Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 1

It Takes a Village

Aired Wednesday Sep 21, 2011 on CBS

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  • A wonderfully outstanding season premier!


    This is (as others put it) an AWESOME season premier episode! I don't think I can overstate how much I loved the episode. It also set up so many subplots that I'm sure we'll see many of them continuing into the season. Just because the main story line is over doesn't it won't continue to ripple into the season.

    The major season subplots I see is how each member deals with Emily Prentiss being alive. They each took her death differently and may have been ready to do thing in their own lives because of her death. Hence finding out she is really alive will affect them because of what they might have been willing to do or did do because they thought she died at the end of last season.

    It really was a nice wrap up of what earlier had been small details, such as Ian's Son. This level of writing is what Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior deserved, but never got! Why the powers that be never put the necessary resources into the spin off, well, I just don't understand. I can say, though, as a viewer and fan of Criminal Minds, I do want to see a successful spin-off! I hope they will keep trying to finally do it right.

    Given this level of writing at the start of a seventh season means we'll be seeing Criminal Minds in its 10th and (most likely) beyond season. A major thank you to the actors, writers, the director, and producers for a fine and wonderful series and great episode.

    I'm rating it 10, as I can't rate it properly at 9.8 to 9.9 (so as always, I round up).

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