Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 9

Magnificent Light

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 28, 2012 on CBS

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  • Magnificent Light

    The unsub suffers from Synesthesia, a very rare and interesting disorder....
  • note to writers

    love Garcia sometimes she needs to be more natural like in the 5 previos season: love her perky person, sometimes she needs tobe less exageratewith gestures, but is the light of the show
  • Magnificent Light

    An interesting case here, and while not totally original, there was not the usual feeling of "we've been here before" in my mind throughout the entire show. That was fine, but a bit too storyline devoted at the end. Not really interested in hearing about Shemar Moore's daddy issues.
  • 8x09 - Evil Words

    I really enjoyed this episode. I really like unsubs who are people who think they're doing the right thing because of something inside them twisting their reality into something which doesn't jive with the rest of us. The use of synesthesia was a brilliant touch as was the play on words of 'See their Evil'.

    I also liked it how the kidnapped guy was able to keep himself under control and used his public speaking skills to try to get the guy to stop. Usually the victims are freaking out so I liked getting a relatively calm one.
  • Shoddy

    Another poor episode in the tradition of season 7. Unlike the previous episode, which I also considered poor, this one did not have the feel of an unfinished script: rather, the script was just bad. The beginning profiling sequence in the BAU almost had me in tears; Morgan's idea that the killer simply got the phrase wrong and Blake's suggestion that he had been a non-native English speaker were about the most far fetched ideas possible when confronted with the phrase "See Your Evil, Hear Your Evil" - in fact, Blake's suggestion had me thinking, more than anything else, that nobody on the CM writing staff had ever buckled down and learned a new language.

    The plot was lazy and not at all like the original erotomania episode, season 1's "Broken Mirror". It reminded me more of "The Performer", another atrocious episode in which the writers tried to convince us of how hard it was for the famous person, and the level of importance to which they gave him: Garcia's sudden obsession with him was a very lazy way to try and convince the audience he was talented. I found myself thinking Garcia unprofessional, which I never do as I dearly love her, but she should not have been spending so much time consuming his products when she could have been helping catch the unsub. This was out of character for Penelope, as I know she would care more about the victims than to waste her time on trivialities such as this.

    Barry Flynn himself was a very shallow character. Considering how much screen time he got (I personally would have preferred watching the team) he should have had far more depth. The acting on the part of most of the guest actors was poor bordering on wooden, and even the main cast really struggled to keep scenes from sinking. This makes me very sad to say, as I know they all are very capable actors. However, even the most talented actor can only do so much with a dreadful script. Kirsten Vangsness was, in the end, the star of the show; as she was the only member of the cast that gave a good performance all the time, even with the terrible writing she had to work with.

    I fail to understand what Great Britain had to do with Morgan's father's former parter, or with 9/11 at all. As a non American, I've seen this many times: a complete misunderstanding of culture outside the States. The dinner at the end had me fairly groaning; the cultural mistakes were so bad. The director may have thought it a cute and quirky reward for fans, but I found Morgan's car a fairly out of character inclusion. Derek Morgan is not Shemar Moore; Morgan, I think, would enjoy driving powerful cars occasionally, but would settle for a standard up market Audi or Mercedes Benz, perhaps more powerful than average, with a 6 cylinder engine and maybe a turbo engine, but nothing like the one he drove to the dinner. The director would also do well to remember that the BAU are not actors and do not earn as much as their realistic counterparts. I believe Morgan may be the richest character besides Rossi, due to his property work on the side, but I do not believe him wealthy enough to own that car.

    All in all, I almost cheered in relief at the end, because if we had not caught a glimpse of the mysterious photographer I would have thought this episode a complete waste of my time. I pray next week's will be better. I know the writers have the ability; I don't understand why they only choose to show it every few episodes.

    EDIT 1st December 2012: Thanks Jennifer for pointing out my mistake with the car. I retract that part. I think I was feeling so frustrated by the episode I was not paying the close attention I usually give CM by the end there :)
  • Last scene with the mystery man - the best part

    Was seriously going to only give this episode a 7 but the mystery photo guy made the rating go up... The case wasn't brilliant but again not too bad... Agree with the other reviewers who talked about Garcia's obsession being unnatural... Overall either the last ep's have been boring or I've been losing interest cos after Fallen the episodes have not been good enough for me...

    Btw does anyone know if the amputee shown at the end was one of the old victims or a new one... Is this mystery guy imitating the team's cases this season??? Just a thought
  • Even though it's not as good- it's still the best!!! (more Moore, please!)

    *Glad Jennifer pointed out that it was Flynn's car-

    that was the only real flaw in that other review- getting the ownership incorrect :)

    *I have to totally agree with Rivqah- The years have gotten progressively worse- and yet it still manages to be one of the most interesting hours on television.

    I did likewise cringe when the suggestion was made that English wasn't the killers first language- that sounded as if it were forced into the script by non-writers-

    it made zero sense- unless it was to make people like us think we were smarter than the BAU

    Even *I* could see that's not what it meant.

    My favorite part is usually the Derek/Penelope interaction too- but the ending just killed it-

    no WAY someone as hip as Penelope would have handed over $50 for those CDs- at the very least she would have burned them herself! I found it completely unbelievable to watch her sip from that mug- they didn't need to add the merchandising when a simple thank you -here's my car for a day- would have done nicely. No complaints about Morgan in a tux, hope there's more where that came from!!! Or -out of the tux =) , either way, no complaints !!!

    Spencer's hair was awesome tho- finally!- not too Bieber- not too Jersey Shore :)

    And Blake is starting to grow on me as well- she's the first brunette Agent that has!

    I hope the writers stay put, though. They really have assembled the best staff in network television. (well 1st season- with Patinkin delivering the lines had the BEST) but this crew is still great!

    I am so picky about dialogue and plot lines- and yet this show wins *my* Emmy for writing ;)

    It can't be easy trying to find unique motivations for the un-subs after so many shows either... I bet the writers for this show have a support group with the writers charged with the Simpsons' weekly couch gags.
  • Should Have Been Obvious...

    I just want to point out that the car was Flynn's, not Morgan's. The envelope Penelope gave him along with the box of motivational CDs had the keys in it.

    I do hope they don't string us along with the shadowy figure all season though. Also, when are we going to find out more about Spence's mystery lady?
  • Dress-up Time

    Really enjoyed the motivational speaker theme showing the good and bad results. Best of all though was the Morgan/Garcia interaction. She always manages to permeate his tough exterior and in this case proved his major motivator. These two really get each other.

    And WOW - Morgan in hisTux, and Garcia looking magnificent at the dinner! Beautiful people. But alas, a creepy crawler prevails sneaking off with Morgan's wine glass. Great ep-keep it goin.
  • Morgan Garcia tux fast car crazy unsub

    clip of final 5 min Morgan Garcia / Seeing the creepy unknown unsub taking Morgan glass posting stuff on his own wall of weird of BAU team . Very good episode last night
  • Brilliant and 'magnificent'!

    This was a unique episode and a very exciting one! Firstly, I loved Raphael Sbarge as the unsub! I have recently enjoyed seeing him on Once Upon A Time as Jiminy Cricket, so it is kinda funny to think Jiminy Cricket became a serial killer. :P

    There were a lot of elements to this episode that were extremely unique - such as the unsub 'hiring' a partner for a brief spell, and also turning a victim into an accomplice/partners. It was a unique set of dynamics running through the episode.

    I was happy to see Alex Blake doing her linguistics thing - she hadn't really done it yet but it was nice to see something different, even though it was kinda lame since she just talked about the unsub potentially not having English as the first language when it turned out not to be the case.

    Anyway, she was better today.

    Penelope Garcia was at her impeeccable and amazing best today! She was SO funny throughout this episode! One of her best episodes, in my opinion!

    And a VERY interesting scene at the very end! Wow, there is a serial copycat or somethign, and he likes expensive British wine glasses. :P