Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

At Garcia's victim's support group meeting, a woman is distraught on the anniversary of her daughter Hope's kidnapping seven years earlier. Garcia reveals she had lost her parents to a drunk driver when they were out looking for her. A tearful Monica is comforted by a man who is seated behind her. After Monica leaves the building and walks to her car, Bill, the same man who had comforted her approaches her and tells her a couple had left a flyer on her car and they need to find them – they might know where her daughter is. Monica leaves with the man and they scour the city looking for the couple. When they stop for gasoline, he reveals he is the person who took Hope. She agrees to go with him to see her daughter.

When Garcia learns that Monica is missing, she calls Morgan for help and the two enlist the help of the BAU to find her. They begin the profile.

At Bill's house, Monica demands to see Hope. He just shows her a video of Hope in the same room where Monica is being kept, which left her mother to believe whether her daughter is still alive.

Bill insists Monica play hide and seek with him. During the game, Monica breaks into a room the man had forbidden her to enter. Once inside, she finds Hope's dead body. It turns out Hope had committed suicide rather than have the man's unwanted child from the unsub, and now the unsub wants to make a baby with Monica to replace the child they both lost. He had been attending Garcia's support group to deal with the loss of a woman he called his wife, who turned out to be Monica's daughter.

Garcia tracks down Bill's address and insists that she join the team on their raid. She goes into the house to try and convince Bill to let Monica go and manages to get him to put down his gun. Monica grabs it from the floor and kills him.

Garcia and Hope attend the funeral for Hope during which butterflies are released to the sky.