Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 17

I Love You, Tommy Brown

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2012 on CBS

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  • Very good as usual!

    As usual, Criminal Minds delivers with another great episode! This one was certainly a very unique one, and there are really no similar episodes to this one, which is always a great thing for me! There were some suspenseful scenes along the way, and I thought the whole storyline was quite entertaining!

    My least favourite thing about this episode was the episode title. They can be a little more original than that, surely!

    Aside from that, there's very little I can flaw with this one! Interesting storyline with Garcia in addition to a phenomenal case! Keep up the great work, Criminal Minds!!!s :)
  • Creepy

    A homicidal teacher who is obsessed with her student really creeps me out!
  • Boring ... With a capital 'B'.

    This show is so up and down it's like an elevator. You get a pretty good episode last week, and then this week, we are dished up this appalling rubbish which is masquerading as an episode of 'Criminal Minds'. The script was one of the worst I have seen. Something along the same level as 'Corazon' from last season. Try though I might, I could find no merit in this one. The concept of a teacher attracted to a student is not a new one but this was taking the whole thing to a pathetic and, at times, almost comedic level.

    The BAU team seemed to be lost. Then again, so were the audience, so we were all in good company. A modicum of profiling yielded even more questions than answers. This is becoming a regulat thing on what used to be a wonderful show but surely this is NOT the way it works? Reid and Rossi had the whole thing figured out within ten minutes, so we had to wait for everybody else to catch up. Personally, I was close to being asleep by this time and didn't really care what happened or who was involved with what.

    I am delighted that the show has been renewed, I will be even more thrilled if the renewal package comes with decent writing, directing and scripts.
  • Terri Polo thought she was in a comedy. Not a bad assumption given the awful script.

    A yawn-fest of an episode which I suppose is a step in the right direction given that Barrois (she of the acid in the eyes close ups) wrote this one. Yikes, it was bad. I mean, every last aspect of this episode was bad. From the unintentionally hilarious voice overs, to Polo's acting, to the just really, really stupid premise, I looked at the clock at 40 minutes past and thought, "holy moley, I've got to sit through another 20 minutes of this stuff?"

    "Teacher Syndrome" huh? Yep, she was one scary serial killer, quipping like an SNL actor in a parody of procedurals while gaining access to every home and every foster family's file as if she was a high-tech-hacker-cum-break-in-artist. *Nods* Yep. Totally plausible.

    And thank heavens Garcia and Kevin were dressed like a pair of twelve-year-olds for that scene at the end since I've heard more adult conversations in an elementary school playground. "I'm not ready!" "Well, I am!" "Oh, yeah? I'm rubber and you're glue!"

    This show was renewed?? Why?? We've waited on pins and needles to hear in years when the plots and characters actually worked. Apparently, all they needed to do was film sub-par scripts with hacky acting and they would have been made in the shade!