Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • Horrid New Orleans accents !

    I'm a native New Orleanian and we do not talk like the actors in this episode. Their accents made me cringe. The episode was good otherwise, but the way the supposed New Orleans people were talking was laughable.
  • Female Jack the Ripper.

    A really cool episode to involve Jack the Ripper who is probably the most famous serial killer ever The episode involves him when the unsub they are chasing is killing like Jack the Ripper but they believe the unsub is a female The team also find they are having problems with Reid when Morgan,Prentiss and Reid are asked to talk to one of the previous victims mum in Texas but Reid refuses to go not answering any of the calls while he is spending time with his old friend Ethan I definitely didn't expect the unsub to be a female but when they knew she was a female they was able to get closer to catching to her They find out her reasons for killing is because she was raped and the man who raped her got away with it and now she is killing men and wouldn't have stopped until she was caught when they managed to save another victim in time before he was killed In the end Reid tells Gideon he is struggling but he will move on and stop his odd behavior.
  • How do we handle our traumas?

    “Jones” is not just a great story that did not have to sacrifice character development for plot development. It gave us profiling at its best, and real contributions by each of our favorite characters (except, perhaps, for Hotch). The women were in the forefront – and the realism of their reactions to the men they work with, as well as the arrogant rapist, was wonderful. The BAU characters are not stagnant, but are still evolving, revealing more depth every week. But this episode does so much more.

    Some say our characters are most developed by the trials we experience in life, not the triumphs. In this episode the writer and director show us what can happen to a ravaged life – level after level after level. Rape victim Sarah Danlin, expressing her rage and grief by becoming Jack the Ripper, is only one example. Her story produces both pity and horror. What about Det. LaMontagne? Having lost his father in Katrina he goes about dedicating his life to bring down the murderer who, in a way, took his father from him. Reid’s friend, Ethan, finds solace for his choices in his music. And our traumatized profiler himself? His story of self-doubt is brought to a brilliant conclusion when he decides to admit his weaknesses and still go on.

    By setting this story in New Orleans, the writer gives us another character to examine – the city has survived devastating hardship. The city herself has been raped, and is barely starting to rebuild, yet, in this story we see her coming back to life and welcoming new friends. Special kudos to Josh Stewart and Rhys Coiro, and director Steve Shill, for very downplayed, moody performances that harmonized with the darkness of the story beautifully.
  • Review

    A little more action in this episode then there have been in the last couple of episodes leading into this one. Loved the taking the idea of Jack the Ripper and the way that the team was able to deduce that the person was female. Sometimes in episodes you feel cheated when the BAU makes a profile and it turns out to be wrong. Feels like they hit the restart button 20 minutes into the episode and makes it seem like nothing was worth it. This time didn't feel that way - with the initial profile pointing towards a man and then having it end up being a female in the end. Reid continues to struggle with events that happened four episodes ago and I love to see writers of a standalone series make sure to bring back important plot points to make this feel like a real timeline. The scene between Reid and his friend weren't very exciting, but it was interesting to see Reid ignore a phone call from his team members. Prentiss hasn't left an amazing impression on me since joining the team. I think Elle was far better in the role. Prentiss doesn't do anything to make me dislike her character, but she just seems so random to me. Overall, solid episode from the second season of Criminal Minds.
  • Jackie the Ripper and Reid in trouble

    That was interesting case - I really loved the connections between the Jack the Ripper case and the murders happening now. Also that they brought in the son of detective who worked on the case before the storm.. and the little twist they had to use - it was female behind that all.

    If you thought the case story was not moving or well written enough, then there was the case of Reid who finally admits he is in trouble. And the friend he has who said that if he thinks his colleagues won't notice that he has changed.. then he is far from genius..

    Who knows what happen next.. And I most say I loved the chemistry between JJ and that detective.. something positive in all those bad things.
  • As if the poor people of New Orleans had not already suffered enough after Hurricane Katrina, they now have a serial killer on their hands who is attempting to emulate the most notorious of them all - Jack The Ripper.

    New Orleans is being terrorised by a serial killer in the French Quarter, one of the very few parts of the city not to be destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Before the storm, three men had been murdered and the lead detective on the case, William LaMontagne was hot on the trail of the unsub when he died during the hurricans. Just before his death, he scratched the word 'Jones' on the wall with a piece of broken glass and now, some 18 months after these events, his son, Will Jnr., also a police officer is desperate to close the case which his father was so obsessed by.

    When more victims are found and the same MO is established, Will calls in the BAU for assistance as a killer whom he thought had died in Katrina is clearly still out there. The unsub is also clearly a fan of the never apprehended Jack the Ripper who stalked the streets of Whitechapel in London in 1888 as the signtaure of this modern-day ripper includes the taunting notes, organ removal and even the 'double-event' when two men are killed on the same day, just as Jack the Ripper did.

    When reviewing statements from relatives and friends of the victim, Gideon and the team soon realise that all the dead men were out together for specific reasons and that it would have taken something rather special to lure them away from their friends - perhaps something as special as a beautiful woman? Add to that the fact that Will remembers that a newly-named bar in The Quarter was once called 'Jones' and the team realise they are indeed looking for a woman who frequents this establishment.

    A truly excellent episode with great profiling and attention to detail. An obvious romance between JJ and young Will LaMontagne is being forshadowed which would possibly disappoint Gideon as we saw in the first season that he would have liked Reid and JJ to become an item. Speaking of Reid, his recent horrors suffered at the hands of Tobias Hankle are clearly more of an issue than ever as he is not performing his work anywhere near to standard and doesn't seem to care about anything other than his next 'fix'. Let us hope that an intervention occurs very soon before it's too late for the young doctor.
  • I would definitely place this in the top five episoes of the season so far. The interesting and unsolved case of Jack the Ripper takes as surprising juxtaposition in this fabulaous episode!

    This was a brilliant episode of Criminal Minds. The devastation of New Orleads in Hurricane Katrina was showcased at the beginning, and the events that transpired set up a very interesting case for the team to investigate!

    I really loved this episode, because it completely reverted the notorious case of Jack the Ripper in London, over 100 years ago, giving it a twist, which was very surprising to learn!

    I loved every moment of the episode - from Reid's continued struggles after the episode 'Revelations', to the flirting between JJ and Willianm LaMontagne Jr., those were very entertaining!

    I also really thought the case was flawless! It had many twists and turns, and the end was not predictable, which is alsways a positive!

    Keep it going, Criminal Minds! I am thoroughly expressed with delight, and I think this show continues to impress and is becoming absolutely solid! Keep it up, and I highly recommend this show and this episode!
  • Still good the second time around.

    Six things about this episode I really like:

    1) Josh Stewart as the lead detective. I hope to see him continue to get roles. Fine acting job and adorable flirting with J.J.

    2) Morgan totally catching onto Reid's lie. I enjoy the relationships of the main characters on this show, and how intricate they are.

    3) The Jack-the Ripper scenario. One day, a real serial killer will do that, and do just as good a job.

    4) The Hurricane Katrina stuff, from the opening sequence to the evidence being lost. A lot of shows delt with things we didn't consider being lost in the storm, we were so focused on people and homes. Evidence, case files. They are gone. So much damage, I'm glad it was pointed out here.

    5) Garcia's earrings. 'Nuff said.

    6) The final scene with Gideon and Reid. My favorite relationship is their's. Reid is estranged from his father and Gideon from his son. But without being gushy, they have formed a sweet, father-son, mentoring type bond that I really love. Hats off to two fine actors. From this point on, Reid begins to really heal and there are far less refrences to his kidnapping. That is good, though I hope they haven't closed the book on his recovery and problem with the drugs for good.
  • Great episode! Loved the modern day "Jack the Ripper" storyline!

    There were a lot of different angles on this one - you had Reed who is constantly fighting his demons... Then you have the actual point of the episode, someone going around cutting people up like Jack the Ripper. Finding out that the killings could have been prevented simply by believing a claim that a woman was making stating that she was raped.... The detective that stated that "anyone that dressed like her and had as many mardi gras beeds as she did was asking for it!" that, i do NOT agree with, but yet it's an argument I have heard time and time again. Favorite quote from the episode - "I'll never miss a plane again."
  • Loved the link to the London Jack the Ripper cases!

    This is one of my favourite episodes so far! i am from the UK and i loved the link to the Jack The Ripper case! specially how it was a copy cat of Jack the rippers killings! but this time it was a woman! very interesting how they linked that into the episode! so it was more like a modern day female Jack the ripper, as there were never really many female serial killers back in the old days, or they may have been, but never found!

    I also loved Reid in this episode, his character is growing stronger by the episode, nearly cracking from the pressure from the revelations episode and almost sucumming to the drugs he stole from "Raphael".

    Great episode!
  • Jack the ripper in New Orleands!

    I loved this chapter. All the story of Reid was beggining to annoy me. I really believe that He was going to end really bad and I was worried too because He was acting very bad with Prentiss, but then Gideon appears and He helps him, but his friend Ethan helped him too. All the story of this girl repeting Jack the Ripper crimes was amazing. What I found weird was all the J.J. and William stuff, at the end I liked it but was out of place, I think. And what's going on between Morgan and Prentiss, is this the beggining of something else?? But I really loved this chapter!!
  • Poor accents

    Althought the story line was quite intriguing and gripping, I was highly offended as a New Orleans native that they would use such a cheesy accent for the people. Actually, upon recall only the Detective and the Coroner had that dumb accent. Everyone elses spoke regular english like every new orleans native that I know. I love this series, but this one alomost drove me away from the show all together. If they were to do another episode in New Orleans, I would appreciate it if they would actually come down here and see the people before they write the storyline and cast the actors
  • This is another cleverly plotted episode that presents us a modern Jack the Ripper who is not a man but a woman. I loved the sequence when Prentiss, Gideon and Hotch explains to the police officers how the Ripper did attack.

    Who doesn't know Jack the Ripper? He is one of the most famous serial killers. I think this episode is cleverly plotted because instead of having a male ripper they chose a female one.

    The episode is well-written and has a great sequence that takes us back to the time Jack the Ripper murdered while Prentiss, Gideon and Hotch explain to the police officers how the Ripper killed his victims.

    Furthermore, in this episode some characters are developped and there are good lines such as when Derek explains to Emily how the lions hunt, when some BAU's members ask to a detective about the rapped girl and the final conversation between Reid and Gideon.
  • Ouch!

    Actually the episode wasn't bad, but being a resident of the French Quarter, the bad accents, the total lack of black people, the basements, the plethora of neat brickface, the big crowds - it's like a total Bizarro Disneyworld version of the place. It sure was "painful to watch". Besides, who FLIES from New Orleans to Galveston? It's just a few hours down the road!
  • Messed up with the wrong information - clearly written by a two year old

    it just has to many things wrong with it, well for me it seemed strange for the guy to be walking around in his house during a hurricane. and why didn't he board up his house if he was going to stay?? i actually live in new orleans and i have lived and stayed through many hurricanes and thats the first thing you do if you are going to stay. you would also make a "camp" site with everything you need that is close to your attic in a room with relativley no windows. and when they showed the house after there was no mold on the walls even though they said the guy drowned. there would have been fuzzy white and green mold everywhere.

    and contrary to popular belief, cops don't drink while their on duty in new orleans
  • Surprising episode

    Right from the beginning, I knew that this episode, Jones would be interesting. A serial killer who was thought to be dead after Hurricane Katrina struck the New Orleans area where the serial killer was killing. But, the killer is very much alive and killing again. The imitation of Jack the Ripper was fascinating. The BAU seems quite puzzled, creating a profile of a homosexual male serial killer. The plot twist is that the killer is a woman, and a gorgeous one too. It was really a shock that a woman could commit such gruesome, bloody acts. At first, it doesn't seem believable that she could. But later on we learn that she manipulated the men using sex, distracting them so they were powerless and didn't know what hit them.

    What's her motive for all these murders? Although she does seem sadistic and psychopathic, she blurs the lines between victim and villian. As it turns out, she was raped (which was obvious) and those stupid dirty cops let the rapists get away because they "knew them" and didn't want to screw up their lives.

    I have to say I'm not a big fan of this Emily Prentiss girl. I find her boring, but then again she's only been in few episodes so far so we can't really expect full character development. Also, she looks too much like a brunette JJ. In all, I'd have to say that this is probably one of the most unique episodes of CM this season.
  • Stong episode. A nice twist on the old Sherlock Holmes theme.

    I've always thought it's a brave move by a show to deal with major incidents such as Hurricane Katrina. It can be so easy for it to become cliched. I think the CRiminal Minds writers did an excellant job.

    I loved how they used the Sherlock Holmes story but gave it a twist. In the UK we get alot of programmes based on Sherlock Holmes and they're all pretty much the same old thing.

    One thing that bugged me about this episode, is that Hotch kept disappering without any good reason! He was never at any of the crime scenes but where was he? There was no case files for him to be looking over so his not being there was pretty noticeable.

    One of the tings I love about Criminal Minds is that even when the un-sub has commited the most horrific crimes you can feel for them, they often have difficult pasts and that is why they do what they do. She was let down by the police and she couldn't deal with ewhat happened to her. The policew who brushed aside her copmplaint were wthe ones who were really responsible here. The end scene with Gideon and Reid was very touching, it was nice to see one fo the team reaching oiut to him and for him to be able to talk.
  • What a female Jack the ripper clone can do to hurricane-ravaged New Orleans

    Over the years I've read various fictions about Jack the Ripper--the most terrifying being Sci-Fi writer Harlan Ellison's futuristic 'Prowler in the City at the Edge of the World,' This episode of Criminal Minds cements the program in my pantheon of all-time favourite shows (behind NCIS and House, of course). Intelligent writing and acting, plotlines that are believeable yet also keep us in the esdge-of-seat mindset; these make for an anodyne to the seemingly endless banal drivel of so-called reality shows and self-absorbed 'you can be a star' foolishness. This episode really got to me because I like seeing the rough edges of a character, the all too human aspects of them. Reid's crisis of faith in himself and in his work has been difficult to watch the past several weeks, and there were times I worried that we were approaching jump-the-shark territory. But the writers have pulled off a nice job in easing Reid back towards normal--meaning what is normal for a gifted genius of his abilties and flaws. The actual plotline of the female serial killer was fascinating. We're given a rationale of sorts for this woman's hideous drive for revenge, and while that doesn't justify her actions, it's still satisfying to have an answer to the 'why'. All in all, a brilliant episode.
  • One of the best episodes of this season.

    I thought was a teriffic episode. It started up like a run-away train and never stopped. The team worked together so well and the added bonus of a really excellent turn by Josh Stewart (as Det. William LaMontagne, Jr.) blended in seamlessly. His flirting with JJ was so cute as he laid on his sly Southern charm. By the end of the show, I think he had won her over and it looked like something would come of it. I hope we see more of this charming Detective.

    It was so disconcerting to see Dr.Reid acting so unlike his usually sweet self. His former friend worked well as a counterpoint to make Reid think about what he was doing and choices he needed to make. I was so releived when Gideon joined him at the jazz bar and had a heart-to-heart talk with him. I felt good that Reid decided that he did want to stay with the team and "never miss a flight again." What a relief. His character is such an important part of this show.
  • New Orleans is the sean. I serial killer is on the loose. The killings are in a Jack the Ripper style, except the victims are men....

    I thought this one was good. I liked the thought of a killer copying off Jack the Ripper. I liked the twist that it was a woman doing the killings. But then again I guessed that when the victims where men. Serial killers sometimes go after a symbol of who they think have done them wrong or of something they want to be. Reid visits a old friend who knows right away that Reid is doing drugs and points out that if he notices then you can bet the others have noticed too, Seeing how Reid works with profilers that are trained to know these things. Will Reid get clean?
  • Someone finally notices Reid, hurray. :) Plot was intresting, and charecter interaction was great.

    This was a very good episode. The beginning was capturing, the story line was well written and the characters interacted well together. Finally someone noticed Reid, even if it was his old rival. Reid decides not to leave his job, which is great because the show would suck if Reid left. I did figure out the ending a little before the team did, mostly because Jack the Ripper was a guy, and his prey were girls. Logically speaking for someone to be copying him they also had to kill the opposite sex, and from there on the why's and whats came together. Still, even with that they made the episode interesting, and I was not bored with it for a second. Great episode, Tune in!

    A total 10 points. :)

  • You are surrounded by some of the best minds in the world, if you think I don't notice... For a genius, that's just dumb. Great story, writer with humor!

    Great story set in post-Katrina New Orleans.
    Extremely well written, by a writer with a good sense of humor. Enough to lighten it up, give us a good laugh/grin every now and then, but without making it less serious. After all we were dealing with a serial killer. Where first they think it is a man about halfway through they figure out it has to be a woman.

    Also very good how he first tried to lead us to believe Det. LaMontagne Jr might be the unsub:
    “He kills to regain his power, he probably has low self-esteem the can hide it very well. He dresses impeccably to feed the façade. He is organized, he might even stalk his victim days before to kill. We believe this killer identifies with Jack the Ripper because he's lost his own identity. Maybe through years of child abuse, or some catastrophic event.
    Because the overcompensates to hide his insecurity, we believe he may hold an authority position at work. (And I’m so glad it wasn’t that “easy”!).
    I really liked the “thing” going on between J.J. and Det. LaMontagne Jr. Flirting from the start but not at all annoying, they’re good together. I hope we will see him back some day (alive).
    Very good that they are finally addressing Reid’s problem as well.
    When Reid meets up with Ethan, (jumping around the corner, scaring the heck out of him.)
    I think the “I’ve always been one step ahead of you man” ”yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night” might have been the first hint they were going to talk about it.
    My guess is Reid probably hasn’t been sleeping too well lately. Real glad he had the talk with Gideon who told him it’s normal to feel this way, and gave him the confidence he is going to come out of the other side in one piece. That he can do his job well, despite or maybe because of it.
    I hope to see this writer again! He really got all characters as they are ( Prentiss still slightly trying to fit in, but making a comment about Ethan, which Reid – still acting weird – did not at all appreciate. Morgan sugar-talking with Garcia and her “I amaze myself”, Gideon advising…. I liked that J.J. played a bigger part in this (and that she wasn’t about to compromise when it came to her job, even though she liked the guy. Hotchner serious as ever.)

    I really liked this episode.
  • The BAU members theorize that only a seductive woman could lure a male away from the group they are partying with in the French Quarter and get them into to an alley alone - at which point they begin looking for a woman who is imitating Jack the Ripper.

    Women serial killers are rare so they they expect the unsub to be a man especially since the unsub is clearly imitating Jack the Ripper (male). It's fascinating to watch how the profilers keep asking themselves questions as they try to put themselves in both the victim's and unsub's shoes. Good episode demonstrating how empathizing helps them profile correctly. Reid is brilliant as usual and as always extremely helpful in the investigation. Finally Gideon follows Reid to a lounge and gets him to start trusting, opening up and talking to him. Just one baby step. Nevertheless, a turning point.
  • Modern Day jack the Ripper?

    Modern day Jack the Ripper is stalking victims in the French quarter. Thought to be a man killed in Katrina, until the killings start up again. Another awesome twist with the killer being a female.

    Reid's character continued to spiral, even missing a plane to go interview someone for the investigation. He was meeting with his old friend Ethan who dropped out of training after 1 day. Reid is wondering if he can handle the job any more. He does not seem to have taken the drugs, but everyone knows somethign is wrong with him. It was interesting to see his animosity towards Emily. I would like to see how that plays out. Reid had a good one-on-one with gideon at the end & I think everythign will work out.
  • A serial killer, thought to be killed during hurricane Katrina, resumes killing. This killer has been imitating the methods of a London killer named Jack the ripper. The team finds out that this killer is a woman.

    EXCELLENT!!! This episode was very well done. The plot was very good, very exciting. Of course my favorite part was Reid and Gideon's talk at the end. I was so excited to see Reid finally talk about how he was feeling and I think he's going to be okay. The series did a good job of introducing a potential problem with Reid, his trauma and possible drug use, and not extending the drama over many episodes. VERY WELL DONE!!
  • Reid is not taking the drugs, that is obvious now. as for the episode, that was very exciting... had me sitting on the edge of my seat

    Reid is not taking the drugs. But he is still scared out of his mind. i have got to give Gideon his props at the end there he just made Reid seem like he was where he was supposed to be again like he should feel. This 'Jack the Ripper' stuff was highly interesting. I thought there could have been more to it but i geuss not. I loved the way everyone on the team went through some kind of conflict in this episode. there should be more with conflict in them.. Reid is just lost in his own head after what happened and that came out tonight.
  • A Jack the Ripper copycat terrorizes a town devastated by Hurricane Katrinna, and we learn about Reid and drugs.

    In regards to the crime of the ep, it was amazing. There was a lot of "speculating scenes" where the team described what happened and the background went along with what they said. That is my favorite part of CM, because it's what makes this show so unique! The part between the detective's son and the unsub was very touching. I take off .5 points because I wasn't very satisfied with the Reid problem. I was confused the whole ep, and I'm still not 100% sure whether or not Reid is addicted, because they weren't really clear on that.
  • GREAT SCRIPT !!!!!

    I LOVED this episode. I thought it was well thought out and well scripted. The idea of a female serial killer is rare so how it was scripted was very believable. Especially the similarities to Jack the Ripper. I like how they included the fact the New Orleans is coming back but also still needs help and support. Garcia as always is classic. I loved how they, subltely, still have Reid issues but not at the forefront. But also acknowledge that HE is aware of them and trying to deal with them. They are allowing him time to figure it out for himself but knowing that he is being looked after but not alone. JJ "hooking" up was subtle but classy.
  • Very good and strangely educational

    Very cool. I don't know about the rest of you but I learned a great deal more about Jack the Ripper and the history of his terror in London. For example, that there way a possibility that he was raped by his mother. Who knew that? Reid's struggle does continue but he seems to be getting better as well. He is just soul searching and now we know that he doesn't want to leave the team. He seems to be growing and really starting to learn what is truly important. He's helping others and saving lives. He doesn't regret it but he needed to learn what each victim was going through. I know this sounds a little harsh and maybe a little flaky but I think his hostage experience opened his feelings up a little more.
  • As the World Turns for Reid continues!

    After Katrina, a serial killer who cuts people by the
    Throat is on the loose having killed four as the
    BAU team goes to stop them. Meanwhile, what I love to
    Call "As the world turns" for Reid, he faces a rival
    Despite a mood change but also dealing with after being a
    Hostage as the team needs to get him some help asap.