Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • As if the poor people of New Orleans had not already suffered enough after Hurricane Katrina, they now have a serial killer on their hands who is attempting to emulate the most notorious of them all - Jack The Ripper.

    New Orleans is being terrorised by a serial killer in the French Quarter, one of the very few parts of the city not to be destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Before the storm, three men had been murdered and the lead detective on the case, William LaMontagne was hot on the trail of the unsub when he died during the hurricans. Just before his death, he scratched the word 'Jones' on the wall with a piece of broken glass and now, some 18 months after these events, his son, Will Jnr., also a police officer is desperate to close the case which his father was so obsessed by.

    When more victims are found and the same MO is established, Will calls in the BAU for assistance as a killer whom he thought had died in Katrina is clearly still out there. The unsub is also clearly a fan of the never apprehended Jack the Ripper who stalked the streets of Whitechapel in London in 1888 as the signtaure of this modern-day ripper includes the taunting notes, organ removal and even the 'double-event' when two men are killed on the same day, just as Jack the Ripper did.

    When reviewing statements from relatives and friends of the victim, Gideon and the team soon realise that all the dead men were out together for specific reasons and that it would have taken something rather special to lure them away from their friends - perhaps something as special as a beautiful woman? Add to that the fact that Will remembers that a newly-named bar in The Quarter was once called 'Jones' and the team realise they are indeed looking for a woman who frequents this establishment.

    A truly excellent episode with great profiling and attention to detail. An obvious romance between JJ and young Will LaMontagne is being forshadowed which would possibly disappoint Gideon as we saw in the first season that he would have liked Reid and JJ to become an item. Speaking of Reid, his recent horrors suffered at the hands of Tobias Hankle are clearly more of an issue than ever as he is not performing his work anywhere near to standard and doesn't seem to care about anything other than his next 'fix'. Let us hope that an intervention occurs very soon before it's too late for the young doctor.