Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 13

Magnum Opus

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 23, 2013 on CBS

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  • Reid finds it hard to cope with the death of Maeve.

    While the BAU are investigating a serial killer that drains the blood from his victims they are a man short because Reid is finding it hard to cope with the death of Maeve and hasn't said anything to anyone in two weeks However when the team needed his help in the case he wanted to help them and it lead to them finding the killer The unsub used the blood to paint his victims but when his art was turned down he taken his next victim but the team was able to stop him Its good to see that Reid is now back for the next episode after he was struggling with the death of Maeve.
  • almost the end??

    is there only 14 episodes this season??
  • Have the writers ever been out of LA?

    This is a general Criminal Minds nitpick review, so don't read it if you don't want to. It is just this: There are NO Cable cars in San Francisco's Mission district. Why does this matter? Because it is not the first time the writers have made up a detail that is silly. Why refer to the Mission if you are going to throw a Cable Car reference in there. There are plenty of other places that have a night life in SF. But more, I have heard many such little mistakes on this show, be it about California, DC, NYC etc. If you are going to name a place, at least get it right. It is hard to believe that the writers have never been to SF or NYC (or can't consult a map, or, heaven forbid, look something up). General rant about lazy writing, brought on by the first "meeting".
  • Excruciatingly pedestrian

    This episode had everything that had me considering quitting the fandom over the Christmas break: gore favoured over plot, writing full of holes, and a bland, uninteresting unsub. Why have the writers allowed this to go on so long? Small pockets of dialogue within the episode tell me they have the ability, but not the will to see it through.

    I very much enjoyed last week's music choice - I have been thinking for a while that CM needs to put more effort into this aspect. It takes away from the power of the episode when I can pinpoint which other episodes used the same tracks and where - I find it very distracting. This week was just more of the same.

    This episode was reminiscent in plot of Season 1's "Plain Sight" and "Blood Hungry". In "Plain Sight" we saw the unsub position his deceased victims in such a way that they were facing him - the telephone serviceman climbing the poles. In "Blood Hungry" the team spoke of how exceedingly rare any form of cannibalism is - including drinking blood - and how out of his mind the unsub would have to be to do it. This episode held none of the factors which made those episodes good, and the team jumping to "vampirism" was such a leap from the evidence of an organised killer that I almost laughed.

    Where is the variety? Week after week we are asked to sit through the same unsub kill the same victims again and again. They're always sadistic, played by poor actors who are more there for looks and the "popular actor" byline than for any actual substance. The unsub is always revealed too early. They always have an unsuspecting friend who becomes a victim. This is supposed to shock us - how can he hurt his friend? But after seeing it time and again I only feel one thing - boredom as my predictions come to pass.

    Major props to Kirsten Vangsness. Less attentive viewers may not notice the subtle English influence leaking into her dialogue - not only with her use of the word "mobile" - which not only is an English term, but was also pronounced with a strangled English-American accent that was clearly not quite used to the word on her tongue - but also her pronunciation of the word "all", somewhere early on. This delivery was also English influenced, and I just love the work she has put in to give that little extra spice to her character - and is she ever good at it!

    I have recently myself had a friend who has suffered a loss, and Reid was displaying many of the danger signs of slipping from grief into major depression. The team, professional profilers, did not do enough to investigate his behaviour. Were my friend to be refusing visitors, sitting alone in a dark room, failing to eat (as evidenced by the hampers left outside) or failing to take care of her/himself (as evidenced in his dishevelled, unshaven appearance later in the episode), I would have sought out professional help immediately. It was not safe for the team to leave him like they did with the evidence with which they were presented, especially with Reid's family history and history of drug use. He could barely summon the energy to bang on the door when Garcia and JJ were rightly worried - a clear, even screaming, warning sign. The team should have recognised this, and I'm angry with the writer for not realising this.

    The writers also seem to have forgotten that Reid was shot in the arm last episode. Maybe this episode is a couple of months later, but when he was shot in the leg there was far more reference to the injury... I am well aware that this was only due to Gubler's knee injury, but I would have liked to see some bandages to prove that they actually WATCHED last week.

    The unsub was said to have Christmas disease, a type of haemophilia. When Garcia brought up a list of haemophiliacs living in the San Francisco area, at least two and possibly three (one was named Shannon) of the list of 15 were female. This was inaccurate, as haemophilia is a disorder of the X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes, meaning that if one is damaged by haemophilia, they have a backup and will not get the worst form of the disease. Men have only one X chromosome, meaning haemophilia overwhelmingly affects males (though still rarely - only 1 in 25,000). It's unlikely any female would have Christmas disease, and it is a statistical impossibility that three females with it would live in one area.

    This episode was filled with laziness and poor writing. I'm growing highly sick of watching the same episode again and again. The writers better come up with another "Zugzwang" pretty fast or I may find myself leaving.

    I give it 4/10, and it only scored so high because of Vangsness's dedication to her character and excellent oratorical acting.
  • Interesting episode.

    Yes it was very sad to wathc the aftermath of the Zugzwang episode and there were some really touching scenes with various characters tryingto cheer up Reid.

    But I also thought we had a pretty good case. The blood artist is quite interesting. I don't know why anybody would want artwork painted with human blood or any blood for that matter, but it was certainly a unique storyline.

    It was kinda obvious from the start that he was eventually goign to attack the art director or owner of that museum, whoever she was. It was just a matter of time on that front, but I enjoyed how they did the various scenes and it was very good.

    Probably one of the better episodes of this season, although that proably doesn't say much, but I did like it!

    I was a little disappointed that we didn't see the awesome copycat guy though! I want to know what happens next with that!
  • Still uncomfortable watching Tripplehorn stmble through the dialogue

    Oh this show but it is increasingly difficult to watch Tripplehorn lifelessly go through the motions of acting? This is one of the worst miscasts I have ever seen on a good show.
  • Painful relief

    I find the handling of tortured Reid in this episode tastefully touching with the bitter-sweet ending - as an apendix to the last weeks tragedy and tough first try to start over. Reid s decision to go on, to focus on something usefull, to get back somehow, was a hopeful hint of optimism, a little spark in the darkness, a gesture that he is willing to it wasn t the typical "talk" from someone else, it was actually initiated by himself.. this was at least a little comforting and nicely done.. But overall I could feel the pain so vividly! Especially the last scene and the last quote. You could see that putting your deeply beloved soul-mate aside in the shelf (arranging Meave /her book/ among the other books - mere memories of the past) is not as easy as that. Because with that move you kind of betray the person. I know that feeling very well, it s the most difficult part and it s a long-running process. That most difficult moment - a determination to say good-bye and let go - was IMO sensitively done: a spark, but with that heavy feeling on your chest. This spark needs a determination and active suppresion of the pain - it doesn t just wear off, or it isn t gone just by some miraculous talk.. It was probably a good idea to skip two weeks from the incident (I am so curious though!), now we can only guess what madness and horror happened in between, and I hop it will be adressed in the course of time. What I am most interested in is his coping with the guilt that he didn t manage to save her, even though he could have, if he would have been stronger or a better, less nervous kisser.. I hope the writers will continue this plot and this not-easily-resolving direction.

    The case wasn t as interesting for me as the Reid plot, but still quite good. The madness of an artist is something very intriguing to me. Last note: I really like Alex Blake. She seems as a natural part of the team, I like her personality, she seems like a solid character, who for sure deserves a bigger focus.
  • I'm Calmer Now

    I was really upset last week when Maeve was killed. Fuming! And I had no real expectations that things would get better this week, but somehow they did. I even kinda of sort of liked the unsub. Reid-centric episodes are always both sad and sweet-just like Reid.

    I'm glad this episode didn't make me feel worse, although from other reviews and comments, others felt really sad. I felt comforted. At least by the episode's end there were a few characters still shining through an otherwise grey, cloudy season of Criminal Minds.
  • Amazing but so sad!

    This episode was really hard to watch; Matthew did an amazing job portraying Reid's pain, it even made me feel depressed for hours afterward. I still haven't fully recovered. I thought it was really sweet, if sad, that Reid brought Maeve's book with him when he went to help the team with the case. I wish we could have seen what caused his apartment to get so trashed, I can imagine what happened, but it would have been interesting to see a very different, enraged side of him. I've never seen him looking more pathetic and bedraggled than he did at the beginning of the episode, wandering aimlessly through the apartment in his pyjamas. Poor guy, of all the characters to lose someone close to them, he's definitely taking it the hardest, I wonder what the rest of the season is going to be like for him. I really don't want to have to wait another two weeks for the next episode!
  • In tears, in heaven

    This was a sad episode. I found it even sadder than the last one. It was good to know that the writters didn't just move on to somewhere else. And I 'enjoyed' the case too. In my country we had once a killer similar to this one, believe it or not.