Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2008 on CBS

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  • Reid faces his father.

    I thought this was a lot better than the last episode with Reid pursuing the killer of a six year old boy and the case is important to him because he thinks his father had something to do with the murder Throughout the episode Reid was so determined to get the truth and all this time he believed his father was a bad man but in the end things aren't what Reid expected when the only part his father played was trying to cover up the blood on Diana's clothes because she slipped in it The episode ended very well with JJ having her baby boy and Reid can now finally sleep knowing he has done what he could for the six year old boy.
  • What a great episode! They did an amazing job on this one!

    This one another favorite on mine, although not my top favorite!

    I loved the storyline to this one. Great to see a storyline centred solely around Dr. Spencer Reid, and I can't wait to see more episodes like this one!

    I thought it was also very nice to see J.J. have her baby, and it was very sweet when she made Reid the godfather! Lovely moments!

    The case on its own was immaculate! Someone else did mention a lack of action, which was true, but I think the case more than compensated for that, with its sheer amazingness!

    Keep it up, Criminal Minds, and I would highly recommend this oepisode!
  • JJ has the baby

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. When the team all met up to travel home, Reid informs them that he is going to be staying on to spend some time with his mother. We then see Reid going to the local police station and getting all of the files on the little boys murder, which he keeps having dreams about. When he goes back to his hotel room he sees that Rossi and Morgan have stayed behind, as they believe he is working the case of Reilly Jenkins. He then admits to both of them that he believes that the killer is his own father. JJ brings her replacement in so that she can get to grips with the job before JJ goes off to have the baby. Soon Rossi, Morgan and Reid track down his father and head there. It's been 17 years since he has seen his father. When Reid returns to his hotel room he finds an envelope, with a suspect inside of it. In this episode JJ goes into labour, but doesn't tell anyone until her contractions are only 10 minutes apart. Their main suspect is soon found through CODIS. He has murdered a few years ago and his body only recently found. Who soon learn that Gary Michaels was killed by the father of the little boy who was murdered. And he beat him until he confessed. Then Spencer's mother comes in and admits that she was in fact the boy who informed Reilly's dad about the Gary and what she suspected. She also happened to walk in right after Gary was killed. At the very end of the episode we see everyone in the hospital room with JJ and the baby. JJ asks Reid to be her son, Henry's Godfather. We also learn that she has asked Garcia to be his Godmother.
  • For me, Dr. Spencer Reid is the heart and soul of this show. Character development needs to be at its core right along with bringing us plots featuring gruesome, interesting crimes.

    For me, Dr. Spencer Reid is the heart and soul of this show. Character development needs to be at its core along with bring us interesting crimes. Reid on the shrink's couch with a protective Rossi standing by was too delicious. Seeing JJ going into labor and her teammates rally behind her was great. Great seeing JJ's baby's daddy there too. LOVE that boy from New Orleans! Seeing Reid holding JJ's baby was truly a touching scene that said so much about how Reid is cared for and regarded by his team mates. I absolutely loved that moment of hope and healing for him.
  • Reid centric episode but somehow I expected something more..

    After reading what it all will be about, I think I thought it will be better, expected maybe something different - it was little slow in some points and the case.. I do not know - maybe it was a dead end as Rossi's unfinished business - you thought it will be mind blowing but when you see it, it was ok..

    Anyway, this episode definitely goes down as one of the best char development episodes they have done. They have reveled before some facts about Reid, but this time his family is in focus and there are much to learn. And JJ and baby.. great addition to that episode..
  • The investigation into the child murders in Las Vegas continue, causing more problems for Reid, but, in happier news, it's a boy for J.J. and Will!

    Yet another excellent episode with something in it for everyone to enjoy. I really like everyone in the cast, most especially Thomas Gibson in his role as Aaron Hotchner, but somehow, Dr. Spencer Reid, superbly played by Matthew Gray Gubler, seems to be a character whom just about all the show's devoted fans have taken to their hearts. This is a great credit to the writers and to the acting skills of Matthew who plays Reid just about flawlessly in every episode. This one is no exception.

    Back to the episode ... The murder of Riley Jenkins when Reid was a boy still haunts him, both in his dreams and when awake as he constantly relives his memories from the past. He is convinced now that he is NOT just dreaming, but in fact, he saw Riley's murder. He's also fairly certain he knows the identity of Riley's killer too. Did Reid's father kill Riley and if so, did Reid's mother (and Reid himself) know about it and protect a child murderer or is it all really just in Reid's imagination? It's up to the BAU to find out ...

    Meanwhile, J.J. and Will become the proud parents of a baby boy, Henry. It is a sweet and touching moment when they ask Reid and Garcia to act as Henry's godparents. You can see that they are both touched at being given the honour and it's sweet that Reid seems a little mystified.

    Yet another excellent episode of this great series. Once again, Jane Lynch excels herself as Diana Reid and the performances by the regular cast are as good as they always are when they have a good script with which to work.
  • Expected way more action. Only upside was good acting and a veiw into reids childhood.

    while this is a good episode, I expected it to be a bit more thrilling than this... it was okay I enjoyed watching a bit more into reids relationship with his father. And it had good acting. still the scenes of the last episode made me think this episode would be quite shocking, I believe they could have made this episode much more thrilling, instead of just intresting. i did however like the plot around reids mother; it was clever. but still it was a bit boring and didn't hold my attention as much as previous episodes. Falsely advertised... well to me anyway...
  • Reid learns about his past. JJ gave birth to a baby boy named Henry. She and Will asked Reid to be the godfather (and I think Garcia the godmother).

    Loved this episode a lot, one of my favorites so far this season. It revealed a lot about Reid and his family. Great acting on Reid and his mothers part. It shined light on Reids past and how it made him who he is today. Its hard being a boy genius without a father to love and protect him from the real world. Great episode definately not a filler. I would love to watch it over and over. I loved JJs baby name, normal but still unique. I hope Will is in more episodes now that the babys born. Will is so cute, has a hot accent, and is a perfect fit for JJ. Overall I give it 5/5 stars.
  • Reid puts all his efforts into discovering the truth about his past along with the help of his friends and finds startling news. Meanwhile, JJ goes into labor and we are all reminded just how much of a family this memorable BAU unit is.

    I must say that this is my absolute favorite episode in this season so far. While there wasn't really that much profiling, it was a great example of how much of a team this unit is. Morgan and Rossi are concerned for Reid and stay behind to help, while the others back at Quantico are busy helping JJ move on to the next phase in her life with her new child. You can't help but be grinning from ear to ear at the end of this episode. With Reid's past it's nice to have everything cleared up from the last episode, and he was finally able to have some clearance with the father who left him when he was very young. It was refreshing to see him furious at his father and being able to get all that anger and resentment that he'd been harboring for the past 20 years or so out, though I still don't like him. Leaving a young boy with a mentally sick mother (though of no fault on her own and we all love her dearly) just doesn't seem very caring. Saving articles can only go so far. The guy still lived in the same city and never visited! I like how Reid apologized about suspecting his father but I hope he isn't going to get all chummy from now on. Having Garcia and Reid as the godparents of JJ and Willaim's child couldn't be any more sweeter and heartwarming. They are the perfect candidates and I'm sure they'll do their job well. I really hope that we get more insight into that once JJ comes back and we get to see more of her life with her child. This was just such a great episode.
  • OMG!! What an incredible episode!! This really shows character development for Reid and more of his background!!

    What an incredible episode, shows why Reid got into the FBI specificaly the BAU!! It also shows the horrible event Reid's mother witnessed and why his dad was burning clothes in the backyard. A very powerful and entertaining episode, had me hooked from beginning to end. All in All this is the type of things i'm expecting to see in the 4th season, revealing, addicting episodes, so far this season has proved itself very well, I'm egarly awaiting next week's episode. Overall Memoriam was very well put together and gave you the darker side of Reid's past, revealing and very entertaining.
  • Reid finally shows his true colors.

    I think that Reid is showing he is very developed. And is the soul of the group. They need to lay off him as he isn't the "baby brother." As he could hold his own. Morgan and Rossi are concerened about him. While the gang are wondering how to help JJ with her new baby son. Which she names Henry. More on that later. But Reid becomes into the BAU. His mom, I hope we don't see the last off. And how his dad was who he was. We don't see much of Hotch, who seems to take over the show. And glad that he didn't this time, in a change of pace. JJ wants Reid to become the godfather and maybe Garcia the godmother of her newborn son. How sweet is that.
  • As good as it gets.

    While remaining in Las Vegas, Reid's determination to solve the murder of young Reilley Jenkins lead to a startling discovery. The episode did an exceptional job of developing Reid's background most notably, the non-existant relationship that he has with his father. While Reid feels the sting of being rejected by his father, we learn that his father has been keeping up with his accomplishments. While Reid clings to the notion that his father was involved in Reilly's death, new information points to a neighborhood pedophile. The most heart-wrenching moment came from Diana Reid herself who sheds new light on the pedophiles subsquent death and who his next victim would have been.

    The best part of the show was the birth of JJ and Will's son, Henry, who becomes the godson of Reid and Garcia. As always the script doesn't let us forget that the team is also a family, who shares in the bad times as well as the good. In the end, this show is as good as one can get.
  • Memoriam

    Where do I start…yes of course…William Reid "U don't look like me anymore – you used to, everybody said so". Reid – "They say some people look like their dogs too. It is attributed to prolonged mutual exposure, elderly couples also. They unconsciously mimic the expression of people they've been around their whole life. So it kinda makes sense that I wouldn't really look like you anymore – I haven't seen you in 20 years." – That was tough…and true. The bottom line of this episode – emotional. When someone abandons us, in order to feel safe and to move on, we need that person to be "bad", as otherwise "why could someone leave us" becomes too much to handle.
    As human beings we all have our limitations and a breaking point. Reid's father and Riley's father met theirs. The search for the truth doesn't always get us where we wanted, but it does give closure in some way. My favorite scenes:
    - Diana telling her son "why mess with perfection"
    - JJ, Reid and sweet little Henry.
    I liked Rossi more in this episode, more than in any other – can't explain why – just did.
    This episode just needs to be watched; talking about it just comes second.
  • this episode follows the lead that Reid found to track down a child killer whom Reid suspected and afraid to be his father

    After watching THE INSTINCT I couldn't wait to see MEMORIAM. It turned out that both episodes are the best I've seen. The story lines, the characters and the actors are just fantastic. MGG has carried the show gracefully. He plays a character that is tortured by loneliness and insecurity as a child because he was born a genies, with little friends ( his classmates were usually older and bigger ) and his parents separated. Yet deep down inside him is a man with heart and soul. We can feel how Reid fees thanks to the good acting of MGG.One needs to have this kind of class and air to play such a character.
    I also like how the team tried to help him. Instead of asking him (Reid would have declined), Rossi and Derek were waiting for him in his hotel room watching soap opera and eating chips in a casual way. Very touching.
    Hopefully, there will be more personal stories on other team members. Just love this show.