Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2008 on CBS

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  • The investigation into the child murders in Las Vegas continue, causing more problems for Reid, but, in happier news, it's a boy for J.J. and Will!

    Yet another excellent episode with something in it for everyone to enjoy. I really like everyone in the cast, most especially Thomas Gibson in his role as Aaron Hotchner, but somehow, Dr. Spencer Reid, superbly played by Matthew Gray Gubler, seems to be a character whom just about all the show's devoted fans have taken to their hearts. This is a great credit to the writers and to the acting skills of Matthew who plays Reid just about flawlessly in every episode. This one is no exception.

    Back to the episode ... The murder of Riley Jenkins when Reid was a boy still haunts him, both in his dreams and when awake as he constantly relives his memories from the past. He is convinced now that he is NOT just dreaming, but in fact, he saw Riley's murder. He's also fairly certain he knows the identity of Riley's killer too. Did Reid's father kill Riley and if so, did Reid's mother (and Reid himself) know about it and protect a child murderer or is it all really just in Reid's imagination? It's up to the BAU to find out ...

    Meanwhile, J.J. and Will become the proud parents of a baby boy, Henry. It is a sweet and touching moment when they ask Reid and Garcia to act as Henry's godparents. You can see that they are both touched at being given the honour and it's sweet that Reid seems a little mystified.

    Yet another excellent episode of this great series. Once again, Jane Lynch excels herself as Diana Reid and the performances by the regular cast are as good as they always are when they have a good script with which to work.