Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2011 on CBS

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  • creepy and one of the best of season 7

    i really enjoy this episode. great job Garcia and JJ
  • a good one episode

    great and creepy episode
  • creepy but excelent

    excellent episode. creepy too. Always love Garcia
  • Creepy but a good episode

    The unsub in this episode is one of the creepiest I have ever seen. He's calm attitude, almost an indifferent one made me shiver throughout the episode.

    I don't know why I couldn't relate to Garcia though, despite seeing her in tears many times. This must be because her performance was not a good one, actually I would rate it as a very poor one.

    I missed (Hot)ch a lot though. His presence was so limited, and probably this is the reason that I gave it a 9.
  • A Couple Of Excellent Parts - And Quite A Few Highly Predictable Ones.

    The 'people going to support groups' has been a little overdone on 'Criminal Minds'. These groups are wonderful things for people in need of help for various things, but I think this may be the third or fourth episode where we have gone down this road and it is wearing a little thin. It was nice to see a little more interaction between J.J. and Garcia as I haven't found in previous Season 7 episodes that they have regained their old closeness. The plot was predictable but understandable in in places at the same time. A desperate mother would indeed follow the instructions of her daughter's abductor to the letter, especially when she had nobody else to advise her. It was very typical of Garcia's character to refuse to be left behind when her friend was in danger, so that part was well written.

    The unsub himself wasn't very convincing for me. It seemed as though he had rehearsed his lines a million times but had not managed to capture the character. I found that disappointing. The young girl who was friends with Hope did a much better job.

    I was very pleased to see Reid being a part of the action right at the end and seeing how calm and professional he was. J.J. allowing Garcia inside the house with an armed unsub was a bit harder to swallow but I'll allow some artistic license for television. The episode was okay but certainly not nail biting edge-of-your-seat stuff.
  • Wow... Extremely creepy yet compelling

    Warning: spoilers ahead

    I thought this was a great Garcia episode. I enjoyed seeing her on screen and interacting more with the other main characters instead of staying behind screens and talking just on the phone.

    At the beginning, I thought it was going to be a 'normal' abduction episode. However when Monica got into the car, I knew it was going to be something more.

    As the story progressed, it got increasingly interesting and a bit scary. When Bill brought Monica to the places where he stalked her and Hope, I found the scenarios terrible. This guy gets off kidnapping girls and now he's 'reenacting' one, telling the story to a woman whose daughter he actually has.

    At his house, we see a chair with cuffs on the chair. That just being there is disturbing as someone can imagine what happens there.

    I think the turning point is when Monica stumbles upon what used to be Hope's room. When they show her mummified body, I had goosebumps. I knew Hope was dead but seeing what happened to her is sad. When Bill tells the story of how/why she died and the disturbing message on the wall in the flashback, it just made the whole situation disgusting. The whole thing just made me freeze and think about how this man could've done all this.

    In the end, I think Bill takes the cake as to my most hated character in CM so far.

    Overall, I think this episode is well written and really gets one thinking of how far humans will go for love. At one point I really questioned if I could get through the whole episode but I'm glad I did. In my opinion, Bill didn't deserve to die in such a quick and painless way but at least he's gone. Monica got a bit annoying as the episode went on but it's understandable with the loss of her daughter. Thought provoking and emotional, I think this episode is one of the best, though creepier than most.

    (And just because, I thought Reid looked badass in the end with his gun when they're in the house.)
  • Finally a Criminal Minds Episode that sucked!

    I adore Criminal Minds but this episode was weak to say the least. Shoddy writing, immensely predicting circumstances and a horribly weak case were a recipe for a mediocre episode [and the opposite of what i think makes Criminal Minds so compelling]. Season 7 has been insane so far but out of nowhere this episode emerged. I "hope" that the next episodes regain retains to glory.
  • This season 7 episode 8 show called 'Hope' offering from Criminal Minds has some serious 'splaining' to do. The kidnapping story is typical with some variations but it's other deviations that caught my eye. This is because after season 3, I lost track.


    Now all living things evolve but shouldn't TV shows stay consistent? Of course, the core was there but the soul was missing or something deep occurs when a viewer doesn't continue watching for a span of time (4 years). Has this happened to you? Anyway, back to Criminal Minds and Hope.

    Specifically, Garcia's nerd look went from loud individualistic to hellish geometric psycho. Maybe I'm color sensitive but that cobalt blue eye-shadowed accessorized costume was the real killer in this episode. It's the exact shade of blue you might see just before Armageddon and a lot of screeching. Holding my breath continued until Garcia changed outfits near the end. Intelligent women shouldn't be fools or clowns. Perhaps I am unaware of the subtext that developed while elsewhere.

    Morgan was ok, but why mirror Rossi with the facial hair? It gives Morgan a different attitude (gone to the dark side), but again, I was out of the loop and it's an observation. Reid's new hair style was easily the biggest fright jump and personality change. He lacks the weirdness and youth that made him appealing.

    These criticisms reflect a long absence from Criminal Minds and seeing drastic changes but, the story was honestly blah. Also, isn't it a death knell when emotional responses to the physical set over ride plot-lines? The team synergy got lost some where in episode Hope. I want to have hope for this series so I will tune in to try.

  • Really good Garcia-centric episode, but creepy as hell.


    I normally don't review episodes, but I don't know, something made me want to review this one. Anyway.

    Note before I begin: I've skipped episodes (two now) based on things in them, so if you're like this too, please note that this episode has (spoilers here, and throughout the review!): suicide (cutting) seen on screen (teenager), hebephilia (the teenage version of pedophilia -- techinally not seen on screen, but really hard to ignore), abduction (of a grown woman and of a child), sexual assault, erotomania (delusion disorder centered around a falselyperceivedlove), restraints (seen, but not used in the episode, though it's clear they've been used before), hints of father/daughter incest (not happened, but implied was his eventual intent)and I think that's it. Oh, and abusive relationship? Er, between the unsub and his "wife" (not seen, but pretty obvious).

    Going forward: this episode is Garcia-centric, and I think it sucessfully emphasized herparticulartalent of empathy and sheer amount of heart. Not that the other characters don't have these qualities, mind you, but Garcia has this in excess, and is very open for someone working in a unit that tracks down serial killers. It's this quality that allows for her to bring attention to Monica and her abduction fairly quickly, and ultimately save her life when talking to the killer.

    The killer this time is unsympathetic, and I honestly don't think you're supposed to emphasize with him at all (which is why Garcia's empathy - or pretend empathy - at the end is all the more impressive). Sure, you could argue that his motive is love gone to the extreme, but once you kidnap a child, keep her captive, rape her and ultimately drive her to suicide in the name of love, you've pretty much destroyed any sympathy possible. (Others may find this different, and he is suffering from a delusional disorder beyond his control, but screw it, the episode following Monica like that makes it pretty much impossible for me to empathize with him at all).

    This episode manages to show the ugly and the good parts of positive human emotions: the ugly in the unsub's obsessive "love", the good in the power of Garcia's empathy (mentioned above) and her dedication to helping others through grief, and the courage of a mother in an impossibly hopeless situation.

    There was some fine little details that added to the horror of this episode: the obvious unhappiness in the pictures of the victim at the unsub's house (compared to the pictures seen in the mother's old house), the ring on the unsub's finger (that sent chills down my spine at the end of the episode, because it just reinforced the sickness of the whole thing), the scratched-in name at the table, the restraints, the "why me" on the wall -- lots of little details that made my stomach turn beyond the obvious sickness and horror of the episode.

    The scene with the friend was a nice detail and added some depth to the entire story, and the case-wise, this was a fascinating episode - very unexpected. It worked for me, but I can't say it will work for anyone.

    I personally found the butterfly metaphor a bit heavy-handed, but that might just be me. I'm better at judging writing than execution, but I thought it was overall well-done.

    As for the father/daughter incest hint thing mentioned in another review: it didn't go over the line for me, and it made sense in context, since the original father was dead, the man was obviously disconnected from reality, and adding in another person would have complicated the whole episode even further. YMMV.

    Finally, I would have liked to see them doing something (I have no clue what) with JJ and the butterflies, since it was mentioned she collected butterflies as a kid. I don't know, I just think the writers have missed some connections/emotional reactions from the characters when it comes to the backstory and plot (see also last episode with Reid and the whole "mentally sick mothers who devote themselves to their children" thing that was an obvious connection to his backstory and yet the backstory didn't even get a mention.) Anyway, I'm rambling now, so this review ends here.

  • Great storyline and a lovely Garcia-centric episoed! (Spoilers ahed!)


    This was yet another very impressive episode of Criminal Minds. I really enjoyed it, as Garcia played such a heavy role and the storyline was really emotional.

    This was definitely very different to anything we have seen in the past, and the unsub was one creepy dud.e and I don't want to spoil too much, but everything that took place in that house was just so suspenseful!

    The ending was also great, with Garcia talking to the guy. It was great to see her in action like that, and it was a breath of fresh air for the show!

    The last scene with the butterflies was spectacularly done - such a beautiful ending...

    Also, at the beginning eof the episode, the story of how Garcia's parents were killed was really saddening and we learnt a great deal about her today!

    Keep up the terrific standard Criminal Minds, and I can't wait to see more!

  • Garcia leads the team into Operation Hope Not Abandoned!!


    Just when I thought Criminal Minds could not get any darker, I was proven wrong. The episode gives us a look at a child abduction through the eyes of two different characters. The devastated mother of the victim, and the man behind the abduction. We also get a glimpse at what Garcia has been up to since her near fatal shooting some years back. In this episode, we are introduced to Monica, a distraught mother whose young daughter Hope went missing seven years prior. Monica is seen attending a trauma support meeting head up by Garcia, trying to coup on the anniversary of her daughters disappearance. Things get even more complicated after Monica is approached by Bill, a fellow member of the support group who claims he was behind Hope's abduction and will reveal the truth about Hope if she comes with him, which she does. When Garcia learns about Monicas disappearance, she and the BAU desperatly try to find Monica and uncover why this Unsub would abduct the mother of his victim. All in all, this episode was not bad, but it was not exactly good either. There were some great moments. Having the Unsub as a member of the support group, talking about Hope, under the guise of his dead wife was brilliant. I wish they would have shown it in more detail. I also like how they spotlighted the girls best friend, and her role in the whole thing. Aside from that, I do have some complaints. As I said in my last review, almost every Unsub this season you can't help but feel sorry for, though that ended with Bill, though not for the writers lack of trying. This episode spent a good chunk of time highlighting Bills emotions over the whole thing. The fact that Bill claimed he fell in love with Hope, and after Hope killed herself, he kidnapped Monica so he could get her pregnat and create a new Hope made my skin crawl. The whole pregnacy plan was a nice twist but it would have made more sense to have included Hopes father or have Bill kidnap a hand picked suitor to mate with Monica. Father/Daughter incest is just crossing a line. I also hated the whole Garcia hostage intervention. I know she was trying to save Monica , but all that talk about Bill's loss and pain made me regret eating dinner before watching this. I loved Garcia and the whole support group side story, but I kinda wish Reid had had some involvement with the group seeing as how he has something happen to him two or three times a season, which I love because I consider Reid the baby of the group! :) In the end, I think this episode was the result of mixing three other episodes together. We have an Unsub who had a desire for young girls (What Fresh Hell), a mother convinced her child may still be alive (Mosley Lane), and finally, after the Unsub loses his "loved one", he decides to recreate her through bizarre means (Last weeks No Place Like Home). Rewatch the episodes and you'll see what I mean!! :) :)