Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 1

It Takes a Village

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

The team members are called to testify before a Senate Committee that is investigating whether their actions during the past seven months constituted a personal vendetta.

Morgan and JJ find Doyle, and the agents arrive at his flat. Morgan did not authorize the FBI sniper to take down Doyle when he was captured, which would have placed Declan's life in danger. Cramer accuses Morgan of not ordering the shot because he wanted Ian Doyle to suffer for killing Prentiss.

Garcia knew of Morgan's plans but Morgan warned her not to tell JJ because the plan wasn't a sure thing. During his investigation, Morgan discovered Prentiss had initially gone to work in Washington to help protect Declan from his father.

After being on special assignment in Pakistan, Hotch returns to the United States at Morgan's request after he advises him they have located Declan in Reston, Virginia, but also discovered that Doyle had found his son as well. When the team arrived at the safe house, the FBI agents that had been assigned to protect Declan had been murdered and Declan was missing. Declan's nanny was discovered beaten and murdered in a closet. Someone else wanted the boy; it wasn't Doyle.

Hotch asks everyone to gather so he can tell them the truth. Prentiss had survived Doyle's attack and had been taken to Bethesda in secret. When she was well enough, she and Declan traveled to Paris to get new identities.

Now that she has been reunited with the team, Prentiss identifies the main kidnapper as a woman who knew Doyle - specifically, Declan's mother, Chloe. She didn't do it to get her son back, but to take revenge on Doyle. Doyle had murdered a man named Jimmy McDermott, and his brother Lachlan also sought vengeance. Reid suggested they just give Doyle up to McDermott. He ran probability scenarios and saw that the outcome would be to Declan's advantage. Reid was also the only member of BAU who wasn't requesting reinstatement.

McDermott and Chloe had been working together, and they used Declan as bait to lure out Doyle. The pair is about to board a plane from a private airfield when the team arrives with Doyle to trade Doyle for Declan. Chloe said no deal, but McDermott shoots her. As Prentiss and Reid are about to hand Doyle over, Chloe shoots, and both Doyle and McDermott are killed. Just as a bleeding Doyle lays on the ground, he reaches out his hand to his son, who smiles and says, "I remember you."

Back to the Senate hearing, Cramer dismisses the team but keeps Prentiss back. The team has been reinstated, but must be careful about going rogue in the future. Prentiss also agrees to rejoin the BAU.