Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2010 on CBS

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  • Sad episode...but poorly written. Where was JJ's grand exit?

    Where in the heck was JJ's goodbye to Reid? You know, the Godfather of her son!?! I was a little confused as to why she did not have a heartfelt goodbye with him. Again, I will admit I LOVE Reid and MGG, but I thought that the writers leaving out that particular goodbye was strange. Reid has had a crush on JJ since the second episode of the first season. He asked her on a date. She was devastated when he was kidnapped by Tobias. She made him the Godfather of her son. So why would she not have a heartfelt, tear jerking, all out, sad goodbye with him, like she did with Garcia. Okay, I know I am going over board, but seriously that made me hate this episode.

    Also, this might be the first episode where the entire team had the profile wrong. They thought it was the one stuck up, pompous jerk. When it was the quiet, shy, but seriously messed up guy. I can't remember another episode where they had so many wrong ideas. Also, to have JJ leave the show for such a dumb reason is just ridiculous. I'm a fan of some strange, far fetched, out there shows, but I never thought Criminal Minds was one of them. At least have JJ go out with a bang. She deserved better than what she got. I mean Elle and Gideon had better exits from the show and the writers only knew about there departure for a few weeks. The writers have known for months that A.J. Cook was being fired from the show. So why was her exit not more spectacular. I mean Elle freaking killed someone and most people thought Gideon had killed himself. So why was JJ's exit so pathetic. I don't getting it!