Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday Nov 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • A cannibilistic serial killer and Garcia gets shot.

    This episode showed a horrible serial killer who eats his victims and feeds them to everyone He also believes that Satan is protecting him from being caught which makes him easier to catch but he does get lucky a few times like when he got pulled over for speeding but the police officer drove away because he was called away The main part of this episode is when Garcia met a man when she helped fix his laptop and I knew there was something up with him and Morgan tried to tell her but she never listened and said he sucked At the end he dropped her off at her house and shot her. I hope the team will be able to catch him in the next episode.
  • Worst possible way of sharing.The thought of killing and eating the victims! Urgh! I can't forget the look on the priest's face when the unsub said "so as Tracey Lambert".They realized, then, that he was the cook who shared provided food during the rescue


    Worst possible way of sharing.The thought of killing and eating the victims! Urgh! I can't forget the look on the priest's face when the unsub said "so as Tracey Lambert".They realized, then, that he was the cook who shared provided food during the rescue

  • Just wanted to pause and send a thank you to for indlucing and sharing the song that was playing at the beginning of the episode within your show information.


    Just wanted to pause and send a thank you to for indlucing and sharing the song that was playing at the beginning of the episode within your show information.

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  • This very disturbed unsub had to be let out of a mental insitution when he turned 18. He killed and ate his victims and even managed to feed some human flesh to volunteers searching for victims. If I ever join a search party, I'm bringing my own food!

    Joe Mantegna as David Rossi has managed to win me over already in spite of the fact that I did not want Gideon to leave. Perhaps, it helped that they wrote in an expert returning from retirement. Joe Mantegna has been cast in the right role. Mandy was a hard act to follow, but Mantegna is pulling it off. This was an episode that makes any reasonable person wonder just how humane it is to let the truly "criminally insane" out of mental hospitals EVER for any reason. Perhaps the kindest thing we can do for someone who is really that "off" is keep them in a mental institution PERIOD. Anyone crazy enough to ever commit crimes that horrible should be locked up for life probably for their sake and definitely for the sake of society.

    Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Garcia got her feelings hurt even though Morgan was just trying to protect her. He could sense that she had a gut level feeling about some guy who had asked her out, so he told her to blow him off "if you think the guy is too smooth." Unfortunately, Garcia thought Morgan came to that conclusion (based on what little info she gave him) because she was not attractive enough for a really good looking guy to be interested in dating her. She didn't realize he probably gave her that advice because he could sense her discomfort.

    So out of hurt feelings she went against even her own instincts, and made a date with someone instead of trusting her gut like Morgan counseled. If she lives, she is going to feel really silly and definitely have to apologize to Morgan. If she dies, I'm never watching this program again.

    But she will live. They HAVE to write it that way or else they are idiots. Because Garcia has way too many fans to write her out of the show. I'm counting on her recovering completely and having a very red face next time she sees her good friend Morgan.
  • They should not have done that

    I really can not wait until next weeks episode. I can not believe that they would end an episode like that. Garcia is my favorite character on the show and I will be very disappointed if they kill her off. I thought that it was sad that Garcia would meet someone that would shoot her. I was sadden by Morgan that he would make Garcia feel bad about her self evan if he did not mean too. I thought that the main storyline for this episode was really disgusting someone being that sick to kidnapp someone and eat them it makes me gag just thinking about.
  • Waw....

    This case brought our favourite BAU agents to Florida. After the autopsy of the girl they dicover that the unsub had killed more when they found fingers of ten different women in the stomach of the first one. A creepy case but very well written. A quite Morgan-centric chapter. We discover that he is not comfortable in churches or around priests. There's another Morgan and Rossi confrontation...I still don't like Rossi. The Reid and JJ appear less than I wanted and Prentiss too. Penelope: She met a cute guy and he ask her out. She talks about that with Morgan what leads us to one of my favourite scenes of the chapter. When the superhot guy calls her, she says no and calls Morgan but he is quite unsensible with his words and Penelope ends upset and calling the guy. At the end of the chapter we see how the superhottie shoots Penelope. I have to confess that I cried: they cannot kill Garcia!! and then I thought: Morgan is gonna feel really bad....
    Great chapter! Don't miss it!
  • Jamie Kennedy -- WOW !

    I can't believe that was Jamie Kennedy. I didn't even recognize him. Also I can't believe Bailey Chase (Graham from Buffy) is a bad guy.

    This was a very intense episode because of the fact that the chase was on for a cannibal. I love the fact that we actually got some back story on the killer a little bit in the beginning.

    We also got more back and forth between Rossi and Morgan. These testerone junkies and going to go at it eventually. The good news was that Rossi's proding helped to Morgan back in church.

    I love the relationship between Garcia and Morgan and it was great to see it take a more prominent in this episode and I look forward to next week.
  • fabulous

    this was a fantastic episode. it actually scared me a bit and i did hide behind my hand every time the killer looked at the screen with those horrid eyes. the ending was great,poor garcia .i was hoping that her smoking hot guy would be the real deal but as we found out in the end the only thing smoking about him was the gun that he had just fired at her. i do hope that she pulls through because i would love to see her get together with morgan. now theres one hot smoking guy!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s love the new boss too
  • One scene does not make an episode "9.5"

    Overrated episode if I am being honest. It was a good case and still in the 8.5 range, but this is not the fourth best episode of Criminal Minds by a long shot. It is not even the fourth best episode of the third season of the show, which has hit back to back average episodes for me now. I thought the episode started well with the flashback of the unsub in the mental institution. I also liked the fact that the 'unsub' won in the end when he said that he had all ready killed the girl who everyone was looking for. Garcia meets a guy in a coffee shop and he turns out to - put a bullet into her chest at the end of the episode? I thought it was a very random end to the episode. I almost would like to have had it be a multiple episode arch with her actually dating the guy. It more or less looks like this was just a random shock thrown into the end of the episode to get everyone to drop their jaw. The next episode following this one is supposed to be the best episode of Criminal Minds ever - so let's see if the Criminal Minds team can pull it off.
  • Shocking story, even more shocking ending..

    Ok, I do not know.. It was one of those episodes what have good and shocking story, something you do not suspect in the first like what happened with that missing girl. Like my sister said to me after they caught the bad guy - "maybe you should stop now". Mm.. maybe I should have. Anyway, I continued and.. that was cruel.. and horrible..

    And ofcourse then is the end scene. I think for so many people that made this episode marvelous but to be honest, it was only couple of seconds.. it seems to be only the prelude to next episode.. and not so part of it..
  • While these episode was highly enjoyable to watch for the first 58 minutes of it...the ending really tanked as this is the SECOND female BAU member to get shot in the chest and almost die.

    While these episode was highly enjoyable to watch for the first 58 minutes of it...the ending really tanked as this is the SECOND female BAU member to get shot in the chest and almost die.
    Sorry writers...but can't you do something remember that the female viewers out number the males and what REALLY rivets us to the screen is when you have a good-looking guy like Morgan or Reid getting shot? I hated that ending so much I refused to watch the follow-on episode. Have not to this day. Love Garcia, but after all, she IS a support character IMO.
  • By Far the best episode yet!

    I just recently started watching Criminal Minds. I knew when it first aired that it was going to be an incredible series. However, I was not able to watch the series when it first aired due to conflicts with some of my other television programs that I was watching at the time. Criminal Minds has been in syndication on A&E and ION Television, and I have been able to catch up on the series from the beginning. What an incredible ride it's been! I was a little bit concerned when Mandy Patinkin (Senior SSA Jason Gideon) left the series (By the way No Way Out (2): The Evilution of Frank and Doubt were also great episodes!)but Joe Mantegna's character SSA David Rossi is beginning to grow on me. Anyway Back to the episode titled "Lucky". What can I say "Gripping" "Thrilling" "Horrifying" "Pure Evil!" Days later that episode remained vividly on my mind. Floyd Feylinn Ferell will scare the hell out of you! Guaranteed!
  • It was all systems go in this fantastic episode! The team must hunt a cannabalistic serial killer who was released from a mental institution when he turned eighteen and Garcia, against Morgan's advice, accepts a date with a stranger.

    This episode was excellent from start to finish. The two separate plots of the team doing what they do best - hunting and profiling criminals - and Garcia hopefully finding romance in her life blended perfectly together. Perhaps because, in a way, they weren't so different in content after all?

    A young man was released from a state mental hospital when he was 18 but clearly, that was a VERY bad decision as he has re-surfaced and is more sadistic than ever. It is found that he has made his victims eat the fingers of previous people he has brutally murdered. Surely though, the handsome young man who needs help with his computer in the coffee shop and whom Garcia gladly assists can't be up to no good, can he? After all, he seems nice enough, is good looking, and is so grateful for her help with his laptop that he invites her out for a meal. Strangely, Morgan is not impressed when he hears about this date and poor Garcia incorrectlu assumes that he is surprised that anybody would be interested in her.

    Turns out Morgan is just worried about a friend - and with good reason because after their dinner date, James Colby Baylor (not his REAL name, of course) shoots Garcia on her own doorstep! A very dramatic ending and sad because Garcia is always so warm and trusting that fans were outraged that someone could hurt her in that way. Stay tuned for next week's episode to find out if she survives and what in the world Baylor's motive was!

    Fantastic script and acting by everyone involved, and the next one is just as terrific so don't miss it!
  • The case was terrific and horrifying! Add the unexpected twist at the end, and thi s is a truly memorable episode!

    Criminal Minds stepped it up this week, after two average/decent episodes which weren't really memorable. This one though, certainly is memorable, because the case was truly vile and horrifying, and the killer was sick and twisted. One of the worst killers we have hd.

    I don't think I find nything mre disgusting than cannibalism, whilch is what made this episode horrifying for me. However, even more horrifying was the ending. The case had been solved and we had the last 3-5 minutes of the episode with people just talking and I was slowly but surely driftig into the realm of the subconscious, when something massive happens and I go wide awake and the credits start rolling!

    If you are reading this review before watching this episode, I won't spoil it for you, but the ending is something you cannot miss!

    I definitely would recommend this episdoe, although you might get a little revolted by the idea of cannibalism, just like me. Sublime episode, great acting, and I can not wait to see how things will culminate!
  • Incredible episode I loved every minute of it. The case of the serial killer who considers himself a Satanist was gripping. His methods horrible and not only do we see the horror of his killings but we find out he's a cannibal.

    Incredible episode I loved every minute of it. The case of the serial killer who considers himself a Satanist was gripping. His methods horrible and not only do we see the horror of his killings but we find out he's a cannibal. Wondering what would become of the victims was intense and his story had a shocking ending with one of the victims providing the meat for a stew. This performance was made all the more incredible by Jamie Kennedy being the actor. It was great to see a comedy actor do such an intense and serious role. This however wasn't the ending of the episode it ended with Garcia being shot by a man she met and went on a date with. It was so unexpected and we don't know if she was targeted or just a random psycho pick up. Great episode and like a perfect episode it makes us want to comeback for more but no matter the outcome this one be a series classic the shocking episode that Garcia was shot.
  • A man was in a mental hospital and was finally released when he turned eighteen. Appearently he was a satanist and had written about killing and eating women in very grusome details. He actually kills and eats the women.

    OMG! I absolutely love ths show, but this wpisode disturbed me. It now has me convinced that I will be kidnapped and eaten by a man similar to him. I can't believe that they would do this to me! I live in Florida where this show appearently has taken place and am now incredibly scared. I don't know if there really is a man out there like that but i sure don't want to find out. At the end of the show Garcia was shot?!? Thas insane!! I truely thought that the guy was a nice guy. Appearently I was wrong!! This episode was insane!!
  • The killer eats his victims and Morgan has issues!!

    I want to start by saying I actually like Rossi, he's mysterious and brings something different to the team. Its also great to watch him and Morgan on screen. Morgan had to contend with some of his old demons when Rossi put him up to talking to a priest, althought it was for his own 'personal development'
    Apart from the cannibal killer, the other storyline was Garcia and her date. It was obvious the guy was creepy when his laptop coinsidently crashed just as she was walking past. We got to see a vulernable/ emotional side to her when Morgan told her that maybe her date was too hot for her, she looked so hurt.Bless her.
    Did not see the end coming, it was really sick the way he hugged her then said "there's something i've wanted to do all night." then just shoots her. He was more evil than the cannibal killer!!!
  • The most sickening case they've done.

    Wow. I can count on one hand the number of times I've become nauseous watching a TV or movie. The case this week was absolutely sickening and made me feel ill, but it was one of the best episodes of the entire series.

    Rossi is fitting into the show nicely, so much so I prefer the character over Gideon. I noticed him closely observe a few of the members in this episode, I wonder if that means anything in particular or just a nice touch done for the sake of it.

    Fed her to the volunteers, I'm not going to forget that one anytime soon...
  • Definitely a great show. The ending was a shock; definitely ranks right up there with the Sopranos ending. Looking forward to next week's show. Bottom line...Garcia is key player and I hope the writers continue to include her in the series.

    It was an excellent episode a little more intense and graphic than usual but nevertheless it definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. !!!! Garcia's storyline was tremendous, however, she needs to survive. I never thought for a minute she would be shot. She's an integral part of the show and her interactions with Morgan adds a little spice. Rossi is very unassuming, quite knowledgable but somehow tends to cast lot of suspicion on himself. I'm not sure how his character will play out. At this point, I not feeling alot of camardrie with the team, I guess in time. Gideon's character was more nuturing where I find Rossi somewhat self absorbed. I get the impression he has an agenda other then being a profiler.
  • No not Gracia, well written and sickening to watch.

    I was sick during the whole show and way towards the end, he put the girls body in the soup and fed it to everyone, that is just so sick. Then to top it off they shoot Gracia, I'm gonna be so mad if she dies. She knew there was something strange with that guy, being that he was all hot and Gracia wouldn't attract someone like that, she should of known. But I like Gracia, she brings the jokes with her and Shemar flirting. I hope they catch the guy who shot her and I hope she doesn't die, her and Gideon gone on the show is just too much for me. But all together a well written episode.
  • awesome episode...

    Wow, this was a great episode. The team investigated the murders of about a dozen women which led to a crazy guy that was eating them! Wow, he was creepy! I loved the whole stuggle with the priest. I also thought it was halarious how the priest attacked the killer. Anyways, the case in this episode was interesting, creepy, and awesome. I didn't really like Garcia's part though. I guess I liked seeing a different side of her, but, other than that, I didn't like her story. I was really radom that the guy shot her. It almost seemed like the writers just wanted to shoot her and they didn't care how they did it. I know she probably won't die, because they're putting so much emphasis on it. Oh, it's seems that I'm liking Rossi more every episode I see. He's a very interesting character. Overall, awesome episode because of the character development and the case.
  • One shocking surprise in the end! To say the leat!

    Really shocking surprise at the end. But before we get to that. We see at last, Garcia go out on a date after Morgan tells her to trust her instincts. As she does go out. Also this episode really reminds me of Jeffrey Dahmer. As the killer eats his victims. As I found that so disgusting and gross. Make sure that you don't eat food when you see this epiosde. Morgan questions his faith as he lost his religion it seemed as a kid. OK, I will admit that Rossi was a bit better in this episode than the last two shows. As he is warming up. But I still feel that he has a long way to go before he holds a candle to Gideon. Sadly the date that Garcia didn't go well. Her date shot her in the chest as she is now hanging onto dear life. Very shocking episode.
  • Easily one of the top five

    I must admit that with Jason Gideon's departure, and David Rossi's entrance, I wasn't sure how the dynamics would play out. I found myself slightly disappointed with Rossi's inaugural episode, but this is perhaps in part to my holding the series to very high standards, given how great it has been to date.

    This episode will go down as one of my favourites for a number of reasons; it featured an unsub unique to those we have seen thus far, it was a departure from "the norm" in that the girl kidnapped from the park washroom was not saved by the team, and finally, it delved more deeply into the life of a character who is usually on the periphery of any storyline - Garcia. It also gave the viewers a glimpse into another profiler's potentially troubled past. Furthermore, I think that Rossi is really beginning to prove himself and stand out as a unique member of the team.

    I cannot wait for the conclusion! In particular, I'm extremely intrigued over Garcia's mystery evil-doer...
  • :-O OMG !!!! What the hell ????

    The 2 big stories on this episode was the guy that was killing women and Garcia's date.

    So, the plot about the guy that they eventually found out was eating girls was great, scary, sickenning great. I was surprised to see Jammie Kennedy in that role, since he always do funny stupid stuff.

    Was cute to see Morgan being jealous os Garcia, but, since the first moment i saw that guy i knew he was not a good thing.

    Was nice to see Morgan getting "growing up" with all those church/religion problems he had.

    Overall was a very good episode, just kinda disgusting.

    And what will happend to Garcia ?????
  • Disgusting and shocking all the way through.

    It's rare for me to be grossed out at anything, but this episode did it. In all of my research of serial killers, cannibalism is the only thing that has really made me sick to my stomach. This episode did the same thing, but the exciting twists made it great. Close to the end when the killer revealed that he had put parts of his victim in food for a party was totally unexpected, I never saw anything like that coming. The psychotic character was also interesting in conversation with Derek.

    Derek talking about his lack of faith in god was also interesting to hear. I wasn't able to disagree with what he said at all.

    The end shocked me, even though I knew something was going to happen to her. I can't wait to see what happens next week, it looks great.
  • The killer eats his victims, and Garcia is shot.

    This is the best episode of the season thus far.

    Morgan and Rossi continue to challenge each other or feel each other out. Morgan tests Rossi to see if he is capable of being a team player, and Rossi tries to make Morgan uncomfortable.

    Morgan dealt with his lack of faith in God this episode, as he discussed his molestation with the priest. He also dealt with an angry Garcia who was angry because Morgan did not seem to think she was capable of hooking a hottie.

    I guess she should of took Morgan's advice. Garcia was shot at the last moment in the episode. I hope she will be fine, because I like her character. I wonder what the possible motivation would be for shooting her.

    The serial killer was really twisted in this episode. He served the victim up as food to her search party. Talk about psychotic nerve.
  • From the get go, I was creeped out and on the edge of my seat.

    Okay, as gross as the concept of this episode was I loved the script. I thought the aspect of a nut case getting release from the institution because he turns 18, who was the genius that thought of that idea. Now I liked how Rossi had some insight. The script was great how they intertwined the church and the serial killer satantic thoughts. Derek and Rossi are right, he isn't working alone. I loved the friction between Penny and Derek. Definitely a different aspect. One that bears scrunity. Especially after being left to wonder if Penny makes it to the next episode.
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