Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 2011 on CBS

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  • Very conflicted about this episode - many great moments and a few really sh*tty ones.

    I'm still pissed that they chose to remove 2 out of 3 women from the team, leaving it an all male bastion - except for poor Penelope, struggling with the loss of all her girlfriends - because of some half-assed corporate decision based on some budget or other.

    But apart from that:
    Emily kicked ass in this episode, which was great - I've really enjoyed the professional cloak-and-dagger routine these last couple of episodes, and tonights shoot-first-ask-later feel really got my pulse up - Emily shooting people's ears off, Emily tossing flashbangs into cars, etc, etc. Great stuff.

    Then there's some not so great stuff, the worst of which was Agent Seaver - again.
    Apparently, she's good with narcissists - because she's dated a few.
    And when Rossi's stumped, he appeals to his diamond-in-the-rough young trainee, who just needs her hand held to blurt out the key to everything.
    I wonder if she'll have a great-great-grandson called Wesley Crusher some day...

    I DIDN'T know Emily would walk away alive at the end of it all, but it didn't really come as a surprise either (I've got a suspicious mind), but I'm not sure how I feel about that. Is the entire team in the dark?
    They tried to save her and believe they failed - they - especially Morgan, who started out being really pissed at her before he learned what her motivation was - will beat themselves up over this, there'll be guilt enough to go around and I don't know if they'll all walk away from this, and the question I'm left with is WHY?!?
    The bad guy is DEAD, and so are quite a few of his men (most of who were just muscle for hire anyway), so WHY can't Emily stay at the BAU?!?

    I realize that writing this has settled things in my mind: Great episode - but I feel PISSED! >:(