Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday Nov 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • Joe Montegna arrives

    Great episode. I was waiting with bated breath for Joe Rossi to finally appear and I was not let down by an excellent episode. SSA Rossi has a differnt style then Gideon but he is still the guiding factor of the team just as Gideon was. I liked how they let you into his past just a little bit so that perhaps that it will be developed in a later episode. The sniper that they wound up using being a member of the militia was upset at the FBI"s use of a sniper at Ruby Ridge and he wound up helping the fed's to save someone. Great plot development.
  • good episode...

    The team goes to Montana to investigate the disappearance of four young women with brown hair. The kidnapper killed himself, but left another to take his place. In the end, the other "became" the dead kidnapper and then kidnapped a girl and then he was shot by a sniper. I liked the character development of Rossi in this episode. He seems like a very interesting character. I also liked the community in the episode. The local militia that hated the government and such, it was interesting. I didn't really like the case; it just didn't interest me that much. Overall, good episode.
  • Creepy episode

    I thought that thie was a really creepy episode of Criminal Minds. I thought the begining was great with the man blowing up a car he stole from his victim. I am still not use to the Rossi character hopefully over time i will but for now i am not liking him all to much. I could not believe they said he was at ruby ridge. I thought that it was totally messed up that the two men would kidnapp women and torture them before they kill them. I could not believe that crazy people like that can get people to fallow them.
  • Supernatural's "Bobby" invades Criminal Minds

    I really like how this episode was done. It was interesting take on the dual serial killer aspect. The episode started with a bang, literally, and worked its way up to exposing the second killer.

    I also like the introduction of the possible semi-conflict between Morgan and Rossi. It should be interested to show how their relationship develops throughout the season. Two very alpha-male types.

    Of course my favorite part was watching the appearance of Jim Beaver (Supernatural's Bobby) playing the sherriff in this episode. It was a different character and nice to still him portraying the good guy. Another highlight of the episode was in the beginning with Reid questioning the science of the Death Star from the Star Wars movies. Great.
  • I just did not care for this episode.

    This was one of those episodes you watch with interest in some parts and other times you are just kind of spacing what the characters are saying. I thought last week's episode, About Face, was much much much more interesting. The whole storyline was just...I am not too sure how to describe it. It was kind of like a bad hostage situation for part of the episode. The part when the guy was on the mountain with the girl was so.....odd. Actually, the one guy, who "became" his partner was just odd. The whole storyline was just odd.

    I liked David Rossi even less in this episode. He just bugs me for some reason. It was funny though when Prentiss, Morgan, and Reid were snooping around in his office.

    I did like the scene with JJ and Morgan in the bar though. It was actually a little intense.

    The next episodes going to be much better I think. Just by seeing the previews and knowing what is going to happen.
  • BAU travels to Montana

    Three women have been kidnapped, and the killer is finally killed, the local police can't locate the third victim so that ask for the BAU's help. This episode is kind of boring, nothing interesting and I still hate Rossi. The killer used a hand grenate to commit suicide, and then later they find out somebody has been a copycat. Videotape reveals the copycat is IN LOVE with the killer. WOW! I don't really like this episode, honestly I felt sleepy watching this episode, but I still think this episode deserves a 6.5 because of the militia team in Montana. Hopefully next episode is better.
  • Review

    This was season three's first big mess up, I thought. I don't know what it is but anytime that the show goes to a desert scene / Mexico / Montana the show just seems to lose a little bit of magic. Maybe the scenery is just not what I like it to be - I can't quite place it. The case in this episode was something we have seen before, which is why I didn't like it as much. We once again see the dominant partner and the weak partner aspect of the show, which we have seen a couple of times but we have also seen 3 times this season all ready! Too many times in such a short time span for me to be classifying the show as "original". This time we get the dominant man killing himself at the beginning of the episode and the rest of the episode is spent trying to find the guy thats not as dominant. Overall, the episode was the worst of season three. Rossis character is being advanced more and more each episode and it looks like Morgan and Rossi are going to have some face-to-face time throughout the duration of the season. Morgans very curious to see Rossi's reasoning for coming back and I dont think Rossi's giving up the information until the finale at the earliest
  • Just another episode...

    Somehow this did not caught me.. I do not know - it missed that what I used to love - the team interaction. They were after a guy and did little profiling and it seemed to be about everything else than what was going on. Some part was that everyone tried to figure out why Rossi came back from retirement.. I think they have just put Rossi in and expect everyone will accept it without much blending. They did much better job when integrating Emily after Greenaway..

    And the story itself - not much turns, not much unexpected, felt flat.. Not the best episode they have done.. little too much of what you expect.
  • When an unsub who is believed to be responsible for the kidnap and murder of three women kills himself by blowing himself and his car to pieces, the BAU must deal with his partner in crime who is obsessed with him and continuing his work.

    Francis Goehring didn't stay long in this ok episode as he used a grenade to blow himself up in his car in Montana following a police chase. Fear not, however, because Goehring is alive and well in the persona of his younger, submissive partner in crime who hero-worshipped him and wants to continue where his dead friend left off.

    When Goehring's partner, quite literally, takes on his identity, including hair colour and style and an ugly scar running across his cheek, the BAU know they are looking for a highly unstable unsub who won't stop until his friend's work is finished, whenever that might be.

    Watchable, but not brilliant. A weak script never helps and that was definitely the case here. I think the actors involved did well with what they had.
  • I still rate it a ten, even though it is one of the worst ones we have had!

    Criminal Minds produced a decent episode tonight. This one starts off with our serial killer communiting suicide when he is surrounded by cops. But it's definitely not going to be that easy, is it?!

    The case was aa good one. It was not incredible or very memorable, but it was entertaining, and it had some good aspects.

    I enjoyed the scenes in the desert. The scenery was remarkable and I really commend the efforts of the location scouts who used that place for filming! Great work!

    If you have never watched this show before, this episode was never going to be an episod that will get you hooked on, but I still enjoyed it, althuogh unlike other episodes, this one won't be too enjoyable the second time round.

    Still, I'm happy with the standards set this early in the season, and I hope it is to continue! Keep it up!
  • A great episode with Rossi coming into his own and a high pressure situation for the whole team. This episode takes place in Montana which is a no no for federal agencies. The tension of such a setting was great and the whole time I was

    A great episode with Rossi coming into his own and a high pressure situation for the whole team. This episode takes place in Montana which is a no no for federal agencies. The tension of such a setting was great and the whole time I was waiting for someone to attack the team. A wonderful scene with Morgan confronting some militia guys which was great and tension filled since hatred of non-whites is also part of the militia credo. Rossi showed himself to be a great leader and team player. Stepping up to defend Reid and taking command of the sniper shot for the unsub. We also find that he was at Ruby Ridge which was one of his reasons for leaving the FBI in the first place. Good episode Rossi will clearly be a good replacement for Gideon and although he'll be missed we can live without him with Rossi around.
  • Very good.

    A sadistic serial killer commits suicide but the bureal finds out that he has a follower.

    They eventually kill him, after he posed as the original killer.

    This was a very nice episode, we got to know more about the new (old) agent's life (sorry forgot his name) right on the beggining. Later on we find out more about the crime that changed his carrer and maybe the reason why he came back.

    Overall this was a very good episode, but for me personally there was not enough drama or suspense, which i like a lot :) was good but not one of the best, in my opinion.
  • Story good but Joe Mantenga weak link here. Want Jason Gideon back!

    First of all, I really don't like the new Joe Mantegna character as he is a pushover as well as acts before he thinks when he ends up wrong about. Second, he lacks charisma. Sorry, but Mandy Patikan's Jason Gideon had more heart and soul than David Rossi will ever have but I suppose I need to give him a chance. Now, four kidnapped and murdered women are down in Montana. As another one is about to meet the same fate. As the team must stop them before time runs out. When the team worked with Gideon, Gideon thought before he act. Here, Rossi acts before he thinks and the team so far has suffered due to not having Gideon there as their team leader.
  • A Serial killer blows himself up right after kidnapping his fourth victim, but the BAU discovers he had a adoring little sidekick who decided to acquire his dead "hero's" personality. He dyes and styles his hair to become a look alike as well.

    Interesting episode. the "militia" is not represented as entirely heartless or totally paranoid, but instead we get a glimpse into what makes those type of people tick. They are frequently people who served in the military who became disillusioned. In this case, the militia had already kicked the sadistic serial killer out of the militia because he was torturing his wife. What's more, when the BAU desperately needed a skilled sharpshooter to save the latest kidnap victim, the only person skilled enough turned out to be a member of the "militia" who had enough integrity to swallow his pride, buck up and work with the detestable FBI long enough to save the woman. While the sharpshooter waits to get his shot, the sharpshooter mentions Ruby Ridge and Waco to Rossi - two of the FBI's real life situations that in hindsight could have and should have been handled differently. Rossi later talks about the embarrassment of those incidents without pretending the FBI never screws up.

    Real people with real reasons for what they do including Rossi who has a charm bracelet in his pocket and a secret reason for returning from retirement.

    Only two people who the average person could not empathize with or relate to -- serial killers. That's the profiler's job. To empathize with people who commit unthinkable atrocities long enough to trap them.
  • Great chapter!

    The team goes to Montana to find a man that abducted and killed 4 woman. The suspect blew himself off 40 minutes after kidnapping the 4th one. They look for the woman and they finally found her dead but the evidence guide them to the complice, that has adopted the killer personality.
    Great chapter and great acting. I don't like Rossi but I think that this is the idea the writers are trying to show us. We all love Gideon and now we had a guy that only thinks for himself and that only want to finish some unsolved business. I liked Morgan not reacting in the bar, he wants to find the woman not to deal with a racist...I missed some JJ-Reid interaction in the last chapters as well as some Morgan-Prentiss. Very litle Garcia.
    Good chapter!
  • The BAU travel to Montana to find help on the case of 4 missing women, one who was abducted recently. The man driving her car(Goehring) blows himself up. They later find out that he had a partner(Frost). With another woman abducted they must find Frost.

    These type of episodes were the one's that got me interested in the series. As always there was great acting on the part of all the characters. The script was well written and interesting. I like how Frost took over where Goehring left off, even though Frost was the submissive in the relationship. My favorite part has to be when Frost changed his appearance to look like Goehring, it just shows you how crazy some people can be. I don't think Frost had it in him to kill the woman he had captive, he wasn't really like Goehring. He had to shoot the victim in the back, that's not like Goehring at all. Overall, it was a great episode and I can't wait for next week's episode where we might find out more about Rossi.
  • As always a GREAT Script.

    We all know that Rossi has secrets. From his past to why he returned to the BAU. Within peaks into Rossi's past are revealed. His returned to the BAU, labeled "unfinished business". Interesting how that unfinished business is carried around in his pocket. Now for the case of Goehring, who wanted things his way and was willing to torture and murder to get it. Then we have Frost who loses his own idenity in what Goehring speaks and forgets the difference between right and wrong and himself and Goehring. The team still seemed to be feeling their way without Gideon, but Gideon is becoming an ancient memory. I actually like the ideas for Rossi's new office. I for one am looking forward to learning more of his secrets. Thanks to Morgan, I'm probably gonna find them out.
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