Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 23, 2008 on CBS

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  • So little at the beginning leads them to a serial killer.

    At the beginning the BAU have so little to go on but when they are forced onto the case it leads them to a serial killer who starts to show all the people he has killed When the local agent gets really involved in the case she puts her life on the line when she is abducted Rossi sees her as a younger version of him and did everything he could to find her In the end the killer never shouldn't have shown his notes to anyone.
  • Not the best, far from the worst, at least it was interesting.

    The episode begins with quite the "shock" no pun intended. The horrifying contents of the locker immediately got me hooked.

    I really liked how they gradually discovered how sinister and prolific this killer was, it made it seem all the more real. I also think his MO was unique, at least he doesn't strangle people like half of the other serial killers.

    I do however think that the episode became slow at parts, but only after watching it do i find this apparent. I did not like the "younger Rossi". I found that her obsession with finding more bodies and waiting for more victims made her almost unsub material. She seemed very arrogant and obnoxious.
  • Rossi showing more depth

    A killer out in Philadelphia is killing women that kind of mirrors the image of Ted Bundy. While the case agent calls the BAU and wants to try to help her in a promotion it seems. But Rossi tries to warn her not to go the same route that burned him out the first time. As she is awestruck by him at first. Hotch has to set the field agent straight about doing things by the book and to not let other people get killed. Really touching as the case agent nearly gets killed and risks her life over it. For once, Rossi I liked on this episode as he is getting to show his emotions more. But bummer, thanks to the writer's strike, this is the last show of the season!
  • Great one as always, but not the best of this season

    The team goes to Philly to investigate the findings in a storage warehouse. They are diaries of how to kill and torture women. After a fake piece of evidence they take the case and begin to discover lots of suspicious deaths that they found out are related with the unsub they are looking for. Maybe it's just because it's quite Rossi centric but it disappointed me a litle...I was expecting a season finale although I know I should haven't. I didn't like Jill Morris, she is stupid... I loved Prentiss and Morgan, as always, they are a great team! ANd I laughed with Reid and his excentricities... Very litle Hotchner and JJ...
    Good but not the best!
  • good episode...

    A storage unit was bought and the people found some evidence of someone's crazy fantasies. An agent asks Rossi to come down and look at it and she tricks him into looking into the case. In the end, the agent is captured by the suspect and is forced to watch another being tortured until she is finally about to be tortured, but, of course, the team comes in just in time to save her. What pissed me off the most was that she just wanted the publicity. What a btch. This episode also brought some much-needed Rossi character development. Overall, ok story, interseting characters, and good character development.
  • Good episode kept me engaged and had some real edge of your seat moments. It was good to get a Rossi mentor/self evaluation episode. On that note the reckless agent was perfect. She was everything Rossi was a media hog who cared

    Good episode kept me engaged and had some real edge of your seat moments. It was good to get a Rossi mentor/self evaluation episode. On that note the reckless agent was perfect. She was everything Rossi was a media hog who cared nothing for the victims or protecting the public. Rossi tries to get her to turn from these ways and she is told off very satisfyingly by Hotchner. In the end her actions got her caught by the serial. Amazingly enough even after this experience all she wants to do is sell books. I wish the killer could've gotten as much screen time as that idiot agent. Really would've liked more background than he was alone looking at pornography presto serial killer.
  • A Young Agent that reminds Rossi of himself at her age fakes some evidence to get the BAU involved. She is however a little too interested in the "limelight" as well as getting a killer off the streets, and almost gets herself killed in the process.

    Great Episode. Rossi really rocks in this one. He may have had a little too much ego involved when he was younger, but he has done some serious soul searching and maturing and growing.

    Jill Morris is the young agent who is a little to interested in making a name for herseslf and she has spunk. I loved it when she said to the self righteous, condescending Hotcher, "What are you going to do, vote me off the island?" He then let her know he outranked her and sneered that they didn't need agents like her. Unlike Rossi, Hotcher never does any soul searching of his own. He is just always telling other people how badly they are screwing up (and this is the guy that sent Elle home knowing the unsub had everyone's personal information - never has he done one iota of soul searching about that!). As usual Hotcher is always pointing out everyone else's shortcomtings. Makes me wonder how someone who seems so utterly incapable of empathy can empathize with the unsubs to solve cases? Perhaps tight ass, perpetually holier-than-thou Hotchner can only empathize with the criminally insane and not other mortals??????????

    Rossi on the other hand got out of himself and empathized with Jill Morris. He was a hero to her and at one point, she came on pretty strong to him sexually, but he obviously cared more about her than getting laid so he just tried to steer her in the right direction - help her avoid making some of the ego mistakes he made at her age. In the end, even though she messed up and almosts got herself killed, she's spunky still, still ambitious, didn't let the good old boys get to her, shame her or scold her or talk her into cowering, but Rossi's patience finally pays off and it is clear he finally got through to her as she started backing out of the limelight in front of the television cameras - all it took was one look from Rossi. She knew he was right. She knew by then he really did have her best interests at heart and she knew his concern for her well being was genuine. Great acting on the part of the actress that played Jill. Great acting on Joe M's part. Good show.
  • Rossi Sees Himself

    I thought it was a very good episode, with Rossi getting some screen time and making a connection with his past life. Rossi admitted that he used to make mistake after mistake when he was younger for himself, just as the young reporter was doing in this episode. I was really upset (which is a good thing, means the writers were doing their job) when the woman at the end did not take his advice and starting talking to the reporters anyway. It really put the whole episode into a perspective and out of all of the profiling I think she was the one we learned the most about in this episode. The case didn't grip me from beginning to end, but it was a good case. Garcia is no longer really suffering from the effects of herself being shot. Kevin (the technician guy who she met at the end of her episode) is nowhere to be seen and other then a brief mention to Morgan in this episode there has not a been a whole lot as far as what's going on with her. This episode was very good, but it did have a couple of things I would liked to have seen adressed. Overall it was a very solid season three episode.
  • Younger version of Rossi...

    Oh, Rossi is tricked to take a case from young agent who in all the ways him years ago - she is reckless, wants to be in the center, make herself a name... And oo yes, like the ending shows, she does - she becomes one of the victims, the only one to survive and not even then, when she had got all the talk, she won't stop - it's her moment in limelight.

    I most say the case itself was like just another case, but what caught me was the character interaction. Like that Garcia was telling Morgan when she was identifying the victims about her shooting. That part, the char, really make the show for me.
  • when two agents have similar personalities, things don't really go as planned

    i enjoyed this episode...full of action, yet it surprises me that these things might not always be the work of fiction...there are really sick people out there who only cause pain...and there was one thing or should i say person that really bugs me and that is agent Rossi...his whole character is incredibly annoying, thinking he is the center of the BAU. granted, he established the unit way back, but there is something called reality-check, and it's time to live in the present. he is aggressive during questionings, doesn't share information with his coworkers, i don't even know if he comprehends the words "team work". When he showed up i thought i should give him a chance. i really don't go for the whole "i know everything because i wrote some books" attitude and hope he will calm down eventually.
  • Who would have thought that the contents of a storage locker could hold the key to so much horror?

    When the contents of a storage locker in Philadelphia reveal drawings and other items which suggest the possibility of a serial murderer, the BAU come along to check it out. Unfortunately, their usually professional job is greatly hindered by Jill Morris, a local agent who seems far more concerned with being in the glare of the media spotlight herself than in actually getting to the bottom of the mystery.

    Several times, agent Morris angers the BAU team by her constant self-promotion and by giving unauthorized press conferences without any prior consultation with Hotch. It is, however, Rossi who figures out that agent Morris is interested in far more than self-promotion, as she deliberately plants false evidence in the case file to keep the BAU interested. Rossi, doing what he does best, profiles her, and isn't very pleased with what he sees. Nobody is surprised when she herself becomes the next target of the killer who tortures his victims with electric currents.

    Finally, she is saved, just in the nick of time, but it's obvious that she has learned nothing from her horrible experience, as the first thing she does is have a lengthy chat with the press! The viewers, along with Rossi, are fairly certain that she is never gong to change. Once an attention seeker, always an attention seeker.

    Not a bad episode, but Agent Morris needed a good dose of reality and certainly reprimand for her behavior. Sadly, neither happened.
  • Wasn't one of the best ones, but Criminal Minds is so good that it deserves a ten anyway.

    The standard remains very high for Season 3 of Criminal Minds, as we delv into the case of a series women who are being electrocuted to death in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. The actual case was very interesting, and I was horrified by the number of victims there were.

    I enjoyed Special Agent Morris' role in this show. She was a great guest character, and she helped us learn more about outr main character, David Rossi, who we don't know much about, other than his Unfinished Business. It was a great way to look a t Rossi's past!

    All up, teh ending was a little predictable, but the suspense was very much present, and that contributed to a great show! Keep it up, Criminal Minds!
  • Wow what an episode.

    I missed a few episodes but was happy to see that a new episode was listed for this week and boy I was not let down. Will Hotch and Rossi be at fighting odds all the time? Hotch seems to be back to his more by the book stance and Rossi is more by the fly attitude. The whole teams seems to work well in this episode although JJ is not really in her role with the PR end as she usually is, Reed except for the first team scenes upon arrival is pushed to the back. The whole episode really centered around SSA Rossi ans SA Harris the unsub and his victims. We hear about other families involved but do not see them. On the whole a good episode.
  • Parallel storyline involving another agent adds a little more depth to Rossi's character.

    I liked the storyline in this episode. While we have the usual crime for the BAU to profile with the usual suspect and victims, this episode actually involved a storyline with another FBI agent and Rossi's character. Similarities to his own past history lead Rossi to try to help Morris, an agent from Philadelphia find her way and stay an honest cop who does things by the book. Using his history and the outcome of his actions and choices as his guideposts, he tries to help her realize how easy it would be for her to get on the wrong path from which there would be no turning back. I like the depth we're seeing for his character as he still seems a little stiff in his role. I can't wait to learn more about him and his history. As for this episode, hats off to the powers that be - those creative minds we love to see at work!
  • Mirror Images Can Be Frighting....

    I really liked the script for this episode. But the script turned out to be more about Rossi and Morris than an actuall killer. Which was a nice change. Just don't do it too often. I initally thought Jill Morris had something to do with the murders. But after watching and listening to her as well as watching Rossi's reaction to her, I knew that she was more a "personnel" issue than a personal one. The fact that Rossi wanted to make his wrong right and keep Jill from making his mistakes was honorable. But everyone learns lessons at different paces and different costs. The serial killer and his chase took a backseat in this episode but the script gave us enough to realize there was a case.