Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday Nov 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • He was a villian on voyager

    I quite enjoyed the masterpiece episode I liked the cool and calm way he talked until he jump Rossi I've watched the episode many times since it first aired and I still like it But he did remind me of when he was a villain on voyager. still like it though
  • Insecure Agent Todd

    I'm not going to comment on the scientific or mathematical errors in this episode because obviously the 'geniuses' among us have already exhausted that topic. I also am not going to discuss Jason Alexander's acting skills either - not an issue for me. What I noted about this episode is how insecure Agent Todd is. She took it personally when Morgan tried to help her out and she does not want to admit yet how overwhelmed she is feeling. Jennifer sometimes questioned herself when she had to decide which case took priority to the team. Seeing how Todd is makes me appreciate Jennifer's role in the team more.
  • Jason Alexander, come on...

    Episode itself wasn't bad. I have no idea what the golden ratio/fibonacci sequence are so I'll have to take the previous reviewer's word for it, buuut what I really had an issue with was Jason Alexander's acting. Holy crap was he bad. In no way did I feel threatened by or intimidated by him. Worst serial killer ever, ugh. Oh, and that wig? The last two episodes were great, which is probably why I was so let down by this one. Also, the new girl, not the look. Bring . back!
  • You don't need to be a genius...

    to see where this episode is going from the beginning... I love math and science based plots, but this was a bit disappointing. The golden ratio/ fibonacci sequence is obvious from the beginning. It wouldn't have taken Reid more than 30 seconds to figure out what was up from the start, as opposed to half an episode. It's also hard to believe that no one out of an entire crime scene investigation would have recognized the symbol as phi. The concepts behind the numbers were explored on such a remedial level it seems to be underestimating the shows audience. It was also hard to believe that a computer wiz like Garcia couldn't put together an algebra problem seeing as most of computer science is math. I'm not trying to show off; I'm a semester behind for graduating because I had to go back to remedial algebra. Just saying...

    I'm truly obsessed with Criminal Minds which makes me wish this episode were as awesome as the rest!
  • Jason Alexander is the worst guest star ever.

    This episode was just plain horrific to watch. The plot was nonsense, the science just silly and Jason Alexander must be the worst actor on the planet. I love this series, and when it is good it is among the best crime shows on TV. This episode was so painful to watch that I had to leave the room a few times. There are more holes in the plot than stars in the sky. I can not understand anyone who thinks Jason Alexander did a good job. He was just one bad cliché, and his "school play" style acting was annoying. He was ok in Seinfeld, because he never had to act, just be an irritating self absorbed insecure man. (just like in real life) If the idea is to dumb it down with pseudo science and moronic actors, then they will lose me as a viewer.
  • From unsub to the victims

    A episode what had totally different story and for totally twisted and plotted story turned it one amazing episode.

    Rossi and Reid meet an old guy in their lecture who gives them a pictures on 7 killed woman and says 5 more will be killed soon. And think that was so easy? Just go and figure out where.. the man has made a puzzle, his masterpiece what has meaning inside meaning and nothing is what first seens - and the real question is - is team cleverer than he? A dangerous game, in one point it does look bad but then we just found out it was another twist... I don't know... ending could have been better.. as the whole other story was brilliant.
  • duel of personalities

    the episode was phenomenal. however the main plot was concentrated on two of my most disliked TV characters - Agent Rossi and George from Seinfeld (never was a fan of that show). The acting however was very convincing and the unsub did have one point - Rossi is very arrogant (still disliking his character and holding on to that). The last minutes of the episode were amazing. The turn of events - you never see it coming (although it would have ended the show pretty soon if the team got killed). Reid, as always is top of his class (go figure)!
  • Such a well-executed storyline!

    In yet another amazing episode of Criminal Minds, this time, th team catch the serial killer right at the start and have to find and locate the victims later on, and not the other way around.

    The storyline was amazing! The y made it so interesting and some great acting definitely made it one of my favorites! Reed was as amazing as ever, and I absolutely loved his work with the pendant and the Fibonacci!

    Overall, definitely an episode that I would highly recommend! This show is so amazing, and I hope they keep it up, because these sort of episodes are just a joy to wathc and review! Keep it up!
  • Jason Alexander in a dramtic role as a serial killer is an interesting thing to watch, as is the fact that the team have their unsub early in the episode - they just need to find his victims before it's too late.

    A professor, played by Jason Alexander, approaches agents Reid and Rossi and informs them in a calm, quite voice that he has murdered seven women and that there are five more out there who will die within hours if the BAU can't find them. At the same time, Agent Todd is getting the distinct impression that the team have not fully accepted her as a temporary replacement for J.J. and she wonders whether they think she is competent.

    The by-play between the narcissistic professor and the BAU team as they question him about the killings of the past and the five people whom he says are missing was probably the most interesting part of this episode for me. I thought that Jason Alexander did a good job in his portrayal but I don't like Agent Todd, so that is probably one of the reasons I found this episode good but no more than that. Of course, poor old Agent Todd is fighting a losing battle both within the team and with the show's fans because everyone wants to see A.J. Cook back.

    A worthy episode and very interesting in places but not my personal favourite from Season 4.
  • Masterpiece

    This is the first time when I have to watch an episode a second time in order to understand everything. Maybe I was just eager to see the end and didn't pay that much attention, but seeing it a second time, and some scenes, three or four times – I finally got it, "it" as in "the whole picture" . And this episode was both well written and put into motion. Seeing Jason Alexander that for me will always be "George…" playing a serial killer, I must say I was impressed – he really played into the character – so "bravo".
    The most amusing moment for me was Reid's joke – I was like ..really? but really?....Reid saying jokes…but Reid is Reid…and I really enjoyed – go for it Reid!!!Spencer!!!Spence!!!...
    Loved the attraction between Morgan and Jordan and I'm looking forward for what is next to come.
    Awesome episode – like it, love it….enjoy.
  • Rossi goes one-on-one with a self-turned-in killer.

    A fantastic episode. The scenes between Rossi and Rothchild (Jason Alexander guest starring) really brought out Rossi and were perfectly written and filmed. We haven't seen Rossi at his best for a while now, and this episode did exactly that, after the previous episodes centering on Reid. The use of Prentiss on Rothchild was clever, as was mapping Rothchild with math-oriented methods. It was nice to see "reverse-profiling" used, rather than the usual profiling. Though the solution was a little perplexing, the BAU team always comes through, and Reid figuring out the Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio was clever; a great idea to center a killer around. The sub-plot of Jordan/Morgan was very typical of Morgan and showed the tough work of the BAU - a subtle but important scene, as well as the check in of Prentiss with Jordan. Well-written, well-filmed, an excellent episode.
  • Really an awesome episode!

    I think that this was one show that had a great star. That was known for either playing a good guy or a nice guy. And cast the actor against type. In this case, it is Jason Alexander aka George from Seinfeld. He plays a serial killer or would be one. And plays mind games with Rossi. I know that I have been really critical of Rossi in the past. But he has sense warmed up on me. Just like Emily has warmed up on me. After not liking her at first. Alexaner plays a great job, being cast as the villian. They need to do more of these. Like when they did with former 90210 star Luke Perry not too long ago. As a cult leader.
  • truely a mpieceaster

    A well coodinated episode. I was beginning to wonder if they will start to run of ideas. I was almost convinced that Rossi's arrogance would pupils their lives but he proved to be ahead of the game. That guy even was very bold to confront them. The creater of this episode really has a creative mind. I'm looking forward for other episodes like that. Well balanced!! They also give a bit on the team dynamics like the new girl Todd and her apparent insecurity without takin away from the intensity of the case at hand. I was indeep impressed a great deal
  • Not my favourite, but still a good one

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. We see Reid and Rossi at a college giving a speech on the FBI. As they leave they are handed a file by a professor, of 7 women who have been homicide victims. None of their bodies have been found. We soon learn that he has 5 more victims and if they can't find a way to save them in only a matter of hours they will all be dead. The photos are soon sent to Garcia to see if she can ID the victims. Agent Todd (JJ's replacement) seems to be having a hard time in this episode. We soon learn that one woman has gone missing as have 4 children who she was looking after. The team believe that these are the 5 victims who the professor was talking about. Soon Garcia is sent a link, which leads her to a video of the kidnapped victims. We soon see one of the children vanishing as a closes in the container and the child is trapped and isolated from the others. We soon learn that the child is dead and another one will die every 2 hours until either they are all found or they have all died. After studying the man in the interrogation room, Reid believes he has identified where the victims are being held. On the way to the location, it changes as they now believe that they are being held in the killer's own house. He tells Rossi that no-one will make it out of the house alive. We soon learn that the killer is obsessed with Rossi and we soon learn that it's because David arrested his brother for murders. We soon learn that the team are fine and that they manage to disable the house before they entered it. All 5 of the victims are alive. As Rossi tries to leave the room he is attacked by the killer, but luckily Rossi knew it was coming and defended himself.
  • Well written and very well directed by Paul Michael Glasser.

    This is one of those episodes where we know who the unsub is and the BAU has to save his victims. It's very well written and Paul Michael Glasser did a good job directing it.

    I miss the action in this episode, but the story of the psychopath is interesting. How he kills women but is unable to face them directly face to face. I like when Prentiss gets into the interrogation room and the killer looks at her with panic in his eyes.

    The good thing about this man is that he thought he was more intelligent than anybody and that he could beat the BAU team, starting by David Rossi. Nobody should underestimate the BAU's members, if someone does will be backfired.
  • creepy

    There's a reason that I hate watching this show at night because I'm a wimp and get scared very easily. Anyways, this episode was great. It just makes me like Rossi even more. A man that claims to be a professor approaches Rossi and Reid and tells them that seven are dead and that 5 more will die. I think Jason Alexander played the character, which was odd at first because I kept seeing him in Seinfeld, but he did a great job. His character creeped me out. I love when the bay guys are mysterious and educated; it just makes it more creepy (wow, I use that word a lot). Anyways, the only small issue I had with this episode was the new girl. I don't like her, but I did like how she and Morgan are. They're cute I guess. Overall, great episode, great story, great guest characters, and great character development.
  • ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! A very psychological episode!! Very well written and Jason Alexander was great, this man can act!!

    A serial killer goes to where Reid and Rossi are and confesses to 7 killings, and confesses 5 more will die. This is a special episode cause they have to do what they call "reverse profiling" which means they have to trace the victims to the killer, and do it fast before time runs out. It's a very psychological episode, almost like a cat and mouse game. The unsub confesses he's the brother of William Grace Graze, something like that, and confesses because of Rossi's books it made him kill, the unsub realized his brother was pure evil. This episode is a must see for anyone who loves a good psychological thriller.
  • Great Show. Everyone had thier own little part that made it great. Jason Alexander really showed a different side of him and brought out a different side of Rossi to.

    I am glad that CSI NY follows this show becuase that gives me at least an hour to relax my mind sometimes. This was a classic, and it really showed a differnt side to Rossi.

    Rossi: The amount of control that he showed when he was interrogating the killer was great. Not to many people could do that. But then again it was all a set up so he knew that his crew was safe.

    Morgan/Todd: Those two are going to be great together. His idea of helping did make her look a little incompetant so I would have been pissed at him to. Ried: He should think about getting a BA in joke telling becuase he really, really, really needs help. The look on the students faces when he started rattling off the degree's that he had was priceless. Emily: Trying to be the friend to the new girl.

    Garcia: We learned that she is really not good at math. Just computers. It is good to see that her and her boyfriend are still togheter. they go great together. JJ: I miss her. Nobody even mentioned how she and the baby were doing.
  • wow. david rossi has won my heart once again.

    the man was a raving psychopath, yet he kept so calm while playing with david. yet david had a ace up his sleeve. i was soo worried about that scene, them going in the house, but the thing about garcia saying she couldn't get a hold of anyone sounded so strange, it's like they were telling us, he was up to something. i laughed at reed's joke at the "conference" stupid kids. LOL. morgan and umm the new girl have the hots for each other. and i love emily for coming into the new girls office and letting her know she has a friend. that is soo emily.

    such a good episode.
  • I Absolutely LOVED This episode!

    Where to begin. This was one of the better scripted and plotted episodes of CM. We have the genius casting of Jason Alexander, who was fanomanial. The brief glimpse of the episodes director and Starsky and Hutch stars. The case was very complex and very challenging to figure out. There was a great twist at the end. I loved watching Spencer determine where the hostages where being kept. David's interaction with our lastest psycho was like watching a great chess match. Derek and Jordan's interaction while JJ's on maternity leave is going to be a great show. I think he'll finally meet his match.
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