Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 1

It Takes a Village

Aired Wednesday Sep 21, 2011 on CBS

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  • Now that was a season premiere!


    Let's begin...

    JJ IS BACK! I couldn't help but smile and fill with excitement when she graced the screen. Already she is shown to be stronger, more assertive and more sure of herself. It's great seeing her be all BAU-y

    The cast photo at the end of the opening credits was a beautiful sight, gave me tingles seeing the cast all together again where they belong.

    Reid is pretty badass! Learning to use a gun, or be more capable with it was a logical thing to do after Emily's "death". His idea to allow Doyle to go for a trade and shooting whats-her-name without flinching.

    I was covered in goosebumps when Prentiss returned, couldn't stop smiling, I even shed a tear. Beautiful!

    Basically, everything is back to how it should be and I'm beyond happy and excited for this season. Perfect.

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