Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 23


Aired Wednesday May 16, 2012 on CBS

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  • Noot good enough for a season finale.

    I'm quite happy to admit that any kind of bank robbery scenario bores me senseless. Everytime a show, including 'CM', does it, the robbers always run around pontificating loudly to anyone who will listen, and this goes on for half the episode. Dull, deadly dull.

    I think the only way to truly salvage this episode and turn it into a season finale would have been to end the season with the explosion and then left us waiting until September. I'm not going to rant too much about the unlikelyhood of Emily being offered a senior position with Interpol over the telephone while the BAU were in the middle of a stand-off involving armed hostages. A little bit over the top and unnecessary foreshadowing for my taste.

    I am truly glad that Will survived the shooting but the high point for me was when Garcia and Reid were at the convention. This would have been fun and entertaining in a normal episode but I feel it shows the weakness of the script when I consider that to be the best bit. Hopefully 'Run' will be better. Just as an aside, I feel as uncomfortable with Beth as Hotch appeared to be. Not a fan of adding extra characters for the purpose of romance when they don't have a strong presence or lend anything to the story or the other characters and she doesn't.

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