Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • This very disturbed unsub had to be let out of a mental insitution when he turned 18. He killed and ate his victims and even managed to feed some human flesh to volunteers searching for victims. If I ever join a search party, I'm bringing my own food!

    Joe Mantegna as David Rossi has managed to win me over already in spite of the fact that I did not want Gideon to leave. Perhaps, it helped that they wrote in an expert returning from retirement. Joe Mantegna has been cast in the right role. Mandy was a hard act to follow, but Mantegna is pulling it off. This was an episode that makes any reasonable person wonder just how humane it is to let the truly "criminally insane" out of mental hospitals EVER for any reason. Perhaps the kindest thing we can do for someone who is really that "off" is keep them in a mental institution PERIOD. Anyone crazy enough to ever commit crimes that horrible should be locked up for life probably for their sake and definitely for the sake of society.

    Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Garcia got her feelings hurt even though Morgan was just trying to protect her. He could sense that she had a gut level feeling about some guy who had asked her out, so he told her to blow him off "if you think the guy is too smooth." Unfortunately, Garcia thought Morgan came to that conclusion (based on what little info she gave him) because she was not attractive enough for a really good looking guy to be interested in dating her. She didn't realize he probably gave her that advice because he could sense her discomfort.

    So out of hurt feelings she went against even her own instincts, and made a date with someone instead of trusting her gut like Morgan counseled. If she lives, she is going to feel really silly and definitely have to apologize to Morgan. If she dies, I'm never watching this program again.

    But she will live. They HAVE to write it that way or else they are idiots. Because Garcia has way too many fans to write her out of the show. I'm counting on her recovering completely and having a very red face next time she sees her good friend Morgan.