Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 21, 2008 on CBS

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  • Who died in one of those exploding SUV's? Was it one of our beloved BAU members or was it Agent Kate Joyner from New York? Guess we'll have to wait and see ...

    Random shootings are taking place in public in various areas of New York City, most particularly the subways, and the unsub shows no sign of stopping the carnage. Agent Kate Joyner who heads up the New York Field Office is under a lot of pressure to keep her job and asks the BAU for help. Agent Joyner, we notice immediately, bears a striking resembelance to Hayley Hotchner, ex wife of Aaron and we also find out that if she doesn't uncover who is responsible for these random killings, she may well lose her job and it's none other than Derek Morgan who is at the top of the list to replace her!

    But back to the crimes. Several people are gunned down at random by an unsub wearing a hooded jacket. The number of killings escalates and the team as well as Agent Joyner are at a loss to figure out how they are going to apprehend the shooter. Enter the brilliance of Garcia when she uses CCTV footage, which has captured all the shootings, to unmask the fact that the shootings are being conducted by not one, not two and possibly not even three unsubs because she is able to measure the heights of the assailants and there are obviously serveral of them!

    Naturally, terrorism is the first thought and certainly the most obvious and logical as it's clear that the multiple unsubs are organised, fearless and not at all concerned about being seen. When Prentiss has to shoot one as he runs away from the latest attack, the BAU become even more convinced that it is a terrorist plot.

    Clearly, this case will take quite a bit of solving and as we see each member of the team climb into a standard issue Bureau SUV, (all on the screen at once to establish the fact that they are all indeed getting into the cars) and one of them explode into flames at the very end, we are left witrh our mouths opened wondering who is dead and will, therefore, not be back with us for Season Four? ...

    Matthew Gray Gubler had a great time with fans and journalists after the finale stating that if he happened to be the Executive Producers, he would definitely have one of the main characters die in the explosion! Now we have to wait for several months to find out who will be mourned and who will return to our favorite show. Stay tuned!