Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 21, 2008 on CBS

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  • The BAU get involved with a dangerous group of killers.

    This was a fantastic season finale where the BAU head to NY to try and catch what they though was one killer but the one killer turns out to be a dangerous group and anyone in NY could be the next victim Near to the end of the episode Will returns and JJ tells the team she is pregnant but will she be able to have that baby after the events at the end where we see everyone get in their SUV and one of the blows up This is a brilliant cliffhanger where one of the team members has unfortunately been in the SUV that blown up.
  • AMAZING! Was completely letdown by the episode "damaged" (involving Rossi's case) to being absolutely amazed by this turn around!

    I know I'm a late bloomer having only just gotten into the show but oh well :) I was extremely disappointed by the episode "Damaged" involving Rossi and his so called 20 year unsolved murder case which was had inconsistent plot development and was basically a waste of an episode, to seeing this amazing culmination to the season :D

    It was gripping, entertaining and basically it had my complete attention and as I watched I kept thinking hmmm the episode is almost over and they don't know who the unsubs are please don't let it end crazy quickly like "Damaged" did. It wasn't until the end I realised it was going to be a cliff hanger!

    I just hope the next episode is just as awesome!

    Great ending to season 3 :)
  • Who died in one of those exploding SUV's? Was it one of our beloved BAU members or was it Agent Kate Joyner from New York? Guess we'll have to wait and see ...

    Random shootings are taking place in public in various areas of New York City, most particularly the subways, and the unsub shows no sign of stopping the carnage. Agent Kate Joyner who heads up the New York Field Office is under a lot of pressure to keep her job and asks the BAU for help. Agent Joyner, we notice immediately, bears a striking resembelance to Hayley Hotchner, ex wife of Aaron and we also find out that if she doesn't uncover who is responsible for these random killings, she may well lose her job and it's none other than Derek Morgan who is at the top of the list to replace her!

    But back to the crimes. Several people are gunned down at random by an unsub wearing a hooded jacket. The number of killings escalates and the team as well as Agent Joyner are at a loss to figure out how they are going to apprehend the shooter. Enter the brilliance of Garcia when she uses CCTV footage, which has captured all the shootings, to unmask the fact that the shootings are being conducted by not one, not two and possibly not even three unsubs because she is able to measure the heights of the assailants and there are obviously serveral of them!

    Naturally, terrorism is the first thought and certainly the most obvious and logical as it's clear that the multiple unsubs are organised, fearless and not at all concerned about being seen. When Prentiss has to shoot one as he runs away from the latest attack, the BAU become even more convinced that it is a terrorist plot.

    Clearly, this case will take quite a bit of solving and as we see each member of the team climb into a standard issue Bureau SUV, (all on the screen at once to establish the fact that they are all indeed getting into the cars) and one of them explode into flames at the very end, we are left witrh our mouths opened wondering who is dead and will, therefore, not be back with us for Season Four? ...

    Matthew Gray Gubler had a great time with fans and journalists after the finale stating that if he happened to be the Executive Producers, he would definitely have one of the main characters die in the explosion! Now we have to wait for several months to find out who will be mourned and who will return to our favorite show. Stay tuned!
  • BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! When the SUV explodes, I went from chewing my finger nails to screaming 'NO NO NO' at the TV. I'm pretty sure I can prove two of the characters that weren't in the exploding SUV.

    BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! When the SUV explodes, I went from chewing my finger nails to screaming 'NO NO NO' at the TV. I'm pretty sure I can prove two of the characters that weren't in the exploding SUV. I read on that Prentiss died in the explosion because when she gets into her SUV you can see a one way sign in the corner and the same sign is in the exploding SUV scene. But I don't think so. Prentiss had gotten out of her SUV to talk to the police guy in front of the hospital then she went back to her SUV. There couldn't have been any more than 15 minutes between when she left the SUV and when she got in again. I don't know much about bombs but I think it would take more than 15 mins to rig a bomb into the ignition system of an FBI SUV. Same for JJ. Unless her and William got a little busy in the hotel room before they left, there couldn't have been enough time to rig the bomb. Also Prentiss and JJ are my favourite characters. To have them leave the show with no chance of a comeback is too horrible to consider. If that happens, I will get unsub on Chris Mundy's ass (the guy who wrote this episode). I'd say it's the English FBI agent that looks like Hotchner's ex wife who'll die. After all she would have an FBI SUV. Can't wait for the next season. I'll have no fingernails left :c(
  • What a g0)reat season finale! What an amazing cliffhanger!

    This was definitely an amazing episode, and I absolutely loved watching it. The storyline behind it waxs amazing, and I can't wait to see what happens in the next season's premiere.

    I quite enjoyed the fact that J.J. is pregnant. Great news for her, and I hope it all goes well for her!

    The case was intense, and it was gripping and enthralling for every single minute and second. They did a superb job with ti, and it really was a memorable one.

    I would highly recommend this one. It was brilliant and had all the characteristics of a great episode, and a sublime cliffhanger! Keep it up, Criminal Minds, as this is absolutely amazing television!
  • This show never stops delivering!!!

    What a way to end a very explosive season three. This season we have lost a team member, nearly had two others walked out, someone got shot, another person got pregnant, and now someone gets blown up, but luckily not killed. Whew!

    This episode had everything we could ask for in an episode of Criminal Minds. Great character involvement and acting. Prentiss did a fantastic job with the NYPD dude and I love the forced subtlety between Hotch and Kate Joyner. ANd the added scenes with Garcia and the woman guard were also a pleasant touch.

    The case was incredibly interesting and took so many turns I don't think I ever blinked. Who knows what words can describe that ending. I have my own thoughts on who got the lucky car, but that stays in my clever little head.

    The writers are brilliant. I can't think of a more constricting and clawing cliff-hanger
  • Who's car blew up on last nights episode?

    I think that it was Derek's vehicle. The vehicle that blew up was a Chevy Suburban.. It's not Reid as he was in a GMC. Emily & Derek both got into Suburbans; however, the Suburban that blew up had a license plate that was low & almost on the bumper but Emily's plate was placed high right below the Chevy symbol. That's why I believe it was Derek's vehicle that blew up.

    Well i wouldnt like anybody of the crew to die! But one will for sure! I cant wait until the next season will start and we will find out!

    The season final war really genious! For sure all peope who watched will have to see the new season, i just hate this waiting!!! and its still sooooooo long....ahhhh!! :)
  • All I have to say is WOW

    This was probably one of the best criminal minds episodes ever. I hate how they leave you hanging until the new season starts though. I hope that whosever car blew up wasnt killed or too seriously injured.I've heard that two people were injured in the explosion so it's someone from the team + a bystander or someone else in the car.

    This episodes plot was very good. There were new twists all the time and when they fiunally figure out that a terrorist cell is behind everything it gets that much more interesting becasue they havent really dealt with organized terrorists before. I can't wait for the next season to start.
  • An amazing season finale !

    This episode opens with a man catching a subway ride and everyone on the tube gives him strange looks. He gets off and asks for help with a map and no one offers to help. He is alone on the platform and BANG! Someone walks behind him and shoots him and keeps on walking. He has been killed in a split second. The case is passed onto Hotch. The team are going to New York and are taking Garcia with them. All victims had no connection to each other, and there are 5 victims so far. Kate (who is British) is helping the team, she looks exactly like Haley. They go into a private room her and Hotch and she asks him about Morgan. We see the killer dressing and getting ready to go out on the prowl for another victim. We see a man on the street and a man with a gun walks up to him and simply pulls a gun and walks off. The killer drops a card on him. Kate has an attitude with Morgan and we learn that she may be re-assigned if the case isn't brought home and he is on top of list to replace her. We learn that (due to height) there is more than one unsub. Will arrives to see JJ. Will says he doesn't want her on the case and she has to announce her pregnancy and he has asked her to marry him. Hotch seems a bit upset that she hadn't told him. Will wants her to stop going out in the field and perhaps to stop working altogether. The killers kill another victim which Garcia watches as it happens. It is discovered that another killer (a third one) is out there. Cooper and Emily see the killer killing another victim they chase after him and he shoots Cooper. Emily then shoots at the killer and he drops to the floor. They don't think the killer will live. They think that the killers are part of a terrorist cell. They hacked into one camera at every crime scene. JJ learns that Will is quitting his job. We see the entire cast getting into separate SVU's and one of them goes BOOM! It all happens at the same time. Who is dead?

    Overall a fantastic season finale, which left me with more questions than answers. Simply can't wait until the next season starts to air.
  • Season Three finale comes to an explosive conclusion.

    I have to admit that I missed this episode when it was first shown. It upset me a lot since CBS does not have Criminal Minds on video at their website.

    Wow! The storyline was compelling. Random shooting throughout NYC. The police are finally overwhelmed to the point of calling in the BAU. The team starts to narrow down the theories as the episode draws to a close. Throw in a change with one of the team member's private life and it made for a terrific finale that has fans waiting with bated breath for the premiere. The commercials have us all buzzing and postulating the solution to the mystery. We all cannot wait until Sept. 24th.

    ----------------------------------------------SPOILER ALERT------------------------------------

    The lady with the NYPD is from Scotland Yard and looks just like Hotch's ex wife Haley. Kate worked with Aaron in the past. She will lose her job if she cannot solve this case. Morgan will be offered the job if Kate fails.

    At the end, the team decides that the unsubs are terrorists in training, testing the response times of NYPD and the FBI.

    CBS is driving us crazy with the commercials, letting little bits of info out at a time. It is like dripping droplets of blood into shark infested waters. We are all dying to find out who was killed in the explosion. There is no way anyone could have survived that blast once they were in the SUV.

    However, the people getting hurt remind me of the unnamed crew members from Star Trek - none of the major characters are killed off.
  • Season Three Comes to an End

    I thought season three as a whole was actually very good. Rossi coming in was rocky at first, but once the writers calmed him down a bit in the show the actor that plays him was actually very good and I can't wait to see what they can do with him next year. The finale eas good, but it was not a "Fisher King" or "Evilituon of Frank" - nowhere anywhere close to the emotional tolls that those finales put on the rest of our characters. In terms of finales standalone formats tend to not work the best but Criminal Minds has always found a way to make their finales stand out above the rest of the standalone world. The ending of this one gives everyone something to talk about - granted I'm a season behind from watching this show live so I won't get to talk about it over the break. It's really hard to figure out who they would have done this too but I'm going to have to think that this was a trick just to make it seem like they have killed one of the main members. Rossi and Hotchner are safe - they are the stars of the show. Reid and Morgan make the show click with their performances in the field so they are also safe. This leaves all the women (this is going to come off horribly) - JJ, Prentiss, and Garcia. JJ is the most useless but I have a hard time they gave her all this extra screen time in the last couple of episodes with the new baby news and all that just to kill her off. Though that would 'personally motivate' the team more then anyone else dying. Prentiss is new, so unless she wants off the show I don't see them letting her go. She doesn't really provide much else though. Garcia is the only technical analyst that they have - though if they killed her they might try and replace her with Kevin. A lot of clever additions that make it seem like it could be anyone from the team. I'm going to have to go with one of the New York cops though without doubt. Either the guy that didn't want them there all along or the main woman who looks like Haley. My guess (in order) would be

    1. Haley Look-Alike
    2. New York Angry Cop
    3. Prentiss
    4. Garcia
    5. JJ

    Before the pregnant thing I would have said JJ without a doubt. I picked the Haley lady only because after they solve the case in 4x01 it will give Morgan the decision on if he should take that job or not.
  • wow..

    One of those episodes that totally leave me speechless. It was really doing well but with that end.. even more wow.

    I like the fast motion and tempo of this episode. They did not had any moment to rest and something was always happening, it was cleverly plotted and had amazing storyline - totally random killing, very intelligent unsubs.. and it all feels like there is a greater cause... and thing seems to get even more personal when BAU gets involved and team feels like the message left is from them..

    And the end.. a brilliantly plotted - a major boom and we have no idea whose car it was.. or they all have bombs but one just find it out before? A brilliant season ending.. I liked it much more than last season's.
  • shocking...

    one of the best is filled with action, attitudes and keeps you on the edge of the seat.
    morgan is pretty displeased with the whole SSA joyner situation and tells Hotch a piece of his mind (and in a way i think he was right), with strange results - hotch tells him off, but joyner takes his advice into account and puts people on the streets. however, it seems you can't contain terrorists so the whole thing blows out of proportion.
    the final scene is simply breath-taking...all the members getting into a black SUV then one of them blows up...fantastic (in a morbid kind of way)....i can't wait to see what happens next! staying tuned to season 4
  • Fabulous ending. The use of the vehicles was perfect and you could see the explosion coming, but who was in the SUV? At the moment just before the end, you were ready, but only then did you realize what had happened. Y

    Fabulous ending. The use of the vehicles was perfect and you could see the explosion coming, but who was in the SUV? At the moment just before the end, you were ready, but only then did you realize what had happened. You have no idea which vehicle blew up. I thought the original season enders had all been used. Now we can speculate all summer if a cast member is leaving, or if there will be some miraculous escape from the exploding vehicle. I am really looking forward to the start of next season and the resolution of this mystery.
  • Perfect Season End

    When Will shows up at the office and Hodge finds out that J.J. is going to have a baby, the look on his face was perfect, like he really did not know. When Will sent his badge to J.J. to show her he was willing to give up his job and move to be with her and marry her it was the sweetest moment of the episode. My favorite part was when at the end of the episode you see all the members of the BAU getting into matching black SUV's... then BOOM... and thats it. It was the perfect cliff hanger and the perfect end to the episode and the season.
  • Very gripping and a very nerve-wracking ending to a season, something to look forward to finding out in season 4.

    This season finale of Criminal Minds was very gripping. Its a pitty we need to way till the next season to find out what happens next.

    Would have liked it to be more conclusive, but then again that wouldnt be a season finale, just hoping that Spencer Reed and Hotchner are still around.

    Its about time they got this type of story line for a criminal minds episode or 2, usually its all just people cutting others up or going on mental rampages.

    Do not want to miss the season opener after this.

    Criminal Minds, bring season 4 on! :) Looking forward to it, cant wait!!!
  • Array

    This episode kept me interested all the way through. From the baby news coming out to the whole team, the engagement of JJ, to the last minute of the show, every part of this episode reminded me just why I watch this show to begin with. This is one cliffhanger that I don't mind waiting for the outcome. I hope this show has a long run in its future. Although it's still a young show, the profiling is intelligent and compelling. Many of the scenes can be violent but so is the outside world that this show is trying to portray.

    Good job on the Season Finale, it was HOT!

    ~Jenna Bunny~
  • I was geared up to watch the season finale, and damn what a way to end season three. Us fans have to sit for 4 months and guess with anticipation on who blew up!!?? What A way to end the season!! Another great installment!!

    I was geared up to watch the season finale, knowing I'll have to wait til next season to see it again. But, with a cliffhanger like they had oh damn!! HOLD ON to your seats!! It's going to be an intense summer waiting for the new season and what a way to end it!! If you haven't seen it you missed out on one incredible episode!! If you want to see it and missed it, go to and watch it you won't be disappointed!! All I can say is WOW!! I'm speachless, and anticipating for the return of Criminal Minds!!
  • One serial killer, two serial killers, three serial kilers, and still much more!

    I have to be honest. I haven't been keeping up with the show that much this year. However, I felt that I could not miss this episode and what do you know, I'm one hundred precent happy that I did not miss this show!

    In New York City, a serial killer is roaming around and is killing people in plain sight. The team is sent in to stop him, but then another killer appears on the scene, and then another! Little does the team know, they have stepped into a case that is very... very dangerous. The danger becomes perfectly clear when one of the agents's trucks blows to kingdom come with one of them in it! But who was it?

    Yeah... there's been a lot of cliffhangers in many other shows this year which is why this episode is not getting a perfect score. However, that does not change the fact that this episode is a perfect example of incredible twists and shocking moments that will leave you on the edge of your feet. Even though you would have seen the ending coming a mile away, you will still be shocked.
  • Well, I have studied the tapes of the show, like a good profiler would do, and know for certain who is NOT blown up.

    The vehicle that blew was a late model Chevy Suburban (but not a brand new one - 2007 or 2008 model). How do I know this? The back headlights had the yellow turn signal on top of the light structure.

    Reed got into a GMC truck, so it is not his car.

    Garcia got into a new Suburban (2007 or 2008), so it is not her's either (the rear tail lights have red on top, not yellow).

    Prentiss also got into a new Suburban, and her license plate was G32 968N2.

    The plate of the vehicle destroyed ended in D4NT, so it could not have been Prentiss's vehicle either.

    That leaves Dave, Morgan, JJ and Hotch. Since we did not see the detail in vehicles they entered, we can't know which one of them it was.

    I've read elsewhere that none of the crew is leaving the show, but one of them is injured in the blast.

    Best guess is that the Suburban that blew was one that none of them were in, except perhaps Will. We don't see Will getting into a vehicle when he says goodbye to JJ, but if anyone has been killed, I would guess it is him, leaving JJ to raise her child on her own.
  • They BAU figures out there is group of terrorists trying to get the to the BAU members who respond to their random shootings. Then we see the BAU members getting into their respective black SUV's. Then a black SUV gets blown up. Was someone in that SUV?

    Okay, now this just settles it for me. If the writers are so sick that they kill JJ who is pregnant and happy about being pregnant and engaged to a nice guy who loves her who is happy too about the coming baby, that sucks.

    And God forbid they should kill them both when they are so excited about picking out baby furniture, In that case, the writers really do need to get some help because that would just be sick, sick, sick. And if they kill her boyfriend, that would be SICK TOO. I realize there is a logistics problem with him in New Orleans and JJ in Quantico, but there are other solutions besides killing her boyfriend off and really creative writers could come up with another way - like what's wrong with Will moving to quantico and finding work there???

    If they kill JJ, that is totally unforgivable. As a matter of fact, if they kill any member of the BAU, I for one am not watching this progam ever again. Honestly, not even real policemen get killed percentage wise all that often, and this is a group of profilers. It is very doubtful that profilers are routinely put in much PHYSICAL danger. They just have to go down into the mental, mucky gutter and figure out how someone who commits an unspeakable crime thinks so they can outsmart the unsub. They don't get picked off like frickin' flies and while the job no doubt takes a mental toll, they are probably not in that much physical danger that often.

    I realize that for the sake of T.V., they have to put a gun on everyone's hip - even JJ's - the PR girl - which probably wouldn't happen in real life, so okay....that's a bit of a stretch, but I suppose it makes the show more exciting. But don't start knocking off the good guys. So far, they can redeem that car blow up by having it be an empty car. That's what I'm hoping. If some member of the cast wants to go elsewhere and quit Criminal Minds, for God's sake, do what the BAU probably does in real life. They probably resign. It is disturbing (and not very believable either)that people leave the BAU by getting snuffed out!!!
  • OMG what a season finale. Someone gets blown up. But who? Mayor cliff hanger.

    I can say this is the best cliff hanger from all the shows I watched the finale of so far. Just mind blowing amazing and MAYOR. I want to know so bad who was blown up in the end. And who won't return next season to CM.

    I just really hope that no one from the team got blown up but I have a bad feeling about that.

    I like the story behind the idear from the finale and I thing that it will contiune in season 4. Hoefully for more than 1 or 2 eps.

    And I'm happy that we got so see Will again and what's going on with him and JJ.
  • Can a season final be any more exciting?

    Wow what a way to end a great season. It was a short season, but they seem to be taking this show places. The season final has everything to offer, suspense, people die (7?) and ofcourse they have to end with the ever so nasty, Cliff Hanger. This seasons cliff hanger is Big. Massive. So big, i should've watched it with the australian television timetable, so when they got to the season final i would be able to watch season 4 and not have to wait so long. Thsi episode, was awesome.some words that describe this episode (and some for those who haven't seen it in full yet) Trains, 22.,hot guys (definatly something to look forward to), intense, hectic, perfect, Edge of your seat,abFab ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
  • I just hope this isn't the season finale because I can't wait I wanna know who was the one being blown up.

    But if this is the season finale I guess I will be waiting to find out who was blown up in their car. I do have some sort of idea who it might be because I have DVR so I replayed the last scene over and over until I could pin point who it might be by the surrounding of each BAU member was in. But besides that this was a well put together show and having to wait to find out whats going on will kill me. I just don't like when shows end with a bang and then you have to wait for months before everything is revealed.
  • What a Season Finale should be.....

    Finally, of all the season finales this season, Criminal Minds was one of the few that got it right. It was a great script. Lots of questions regarding what the team is dealing with in regards to the unsubs. We also have some conflict from within the team, which is a nice twist, not surprising. It was not stop. Which was great. The script as a whole was incredible. The team, as well as myself really didn't know what they were up against until the last few minutes and then to leave us hanging the way they did, it was just what a cliffhanger is supposed to due, have you count the days until the season premiere.
  • Fast, sharp and virtually non-stop action. What a way to finish the season!

    I didn't want to blink during this amazing episode. The writers really outdid themselves in weaving together this story. The BAU team was so meshed together and tight, each of the characters using all of their acting chops. The slow unfolding of the unsub(s) motive was masterfully done. The suspense never let up. Garcia was teriffic as she expertly worked out the meaning of the endless images before her. The team works so well together, it is a real pleasure to watch them in action. The ending scene was masterful as it built to the horrible realization of the viewer that something terrible was going to happen. When it did, it was an out loud "OH #*$&#(@0" moment for me. Waiting for the season four opening episode will be hard, but, I have a strong feeling, well worth waiting for!
  • One heck of a finale!

    This had to include not just one heck of a finale but took it to newer heights as well as a greater level. We will learn how JJ tells the other team about her soon to be not-so big secret, that will have an everlasting effect on them. A killer or even a team of them will bring the team to it's knees. As they have to figure it out before the killer(s) figure it out for them. As the team reacts to JJ's news, it is Hotch, who does take it the hardest as that is JJ's boss. Couldn't stand that lady who tried to take the case away from the team. The team presses hard into teamwork, which I am glad about. Hopefully Rossi will kind of warm up in his second season cause I couldn't stand him pretty much until the end, when he was warming up a bit.
  • The last 30 seconds are THE MOST intense!!

    The way this episode was written and played out will keep the discussion going all summer long!! From the beginning, the intensity level kept climbing. With each new scene, it seemed like a new twist was being added. I love that Garcia was finally able to get some "field time". JJ's big reveal - no wait - Will's BIG reveal and the team's reaction to the news was good, but Hotch's reaction to the news was even better. He looked hurt - almost betrayed - by the way in which he found out about JJ's news. The anger and frustration that Morgan felt at losing another innocent victim all due to Kate Joyner's 'it's MY case and I'm in charge' ego/attitude which led to his 'blow-up' with Hotch. Finding out that the UNSUB has taken cold-blooded to an entirely new level. Learning that, in all actuality, they are dealing with more than one UNSUB. The best part of this episode?? The last 30 seconds!!!! The way it was played out, you just KNEW something was going to happen. Then it does!! Fade out . . . And now we are left to speculate and theorize on the WHO and the WHY until the new season starts!!!! For me, this finale ROCKED!!
  • You can call it a real bad cliffhanger

    What an episode. I really loved JJ and Will together and how everyone reacted when she told them she is pregnant. These were some sweet and great scenes. And of course that Will quit his job for JJ and the baby. He really is a great lover and will be a great daddy. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't JJ's car at the end. So please don't let it be her car!!!
    Another great moment was Prentiss and how she profiled the officer. Last week it was Hotch who showed how awesome the team is in profiling other people, this time it was Emily. I really love it when they do this. I can't wait 'til next season. Just wanna know what car it was and which team member will (maybe) be dead. Don't wanna lose JJ, Emily, Garcia, Reid or Derek. So come on don't let us wait such a long time ;)
  • Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

    Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. The tensions crafted between Hotch and Morgan, the introduction of a woman with whom Hotch seems to ally himself, and the way in which the writers toyed with a myriad of plausable story-lines - keeping the audience engaged - before finally revealing the plot before ending on a literally explosive note was increadible. I must admit that had the ending not been quite so dramatic I might not be as in favour of this episode as I am, but as it is the episode has made me more eager than ever for the next. I will be interested to see where the second part of the episode is taken.
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