Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 1

It Takes a Village

Aired Wednesday Sep 21, 2011 on CBS

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  • I think taking a cue from Bobby Ewing's shower scene would have made for a more satisfying return of the BAU's finest.


    Wherein icky scumbag Ian Doyle is re-cast as a poor, sad fellow who really only wants his son back. *Sniff.*

    While I'm happier than a pig in buttermilk to see the credits and to welcome AJ and Paget back right where they belong, I have to ask, is this the best the CM writers could come up with? Another frame story where the tale is told through the conceit of an investigation? Sure, Strauss is on "our" side this time, but we still have a committee of no-names sitting in judgment on our heroes after the fact a la Doubt and 100.If this epis to show us where we're going this year, that is, back down the writing rabbit hole where thelastunsuspenseful, badly written season traipsed, I worry for this show.

    Seemingly dozens of faces were trotted past our screens tonight, with no backgrounds or explanations or reasons for us to care about those characters. We learn only that there's a nanny, dead FBI agents, and a veritable harem of dark-haired beauties who were happy to sleep with ole Ian. And we care about this why??

    The team has been broken up ... but, um, Garcia, Morgan, and JJ are still hanging around the BAU offices, with Garcia and Morgan having all the time in the world to pin down Declan and Daddy. Geez, that's nice work if you can get it. Reid and Rossi pop up in time to find dead agents - were they simply waiting in the wings for their cues? and Hotch looks skinny and in need of a shave out among the tents and swirling sand. Is he still the leader here? If not, why is everyone so afraid that he's mad? If so, what's he doing in Pakistan?

    Oy. Enter Emily. Wow, we thought you were dead - but, hey, let's get on with the show about ... whatever the heck this ep was about. Not even ten seconds for some real reactions?? Morgan doesn't punch someone? Reid doesn't let out the sarcasm? Yes, very realistic there. There's that family feeling we've been ... oh, wait. :/

    Well, thank heavens Garcia found a screwdriver! That's all over but the shouting and we can forget all about it. I just hope we'll be able to forget the lazy writing of last season (and this ep) and get back to profiling next week.

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