Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Wednesday May 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • Tense and disturbing - and very interesting.

    This is one of the more disturbing episodes I've seen. Lots show some amazingly screwed up behaviour that I hope I never encounter, but this is really near the mark. I'm constantly amazed these days at what American TV can get away with - it was once so squeaky clean. Now we get what is essentially a mini 'Saw' movie and it's terrific. And terrifying.

    The writers and directors have done a great job in providing a storyline that is at once sad, topical, issue-led and very very dark.

    So who cares if a few homeless people, drug addicts, prostitutes etc. go missing. The streets are 'cleaner', so why would it matter, right? That's the premise, and it ties into the majority of people's ideas that if just those people could go away we'd all be better off. But of course, these people are people and it's not anyone's right to do anything to them. The villain in this one believes he is doing the world a favour, but he's just killing innocent people.

    And the methods of killing bring to mind something out of the remake of House on Haunted Hill or the Saw movies. Lots of gore - a woman lands in a roomful of broken glass for goodness' sake. And then she gets the chance to escape if she can find her way out, despite all the traps the killer has set. And the chase is on.

    The cop who brings them all the information at first is OCD, as is the killer - so there's a neat tie-up there.

    All in all it's a great episode - as long as you're not watching it over dinner!
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