Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2011 on CBS

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  • This season 7 episode 8 show called 'Hope' offering from Criminal Minds has some serious 'splaining' to do. The kidnapping story is typical with some variations but it's other deviations that caught my eye. This is because after season 3, I lost track.


    Now all living things evolve but shouldn't TV shows stay consistent? Of course, the core was there but the soul was missing or something deep occurs when a viewer doesn't continue watching for a span of time (4 years). Has this happened to you? Anyway, back to Criminal Minds and Hope.

    Specifically, Garcia's nerd look went from loud individualistic to hellish geometric psycho. Maybe I'm color sensitive but that cobalt blue eye-shadowed accessorized costume was the real killer in this episode. It's the exact shade of blue you might see just before Armageddon and a lot of screeching. Holding my breath continued until Garcia changed outfits near the end. Intelligent women shouldn't be fools or clowns. Perhaps I am unaware of the subtext that developed while elsewhere.

    Morgan was ok, but why mirror Rossi with the facial hair? It gives Morgan a different attitude (gone to the dark side), but again, I was out of the loop and it's an observation. Reid's new hair style was easily the biggest fright jump and personality change. He lacks the weirdness and youth that made him appealing.

    These criticisms reflect a long absence from Criminal Minds and seeing drastic changes but, the story was honestly blah. Also, isn't it a death knell when emotional responses to the physical set over ride plot-lines? The team synergy got lost some where in episode Hope. I want to have hope for this series so I will tune in to try.

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