Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 2011 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The physical address for Prentiss in Antwerp on the fact sheet should be "Diamantstraat 10" instead of "Diamanstraat 10." There is a bridal shop situated at that address.

    • Prentiss has been with the BAU for five years, and her character was first introduced in "The Last Word" (originally broadcast on November 15, 2006). In that episode, it was established she had been with the FBI for 10 years. However, in flashbacks, Prentiss is shown both seven and eight years previously working undercover overseas apparently as a CIA agent, which contradicts her character biography that makes her an FBI agent for the past 15 years.

    • According to her headstone, Emily Prentiss' date of birth was October 12, 1970.

    • The music played at the end of this episode was "Kolnidur" by Jónsi.

    • The name of the street in Paris should have been "Rue de l'Université" and not "Rue l'Université." It is also impossible to have that kind of view on the Eiffel Tower from that street.

  • Quotes

    • Rossi: (to Reid as they are interviewing Jack Fahey) So if we punch his self image, this hoodrat will talk?
      Jack Fahey
      : Hey, hey, hey, I ain't no hoodrat. You take that back.
      Rossi: Well, you look like one, (sniffs) you smell like one. (looks at Reid) You smell that?
      Reid: (sniffs) Hoodrat.

    • Morgan: (holding a wounded Prentiss' hand) Prentiss, hey, it's me. I'm right here, baby. You're gonna be all right. Stay with me, baby, c'mon, stay with me.
      Prentiss: (whispering) Let me go.
      Morgan: No, I am not letting you go. (yelling at others) Help me! (speaking to Prentiss) Listen to me, I know why you did all of this. I know what you did for Declan. I am so proud of you. Do you understand that? I am proud of you, because you are my friend and you are my partner. (Morgan chokes on sobs) (Prentiss seemingly loses consciousness) No, Emily! C'mon, stay with me! If you can hear me, please just squeeze my hand. (Prentiss squeezes his hand) Yes! There you go, there you go. Just keep squeezing.

    • Garcia: Hey, it's me. Hotch asked me to try all your numbers, and I have this as an old listing and you probably don't even use it anymore, but if it is you and you're out there, come home, please. God, Emily, what did you think? That we would just let you walk out of our lives? I am so furious at you right now! But then I think about how scared you must be in some dark place all alone, but you're not alone, okay? You are not alone. We are in that dark place with you. We are waving flashlights and calling your name, so if you can see us, come home. But if you can't, then, then you stay alive because we're coming.

    • Prentiss: "The secret to getting away with lying is believing with all your heart. That goes for lying to yourself, even moreso than lying to another." Author Elizabeth Bear

    • JJ: Psychoanalyst Walter Langer wrote, "People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one, and if you repeat it frequently enough, people will sooner or later believe it."

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