well but I did enjoy the guest casting and I hope we see more directing from Matthew Gray Gubler in the future.
  • This is a superb episode!

    I loved this episode from the beginning to the end. Ritualistic murder and the mentally ill mother son combination! Awesome directing job by "Dr. Spencer raid"! Not to mention this episode is guest starred by Kyle Gallner (From A Nightmare on elm street remake) & Robert Englund (Freddie from the original). Funny coincidence don't ya think?!
  • Flawless.

    This was a top notch Criminal Minds episode! One of the very ebest for sure! What a fantastic storyline! It was spooky and creepy in many ways, not to mention the brilliant suespense, and the pehnomenal writing! It was superbly written, with great ties to the Renaissance and a Shakespearean play!

    There was really no flaws with this! Brilliant episode, and I have to highly recommend it! Absolutely phenomenal! Keep up the great work, guys!!! :)
  • Fantastic Psychodrama

    Mentally unstable villains are hard to pull off but this episode has clearly showcased how the unsub firmly believes his psychosis and even feels that he is a hero on a mission. Plus plus plus, my beloved MGG is the man behind the episode! Love love love!
  • Little Confusing for Me

    It was a good episode but...I didn't really understand exactly what was going on until about 20 minutes into it. I usually can decipher who the killer may be by the first 40 min. and then watch to see if I'm right, but I was lost.

    I was also confused on the ending. First of all, if the girl was only 16, then shouldn't she've be in foster care since there was no other family? And second, what was the deal with the freaky devil man? Did he seduce her into Hell or something?

    I did enjoy the story line though, and I loved how all of my favorite little agents (except Prentiss) were as clueless as I felt. They had the profile way off until my Reid figured it all out. ;D

    All in all a fairly good episode.
  • Hotch kicks Ass

    Amazing episode! Great cast! Incredible story! and very good directing by Mathew Gray Gubler! I love this show - even when I read about it, and I assume it would be an average episode, they keep surprising me. I loved the insane mother who is making her children do her bidding beyond the grave, and cut off her kid's arm!! CRAZY! Fight scene with Hotch! Awesome! Also, I really like when Criminal Minds end the episode with a sort of cliffhanger for the serial killer (the torch moved onto the sister) Cant wait till the next one, im on pins and needles!
  • great acting

    i liked this episode a lot, one of the best of this season. loved Kyle Gallner
  • This is what the show is about

    This is what makes Criminal Minds a great show. Man this was a great episode. And great casting too, I read here that someone didn't liked the casting of the girl. But I think it was a great casting job. She looked just like a girl who would look up to her brother and easily influenced by him.

    As far as the story. I have few questions. Maybe I didn't pay attention enough, but I was missing some victims. The second victim they found was Alice, and as far as I know she was the third one on the wall. So three more. He then abducted one, but turned out to be she wasn't a devils wife. So still 3 victims. Right before that he told his sister. There was only one more. Then it would be five, if the last one was a witch. So I'm at least missing one woman for his plan. And also, some of the dates are not even past. So was he lying to his sister or what?

    As far as the dates. That's what makes the show this good. I mean, I watch it for this long that even I thought of dates the first moment I saw the numbers. So Ipaused the episode to look closer. I noticed it was to long, so I thought of cutting of some parts. And naturally it would be the 11's because that year is passed. But even then there was no date to recognized. So I did give up. And then there comes theexplanation. Man it suprised me as well as it made me a little bit proud that I was thinking of it, but as you can understand I need more episodes and practicing to do it right.

    So to conclude. Make more episodes