Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • A serial killer cleaning the streets.

    A vigilante serial killer who believes he is cleaning the streets by kidnapping and killing homeless people and prostitutes in a meat factory The team wasn't going to investigate it until they find that 63 people could have been killed In the episode we see a woman who is kidnapped just like the rest and thrown in a factory and is given a few hours to escape and if she doesn't she will be killed and I presume that none of the victims escaped so she wasn't going to escape The way they got to the killer is by catching his accomplice and he gave the location of the killer and imagine how many more would've been killed if they never took the case.
  • The BAU heads out to Kansas City To Investigate The disappearance of the Homeless.

    wow this was a very cool episode. and the fact that it was in my home city of Kansas City it was very cool to see how they made it a federal case. it was pretty bloody and gruesome but it was a part of the story. and the fact that the person who had OCD was "Cleaning the city". there wasnt much in character development but it was a very good show all together. the nice thing in lieu of the no character development was the ability to place theis episode anywhere in the timeline of the Criminal Minds series.
  • Review

    Going into the episode I didnt think that I was going to like it very much based on the previews I saw of the episode. Turns out I thought the episode was very good, with fifteen minutes being devoted to the homeless woman trying to escape from the giant room before dawn of the next day. It had a Saw kind of feeling to it, but the Criminal minds team did a good job in seperating what was happening with the woman with what was happening with the case. I thought the randoms in the episode (chief of police and the guy with OCD) were better then most of the one time special guest stars that they bring into the episode. I thought the scenes with the BAU rooming around the streets was both comical and pivotal to the episode in a big way. Overall, I would say this is an above average Criminal Minds episode. So much time devoted to the homeless girl turned out to be a really good thing and I enjoyed watching the episode. Cannot wait for the finale, should be an interesting end to the season.
  • Interesting episode!

    What can I say about this episode… It wasn't a bad episode… it's just that I couldn't stand how gruesome it was… for a couple of scene I was hiding behind my book. I just couldn't bring myself to watch it. I thought this episode is just about as good as the last episode.

    Yay!!! The dude is back next week!!! I can't wait… I was waiting to see when he will come back!!! But that means this was the second last episode of this season… I'm going to miss criminal minds in NZ while it's on break. But hopefully the dvd comes out soon!!!
  • Tense and disturbing - and very interesting.

    This is one of the more disturbing episodes I've seen. Lots show some amazingly screwed up behaviour that I hope I never encounter, but this is really near the mark. I'm constantly amazed these days at what American TV can get away with - it was once so squeaky clean. Now we get what is essentially a mini 'Saw' movie and it's terrific. And terrifying.

    The writers and directors have done a great job in providing a storyline that is at once sad, topical, issue-led and very very dark.

    So who cares if a few homeless people, drug addicts, prostitutes etc. go missing. The streets are 'cleaner', so why would it matter, right? That's the premise, and it ties into the majority of people's ideas that if just those people could go away we'd all be better off. But of course, these people are people and it's not anyone's right to do anything to them. The villain in this one believes he is doing the world a favour, but he's just killing innocent people.

    And the methods of killing bring to mind something out of the remake of House on Haunted Hill or the Saw movies. Lots of gore - a woman lands in a roomful of broken glass for goodness' sake. And then she gets the chance to escape if she can find her way out, despite all the traps the killer has set. And the chase is on.

    The cop who brings them all the information at first is OCD, as is the killer - so there's a neat tie-up there.

    All in all it's a great episode - as long as you're not watching it over dinner!
  • Saw, but with actual suspense.

    So anyone seen Saw? Well this excellent episode of Criminal Minds is very similar to any one of the Saw movies, the same amount of tension, the same amount of horror, but with better acting and less unnecessary gore.

    Probably one of the more horrifying episodes of CM due to the fact that this Unsub puts his victims through some truly terrible tortures, clawing through glass, gas and the psychological torture of seeing the sun but knowing you cant get to it.

    It also makes you take a second and think about just how many of those people who live on the streets could possibly be disappearing without us even noticing.
  • Wow.

    I had to say I found that rather terrifying.
    Just wanted to say, a very good episode and a lot more focus on the victim and what happens to her.
    Basically someones ridding the streets of "bums". 63 people have gone missing but nobody seems to care. The BAU then find out that it is a Federal Case and get to work.
    The killer plays a sick game of cat and mouse. The victim is told if she can find her way out my sunrise she is safe but if not, she gets killed. The killer plants smoke bombs wherever she is at and sets a dog on her. When she finally reaches the end he shuts the door to the outside and she is still stuck inside.It was a totally suspense filled episdoe and you are really rooting for the victim to get the hell outta there.
    The BAU have a guy in custody who works with the unsub and they get out of him where the unsub is. They get there just in time to save the girl. I was SO relived they got to her in time. Was a VERY suspense filled episode and you find yourself wanting the girl to be saved more than anything!

    Anyway, WATCH IT! It was amazing!
  • Little weird

    This was a different one - a case what did not existed - people get missing, noone reports nothing.. a possibly over 60 victims.. that's a lot..

    so we have in flips an action in the unsub's lair - he is playing his sick games with his newest victim.. and events in police department where BAU has to make the locals understand that those people do are getting missing.

    I think that kind of flipping - ok, it had great visual side, but it flipped the story, made it felt quite weird. We know that on unsub's lair the only thing that went on was torture.. so show it to use so many times.. I think more action would have done some good too.
  • Another great and exciting episode.

    Homeless people are disappearing in Kansas City and a detective ask the BAU to hep him with the case. Although it's not official, Hotch and JJ tavel to the city and soon JJ discovers that the case is federal so they can investigate so the rest of the team travels to Kansas City.

    The things that in my opnion make this episode as good as it is are first the scene when the kidnapped girl is trying to get away from the bulding and the personal scenes between the BAU's members such as the firs one when Gideo is watching a Charlie Chaplin movie and Hotch sits to see it with him, the one when Prentiss tells Morgan that he's a good guy and the last one when all of them are watching another Chaplin film and although they don't speak, they laugh and throw popcorn.
  • Who cares if homeless people from Kansas City are going missing? Obviously not enough people as only a police officer who comes to the BAU for help has even noticed that his 'regulars' are not in their usual places.

    When a detective from Kansas City approaches the BAU and asks for their assistance in locating an abductor of killer of homeless people, they take a bit of convincing that the folk involved haven't just relocated voluntarily or perhaps it's true that the police detective (who has recently been given an award for his work in helping clear the streets of the homeless) has just done a really good job. Thankfully, he doesn't think so. He has copious files on over 60 'regulars' who have just disappeared and he is certain that they are dead - and not because of suicide or exposure to the elements either.

    The BAU aren't officially on the case but JJ convinces them that they should look into it because it's clearly possible that all these disappearances are the work of a murderer who targets those whom nobody cares about or will miss. Thank God for the 'good cop' who DOES care!

    This episode will make you think about all the groups in our society who fall under the radar because of who or what they are. And hopefully, it will make you very, very grateful that you aren't one of them.
  • If you like horrowr, this is the episode for you! If you like suspense, this is the episoe for you! Or even if you just want a great case, this is the episode for you!

    Criminal Minds is a brilliant, phenomenal show, and his is a prime example of just why. The episode is quite horrifying in concept (some people before me have compared it to Saw, which I must agree with) and it centres around a killer who likes to torture his victims in a sort of game before killing them.

    The concept was frightening, so I wouldn't really recommend this episode if you get queasy over this sort of thing, but if not, then I recommend this episode quite highly, because it had the horror, suspense, intensity and even the occasionsal snippet of humour, to create a phenomenal episode!

    I am really impressed, and I hope this standard is maintained for the season finale next week, and in future seasons! Great work, terrific stuff, brilliant television!
  • good episode...

    A detective asks the BAU to investigate the disappearance of 63 homeless people and prostitutes. There is a bit of jurisdiction issues, but it was solved. In the end, they caught the man that was taking the homeless people off the streets and he led them to the killer. Overall, I liked the story of this episode but it creeped me out. The killer was really freaky and he enjoyed watching his victums run from him even though they had no chance. It reminded of the Criminal Minds episode where the two brothers hunted humans in the Idaho wilderness. Anyways, I did like this story but it was a little too much for me. Some parts were very interesting and it was an overall good episode. I really liked Gideon's role and the Charlie Chaplin part. Overall, good episode.
  • Who cares for the dreggs of society?

    What an episode, in my thoughts either the 1st or second best writtem episode of the season. How many times do most americans look down at the homeless as non beings and are not concerened with what happens to them. This is the crux of the story line. If it were not for the fact that a detective who is seen as not all there by his peers and his supervisor is shuffled to an area where he can not get in trouble and is actually given a reward for lowering crime in the area ( which he has no hand in)the loss of 63 people in the area would go un-noticed. In fact if the letter from the unsub had not been mailed from accross state lines he would not have been caught due to the demeanor of the Detective Supervisor toward the dreggs of the comunity.
  • Directly during the opening scene I could tell this would be one of the most horrific and emotionally taxing episodes of the series so far.

    This impression continued right up to the opening credits. Whether it was the poor old helpless man being carted toward his doom through the menacing belly of what looked like the basement of a hospital more prone to killing its patients off than curing them. Or the sweating and nerdy detective who against the odds noticed the disappearance of the disenfranchised of his beat. And the chilling fact that he was actually awarded official praise for apparently getting rid of these undesirable denizens of skid row.

    And that was just the start of the episode really.

    Anyway, for some reason this one really touched me with its highlighting on how we tend to ignore or even actively try to get rid of the homeless people or other equally weak members of our society.

    Certainly the unsub here took it to unimaginable extremes but even though it might not be as quick and 'dirty', the often callous indifference most of us show on a daily basis takes probably just as many victims every day around the world in some way or other.

    Okay, sorry for the moralizing but as I said, this show really got to me right from the start.
  • Wonderful!!!

    The first scene where we see the murderer with one of his victims was really like watching Saw, and after all the scenes with the girl trying to escape was the same. I love this kind of movies, they make you feel that you are in them. The police from Kansas was really obsessed!!!For one tiny moment I thought that he could be dangerous. But one of the part I love more about this chapter was the very end of it. When we can see all of them watching a Charlot's movie eating popcorn and some candy, they seem happy and I love that. A great team.
  • "Bums, whores, junkies, can these people even be missing?" Another lesson in empathy.

    Anyone can be a victim. Cheerleaders, soccer moms, prostitutes, children, profilers, soldiers, hunters, other profilers - we've learned a lot about victims this year. How someone becomes a victim, how to survive victimhood, how to not just survive, but become a "better person." Some victims never get over what has been done to them and become abusers themselves, like Amber in The Perfect Storm. Some are on the brink of becoming less than human, like Bobbi in Open Season. Some retain their humanity, like Maggie in Legacy. She's put through hell by a faceless (mostly) killer who thinks of her as something to clean off the streets, and she survives - in every sense of the word.

    Even our heroes are victims, and their reactions seem to run the gamut. Some speculate that Hotch was a childhood victim, and Morgan certainly was. They were subjected to pain, fear and scarring wounds, emotional and physical. They overcame and set out to help others. Unfortunately, when Elle found herself vulnerable and victimized, her reaction was quite different. Elle could not stop seeing herself as a victim, and took "helping others" to the extreme of a vigilante. Reid endured a youth that, while not physically abusive, was psychologically and emotionally wounding. And now, he is victimized again. His experience is still raw within him. The jury is still out on what he will become.

    Not everyone has empathy for victims. Smitty. Frank. Det. Gordinski. Prentiss has made a lot of progress learning about empathy this year. Captain Wright needs to make that journey. He not only has no feeling for the victims in this episode, he has none for Detective McGee, the son of his partner and a sympathetic soul. He has allowed himself to be hardened by his experiences, internally separating the worthwhile victims from the worthless ones.

    The killer is a nameless, faceless entity. Good. He is ultimately unimportant, and, once the team is allowed to respond, quite easy to catch. The tables have turned, and the nameless masses of street-people are now given names, personalities and worth, while the killer remains in the shadows. The important elements of this story don't concern him, but concern McGee, Maggie, our heroes, and the Kansas City homeless.

    "Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles." The BAU family, even surrounded as they are with horrors, stress, doubt and blood, can de-stress, smile, chuckle, play around and forget, for a moment. Click off the profiling switch. Take a deep breath. They needed to be reminded about laughter. So did we. One last time before the end.
  • A serial killer targets homeless people.

    This episode is a good cautionary tale. Homeless people are vanishing from the streets in Kansas City and Detective McGee thinks something sinister is going on. His superiors claim to not believe, but the impression the viewer gets is that they just don't care. Captain Wright says, "Bums, whores, junkies? Can they even be missing?" This has happened in the real world. Women were disappearing from Vancouver, about 60 of them, but the police didn't give it much attention for years because most of them were women of color who were involved in drug use or prostitution. More than 20 of them are now known to have been murdered, apparently by the same man who is now on trial and accused of being the worst serial killer in Canadian history. So I found some aspects of this episode frighteningly realistic. Captain Wright tries to dehumanize the victims, but we see how human Maggie is; she just wants to be free and get back to her baby girl. This is a good reminder that people on the fringes of our society are still people and that we don't remember this often enough.
  • Great and nerve-wrecking show

    This was a great and nerve wracking show as it
    Shows how much we negelect the homeless and how badly
    We treat them. When a local cop in KC calls the BAU in, they learn that about sixty-three people that are
    Homeless have been targed and killed. And that how the homeless shouldn't be neglected. They are human beings despite falling on hard times!
  • Totally creepy!...but so great!

    This was fantastic! I mean I'm normally not extremely bothered by the gore and violence on the show but this one really creeped me out. The first shot with the guy getting wheeled in to be killed, the girl getting cut up by the glass on the floor and her running through the killing room with all the dead body parts hanging around. Totally sick and twisted and it bothered me. But the best part about it was that it kept me glued to the tv. It made my skin crawl but I didn't dare stop watching because it was that good.

    I loved Reid getting hit on by the prostitutes and the nice little scence at the end where the BAU family did some bonding. It brought a little lightness to one of their most suspenseful and gory episodes yet. It was a little bit of fun before things get serious-er (is that even a word?) next week in the finale. Can't wait!!!!
  • A detective from Kansas City asks the BAU's help in the disappearence of transients in the area.

    This episode was demented, sick and unforgettable. A touchy and important issue (homeless) being taking a dark area into the area of depravity. A man starts killing the homeless, prostitutes and anyone who he deems to be trash. A detective is given an award for seemingly reducing the number of these occupants in skid row. He knows better and comes to the BAU for help. The team while interested is hampered by issues of jurisdiction.

    Anyways, the killer was one of these freaks that wanted to clean society but by killing those who doesn’t see as useful. It just happened to the homeless and prostitutes. The prostitute in the episode allegedly had AIDS. I would have liked to see more of her story but the acting done was ok. The scenes with the killer were chilling. They took as far as TV could go. It reminded me of SAW in a way without the gore. The guy like to play with his victims and have them search for a way out only of course, he wouldn’t let them out.

    The whole thing with the team coming together watching the Chaplin movie was a bit cheesy but this episode was great.
  • I loved it!

    Okay, doing one of my lists of things I loved.

    I loved the opening sequence. Even though we saw it in the commercials, I was still on edge, I was still scared. It was creepy, it was scary, it was disturbing. Gideon and Hotch watching Charlie Chaplin was such a sweet scene. If you look back on my reviews of this show, I always say, over and over again, the relationships between the main characters on this show are what makes it great. Their friendship is brilliant. Add to that Mandy Patinkin has one of the greatest smiles and laughs on God's green earth. Lovely scene.

    Another great bit of character development. I am totally digging how Morgan and Prentiss are falling for each other. It's slow, it's subtle, it's oh so perfect.

    Reid got hit on by all the prostitutes. Tee hee.

    So who cares if the house of horrors was totally ripped off of the house in Saw II? It was still scary as heck. Great suspense and gore.

    Great episode. I can't wait for the finale. And once enough time has passed, maybe they'll show us Doubt.
  • Writing Writing Writing - Just how it should be

    One of the main reasons why I will watch any show is good or great writing. This episode is a prime example of how writing is the basis of any show. The suspense in watching the victims suffer, to Detective McGee desperation to help. To the team waiting to help. Garcia waiting to find information. The suspense for me could be felt. Just like the relief when Morgan saw the van and put the pieces of the puzzle together. The relief when the last victim was rescued. The relief when as a team, the team decompressed by watching Charlie Chaplin.
  • I liked this episode for the reason is that all the characters play there parts in finding the unsub. This episode is sad because you don't really think about the homeless and other people that live off the scope.

    I like that you see how each cast member plays a part in the finding the unsub and getting the victim out alive. I like that there is humor thought out the story and sadness that makes you think of others you see outside and don't know them or do anything for them. I like how the story line makes you feel for the victims. You can relate to one if not more of the characters in this show. How Garica is sad that know one is been reported missing. How Morgan is a good guy. How the team takes the case. A really good episode.