Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 17

In Heat

Aired Wednesday Apr 30, 2008 on CBS

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  • The BAU head to Miami.

    The BAU head to Miami to catch a serial killer who has a conflicted sexual identity with help from Will who returned from the episode Jones in season 2 He comes in the episode because one of his partners was killed by the killer and on his return it revealed that he and JJ are in a relationship When JJ said to Will that she wants to keep it a secret from the team I was thinking that will be hard and it was a possibility they already know and of coarse they did.
  • identity search or denial

    The episode overall was good...the detective flirting with Derek, that was a little weak...another theme - JJ and Will - it was about time for her to be happy and she should have realized she couldn't keep the relationship a secret from the team - we are talking about professionals studying the human behavior after all.
    Another part of the episode - the theme of homosexuality. The unsub is trying to be somebody else, it doesn't matter who, as long as he isn't himself.He chooses a rather drastic measure for identity searching.
    It is amazing how many people think that being gay is a matter of choice (let's be serious - who would want to choose a lifetime of hatred?)...people fear what they don't understand and are so close-minded that end up doing things they normally wouldn't do. Beating someone doesn't "cure" them - it is not a disease (look it up). There are cases when stealing, or killing is more likely to be overlooked than the state of homosexuality.
  • Good episode, but not the best.

    I didn't enjoy this episode a lot, as the storyline felt rather weak, and there were many points in the episode that I did not enjoyu at all.

    I will give a ten out of ten in terms of originality, as this was quite original and unique from what's been done in the past, however, although it was original, that didn't make it brilliant, in my opinion.

    I would recommend this episode, as the show is great and this is another example of it, but overall, there are far better episodes, which I have enjoyed a whole lot more. Decent episode, but as I said, not the best, quite simply.
  • Acting. Problem.

    Didn't care for the acting in this episode at all. The writing was decent but I didn't feel like the guy with the identity problem was very poorly cast. I didn't like Will the first time around when he appeared in "Jones" and I didn't like him in this epsiode either. Turns out he has been having a relationship with JJ for just over a year now, but hopefully he will stay in Miami away from the camera. We all ready have Kevin and Penelope creeping closer and closer together getting some camera time, no need to start showing his relationship with Penelope being moved to the Washington D.C. area. The case itself was kind of boring to watch as well. Being in Miami had some nice scenery, but the case didn't use it to their advantage enough. The female cop who was flirting with Morgan the entire time was one of the worst casting calls I have ever seen. She also didn't provide anything to the story either. The ending scene with Morgan talking the guy down wasn't the best either. Those are usually my favorite moments of the show, but this time I think the combination of the case and the terrible acting just didn't do anything for me in that very pivotal scene of the episode.
  • This show is turning in to a soap drama

    This show is turning in to a soap drama. Where is the show we know and love where they put the cases first. if i wanted a soap with relationships and all that stuff i will watch brothers and sisters. What has happened to this show all of a sudden. Why the hell are the writers doing this when they know or obviouly it looks like the don't know that all viewers of this show watch it for the exciting cases they investigate. Not to see relationship issues. This show needs to go back to the root of season 1 and 2 because this season has become like damn soap drama. This is a crime show not a soap drama like brothers and sisters
  • Not exactly my fave!!

    This was not one of my fave eppy, I really didn't get JJ's relationship with NO guy(whatever his name was) I don't remember any romance between them or any kind of sparks. I found their relationship lacking and all her anxiety didn't make any sense especially at the end when she explained that she was worried it wouldn't work. I know why they did this b/c AJ is so obviously preggers, but really they could have come up with a better s/l!!!

    Also, the case was crappy, although I find the whole concept interesting, it just became a big thing with his dad and homophobia, but not all men who kill other homosexuals do it b/c they partents rejected them, nore do all homosexual males whose parents reject them go on a big killing spree!!! It just felt more like a convenient ending as to why he was killing these men, and less about a man killing b/c of lack of concern or anti-social personality.

    All and all, not too impressed, and expected a lot more from the writers.
  • Miami, Florida is the setting for the murder of several young men, all of whom have been asphixiated.

    When the bodies of young men begin to pile up in Miami, the BAU travel down to lend a hand. One of the dead just happens to be a police officer and a friend and colleague of Will LaMontagne, the young officer who worked with the team in New Orleans a year earlier (in the episode entitled 'Jones'). Will is naturally very upset by the death of his friend and more than a little surprised to learn that he was gay At first, the team don't believe that the late officer's sexuality had anything to do with his death until they delve more deeply into the lives of the other victims and learn that their unsub is taking on the identity of each person he kills before moving on to the next one and doing the same thing again.

    Meanwhile, we learn that JJ and Will have been secretly seeing each other for several months, usually on weekends, and Will is not happy that she doesn't want the rest of the team to know about it. Back at Quantico, Kevin Lynch and Garcia are getting cosy too so there is romance in the air all over the place. However, it turns out that JJ's 'secret' was well known to the team, after all, their job IS to profile human behavior! At least now, she and Will can be open about being together and enjoy the rather amusing antics of Garcia and Kevin at the same time.

    It was nice to see JJ getting more screen time and all that went with it, but the episode itself was pretty dull and uninteresting. I feel it could have been written much better.
  • Definitely More JJ

    Okay, by now we've already heard that she's pregnant in real life and now I think we know how they are going to explain it. But I really like the revelation of JJ's "secret" especially seeing it wasn't really a secret, despite what she thought. The case was really believable. Although I thought it was a stretch that Will's friend would be a victim, but I guess they had to explain his presence some how. The interaction between Derek & Lopez was interesting. But what raised an eyebrow for me was Hodges questioning Derek when the arrest was made, not sure about that or if there's something underlying there. We'll have to see.
  • Someone is killing gay men in Miami. JJ finds herself in an awkward situation when someone surprises her.

    This was a good episode. I thought that JJ was being harsh with Det. LaMontagne. She was lucky that he wanted to resume the relationship. On Without A Trace, Samantha wasn't so lucky and got dumped by Martin. I have one quibble, though. That lavender top really showed AJ Cook's baby bump. I thought JJ wasn't supposed to be pregnant yet. Or she isn't supposed to know that she's pregnant. That would mean that she isn't far enough along to be showing.

    I was afraid that Det. LaMontagne would be killed in this episode. He was, after all, helping to find his friend's killer. I thought that he would maybe become reckless (especially after being dumped by JJ)and be the killer's last victim. With a baby coming, will he move to Virginia and become a regular, or will he be an absentee baby-maker like Dr. Ross on ER? The simplest way to resolve that question would be to kill off the daddy of JJ's baby. It still could happen. We'll see.
  • Great story. I was wondering when Will would come back.

    This wasn't the greatest episode for the content of the case. It was however a good inside to the group mostly JJ. I loved Will and was wondering when he was going to return to spice things up a bit. When she said she wanted to break up I was about to cry for him. He looked so sad. And she kept going on about how she didn't want the people she worked with to know. And at the end they all knew. That like made my day. It was so funny Anyway to the case. I felt bad for what's his face, the killer, his dad telling him that he is gross because he was gay I'm mean come on love your kids for who they are. Great episode, can't wait until next week
  • interesting case...

    A man that was always told that being gay was wrong goes out and kills other gays and takes their identity. Interesting...I thought so, but it was a bit much. I actually felt very bad for the killer because he just wasn't accepted and believed being gay was wrong. The main thing I really didn't like in this episode was JJ and her boyfriend. The whole time she was just ignoring him and not wanting to tell anyone about her relationship. It was just annoying and got old fast. Overall, this episode was just ok. I didn't think it was terrible, but it wasn't good either.
  • Excellent writing and phenomenol acting of a difficult subject to present.

    The acting blew me away. The interaction between all characters was phenomenal, especially the arrest scene between Michael Graziadei and Shemar Moore. You could see and feel the emotion and pain that each was enduring, before they spoke; but then, that is par for this show. The subject matter covered a serious problem that exists today not only for gays, but any person dealing with non-acceptance by a parent. It is a very touchy and difficult subject to bring to the screen that not everyone will agree with and the writers did an excellent job of defining new technologies in profiling and tracking serial killers. Kudos on an excellent show.
  • In Miami..

    Oh.. I do not know.. Not the best case the have had and more than to concentrate on the case, I think the purpose of this episode was to knowledge the relationship between JJ and Will and mess around with JJ problem of letting everyone else to know it.

    I think the main thing in the case what I liked was that the unsub was one who they thought is the victim and after taking with the family they start to realize they have had his picture and name from the beginning but they did not know it was him.

    So.. they have had better episode.. but not too bad either.. just..
  • JJ centered episode!

    Well I hope that as one reviewer says that this doesn't turn into a soap opera and continue to stick with the crimes and the BAU will work together on. Even though it is nice to learn every once and awhile about their personal lives but not too often. Still, the Kevin and Garcia romance seems to be heating up a bit. While finally, JJ is getting a storyline as well as a romance going with a local Miami detective. She hardly ever has any storylines as it has been dominated by the new Rossi guy. Not one of my favorites but the acting saved it1
  • Very well written, I wasn't surprised at all by how JJ was in this episode with Will. How they profiled the killer, discovered things about the victims. The characterization, the story - how everyone interacted. Definately one of the best.

    It is so nice to see JJ in a relationship. I completely understand of why she wouldn't be open about it and why she would want to keep it as her own business. Being with a group of the top profilers, I'd want some things of my personal life kept private too. The performance of the guy who played Steve did an amazing job. Loved how he transitioned himself with his victims, very well written. Definately worth the wait, can't wait to see more story lines that have more off JJ in them. The comments are so cute in this episode.
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