Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 2

In Birth and Death

Aired Wednesday Oct 03, 2007 on CBS

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  • Takes "cut your heart out" to a WHOLE new level!!

    When the show opens, we are treated to Eddie Cibrian's fine physique. He is playing Joe Smith. Our opinion of Mr. Smith is going to change in the space of a heartbeat!

    At the BAU, JJ is in Gideon's office where she finds Reid asleep in a chair. He had spent the night there waiting for Gideon to show up so that they could play chess. JJ tells Reid that she needs to brief everyone.

    Over at Hotchner's house, Hayley is bringing him a cup of coffee. For me, the first time that I viewed this episode, it was my first introduction to Hotchner's wife. (I had only started watching this show the last two episodes of Season 2.) Based upon her attitude, I can say that I already do not like her! I can understand why she feels as she does. I just don't like her attitude.

    Back at the BAU, JJ, Morgan and Reid are the only three team members present. They are all wondering where Hotchner, Prentiss and Gideon are. They decide to start the briefing and when the others show up, catch them up at that time.

    We learn that there have been four murders in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There is a woman that has been missing for two days. All the women are in their 30s, married, have children and have been dumped in the city's Third Ward. Oh yes, one other thing . . . Their hearts have literally been cut out. Back in Wisconsin, we watch as Joe Smith draws a heart on the chest of the woman he has tied to a post. After the heart has been drawn, he picks up a hammer and chisel. Needless to say, my opinion of this man has DEFINITELY changed!

    Morgan runs into Hotchner as he is heading out to Milwaukee. Hotchner tells Morgan that he is putting in for a transfer. That does NOT go over well with Morgan. He tries to talk Hotchner into changing his mind but has no success. Our first view of Section Chief Erin Strauss is of her smug expression after Hotch reveals that he wants to transfer out of the BAU. She tells him that she knew that he would do the "right" thing.

    I REALLY do not like this lady! She comes across as someone that is going to squash and/or destroy anyone and everyone who gets in the way of what she wants.

    While Hotchner is in with Strauss, Prentiss comes in and tenders her resignation effective immediately. This comes as a surprise to Hotchner, who then tries to talk her out of it. Prentiss tells Hotchner that if Garcia could not talk her out of it, no one could. She tells Strauss that Hotchner is needed on the team. Hotch picks up on the mega tension between the two women.

    Section Chief Strauss tells Hotchner that she will be overseeing this current case. As soon as she said that, I KNEW that she had just bitten off more than she could chew! She has no field experience. She has never "gotten her hands dirty." Now, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for a dose of reality to slap that smug, arrogant look off of her face!

    Garcia was fairly sneaky in this episode. I loved how she took the file and laid it on Hotchner's desk telling him that JJ wanted her to give it to him. She knew what the answer was before she even asked Hotch if she could talk him out of his decision. At Hotchner's house, he's going through the file that Garcia had left him. Hayley comes downstairs and goes ballistic because she thought they were "done with" that. The phone rings during her tirade, Hotch answers it, but no one is on the other end. Next thing you know, Hayley's cell phone (which is in her purse) rings. She doesn't answer it, but that doesn't mean that we can't put two and two together! The look that Hotch gives her says EXACTLY what was in my mind, "B*tch! You're screwing around!" She actually finished her little tirade, grabbed her purse and walked out the door. Now, I REALLY don't like her!

    I thought it was very sweet that there were "glitches" in the transfer request and resignation. Hotch tells Garcia, "And Garcia, the glitches stop now." Her smile gave her away, so it was fortunate for her that Hotchner was in Wisconsin!

    We learn that Mr. Smith uses his son to get the women to come with him. We also learn that Smith has brain cancer and only has about six months left to live and that his wife left him after they found out. As the episode unravels, we see the profound effect that this has on his son.

    Section Chief Strauss antagonizes the local police department because they had waited so long to contact the FBI. She doesn't like it when JJ pulls her aside and tells her that it's best if the local authorities aren't antagonized because they all need to work together. Of course, Strauss does NOT take kindly to this.

    I loved it when ol' Ms. Section Chief Strauss almost loses it when she steps on poor Claire's (murder victim #5) hair! Hotch steps up and tells her to take as long as she needs but to not let the public see her breakdown. My heart went out to David Smith. He knew exactly what his father did with the women that were brought back to his home. That poor little boy will be messed up for the rest of his life! Based on Strauss's actions at the end of the episode, I feel fairly safe in saying that I think that she now has a new-found respect for Hotchner and all the BAU team members for what they have to face on a daily basis.

    I liked how they gave Reid closure where Gideon was concerned. I'm glad that our BAU team is going to remain in tact.

    For me, this was an exceptional episode!
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