Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2010 on CBS

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  • Why they did this to us?

    I don't want to say this was the worst episode ever of Criminal Minds because I remember the one that introduced the cast of a spin-off and that was worse.
    Anyway, the case was lame, boring and almost obvious (either one of the guys did it, duh, and surely it won't be the obvious one) and that the girl was still alive and able to call for help after three days in the middle of the sea was unbelievable (to say the least).
    But was pissed me most was the slow sugarcoated never-ending boring please-stop-or-I'll-blow-my-brains last fifteen minutes of JJ's departure. Go away, girl! We don't care if you are in the team or not! We want smart plots, brain and muscle action, psycho killers, not fifteen minutes of "We are gonna miss you, we are so sad" over a unbearable bland music background.

    I hope next episode gets better. My patience has a limit, you know.