Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday Nov 14, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Morgan: An inverted pentagram...
      The photo of the first victim (Abby Kelton) shows one point of the pentagram is directed to her head (up), making it a straight pentagram. The same can be seen on the body of the victim found in the church, Maria Lopez. In both cases, the pentagrams have a small inclination, but the orientation is unequivocal.

    • Floyd Feylinn Ferell initials are FFF, and F is the sixth letter in the alphabet. Thus, his numerical name would be 666 (666 is the sign of the devil).

    • One of the posters the young unsub has in his hospital room is a print of Francisco Goya's painting "Saturn Devouring One of His Children."

  • Quotes

    • Father Marks: God is inside of all of us.
      Floyd Feylinn Ferell: (grinning demonically) So is Tracey Lambert.

    • Father Marks: So how long has it been, Agent Morgan?
      Morgan: I'm sorry?
      Father Marks: Since you've been in God's house. Priests and dentists can spot an overdue customer a mile away, so how long has it been?
      Morgan: I didn't come here to talk about myself.
      Father Marks: Occupational hazard. My apologies.

    • JJ: Everything below the waist had been eaten.
      Rossi: Ah, the circle of life.
      Prentiss: Suddenly I don't feel so guilty about my alligator wallet.

    • Rossi: ...I was just giving you a chance for personal growth.
      Morgan: I get you, Dave. You're not a mystery to me, man. They said you couldn't interview serial killers. You did. They said you couldn't put together a profiling team. You did. They said there was no way in hell you would ever come back here. You did. It's in your nature, Rossi. It's who you are.
      Rossi: Well, if you knew all that, why would you tell me you didn't want to talk to the priest?
      Morgan: I was giving you an opportunity for personal growth.

    • Morgan: What?
      Prentiss: When a woman tells a man about her feelings, she doesn't want him to fix her. She wants him to shut up and listen.

    • Morgan: Good morning, Princess.
      Garcia: Good morning.
      Morgan: Pump… your brakes. Every day I say "good morning." Every day you say, "I'll show you a good morning, Hot Stuff." Every day. Not today?
      Garcia: I hate profilers. Do you know that?

    • Colby: Uh, um… James… James Baylor. My friends call me Colby.
      Garcia: Penelope. Garcia. My friends call me wonderful. Or Garcia.

    • JJ: So killer satanic cults don't exist, but satanic serial killers do?
      Rossi: "Lasciate ogni speranza, ch'intrate."
      JJ: Well, thanks for clearing that up.
      Reid: It's from Dante's Inferno. "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here."

    • Garcia: Ah, that guy from the coffee shop asked me out, and I took your advice and I blew him off.
      Morgan: Oh, um, well good, smart move! Something was definitely wrong with him.
      Garcia: (sarcastically) Wow, you are some profiler. You could tell how wrong he was from what little I told you.
      Morgan: Garcia, I didn't mean…
      Garcia: I wonder, was it that he was too handsome or too interested in me that tipped you off on how wrong he was?
      Morgan: Garcia…
      Garcia: Just because you wouldn't cross a crowded room to hit on me does not mean that a more perceptive, less superficial guy wouldn't. Hey, Derek, you want snappy? You suck!

    • Rossi: He doesn't kill because he believes in Satan. He believes in Satan, because he kills.

    • Garcia: I'm not the girl men see across a smoky bar and write songs about.

    • Morgan: 16th century English novelist Thomas Deloney wrote, "God sends meat and the Devil sends cooks."

    • Morgan: "Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters." Francisco Goya

  • Notes

    • The song heard at the beginning and end of the episode was "Sittin' in the Dark" by Louis Armstrong.

  • Allusions

    • JJ: (to Hotch) I hear you. I saw The Exorcist.

      This is a reference to the 1973 Academy Award-winning horror movie, The Exorcist, about the demonic possession of a young girl and a priest trying to save her.

    • Reid: It's from Dante's Inferno, "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here."

      Rossi quotes from Dante's "Inferno," part one of three canticas in his Divine Comedy, an epic poem in which Dante is taken on a journey of hell and purgatory by the Roman poet Virgil, and heaven by Beatrice. Rossi uses the original Italian (Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate) and Reid imperfectly translates the line into English. The original, line 9 from canto iii, is: "All hope abandon, ye who enter here." It is probably one of Dante's best-known lines.

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