Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 3

Minimal Loss

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on CBS

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  • Fantastic episode that makes us all shudder as we remember Waco and Jonestown and other similar horrors. Terrific writing and acting make this one a 'must see'.

    Reid and Prentiss are sent in undercover to investigate alleged child abuse at an isolated property which is the home of a religious cult after an anonymous 911 call states that the cult leader, Benjamin Cyrus, (brilliantly played by Luke Perry) is having sexual relations with underaged girls in the compound.

    With Prentiss and Reid posing as officials investigating child abuse, the real aim is to not only ascertain whether or not this is true, but also to look into the cult as a whole. Naturally, things go horribly wrong and Prentiss in particular is in grave danger when her cover is blown (although Reid's remains intact). The rest of the BAU, along with a plethora of other law enforcement agencies, are planning a raid on the compound, but when Cyrus gets wind of this, he imposes a lock down and unleashes a cache of weapons which make it pretty clear that he has no intention of being taken alive ... and the same goes for his 'loyal' followers as well.

    Not only great work by Luke Perry, but also terrific stuff from Paget Bewster and Matthew Gray Gubler. Don't miss this one!
  • How do they keep getting better? ***HEAVY ON THE SPOILERS!!***

    This episode was just amazing. Finally, they produced an episode where Paget Brewster could shine. In fact, most of the cast (with the notable exceptions of AJ Cook and Kirsten Vangsness who were all but absent) were absolutely wonderful. It was great to see them show how much Rossi has come to care about the other members of the unit. Hotch was fabulously conflicted, even allowing his heart to overrule his head when ordering HRT to storm the compound with Rossi telling him not to. I suppose this will finally silence the people who call Hotch cold, hopefully anyway. Reid was able to manipulate the leader of the formerly Libertarian community turned religious cult quite brilliantly. And in the most painful scene (for me) to date, when cult leader Ben Cyrus became aware there was an FBI agent undercover, Emily bravely stepped up and took the beating. Hearing her repeatedly state "I can take it," while being tossed around was heartbreaking. It just drove home the point of how dangerous their work is, the bravery of the people who do this job and how strong they can be. The thing that helps to set this show apart from others is that in the end, they didn't save everyone. There was no happy ending. They did what they could and that had to be enough to get them through. Brilliant ep!
  • This episode was awesome. I taped it, so after I watched it, I rewound it and watched it again. Prentiss is beaten, Hotch shows emotion and something goes boom.

    This episode was awesome. I taped it, so after I watched it, I rewound it and watched it again. Prentiss and Reid got to a religious sect's compound to investigate allegations of child molestation. While they are there, the state police stage a raid on the compound and all hell breaks loose. Luke Perry plays Benjamin Cyrus, the cult's charismatic leader, who we find out is married to a devoted 15-year-old girl and has a history of messing with underage girls.
    Hotch asks Rossi to negotiate with Cyrus, which I thought he did a very good job of. It was very naïve of Cyrus to have no inkling that that the FBI would try to pick up sound from inside and not even look for bugs. It worked out for the good guys though, because Prentiss and Reid are able to communicate to the team, who they know is waiting outside. I love watching Reid get into the minds of killers and gain their trust. Is it because he looks so young and innocent that so many killers have not perceived him as a threat?
    The emotion in this episode was some of the best I have seen since Reid was abducted and tortured on camera for the whole team to watch. In this episode, Morgan, Hotch and Rossi have to listen to Prentiss being tortured after Cyrus finds out she is an FBI agent. Morgan we are used to seeing plently of emotion from, but Hotch really became upset, which was fascinating to watch. I don't dislike Prentiss, but they really haven't developed her character much yet. That made her scenes in this episode that much better.
    Special notes. Very little of Garcia or JJ in this episode. It was sad to not have any Morgan-Garcia interchanges, because they are so much fun.
    A.J. Cook is very obviously pregnant. It made me wonder how long pregnant women can work in the field? It also made me wonder if when it is time to have the baby, they are going to do it in a nice normal way or in the middle of some big case. Probably the latter. Also, how cool was it to see Thomas Gibson briefly reunited with Joel Murray, who played the stupid attorney general here but was Pete in "Dharma and Greg?" Since they were best friends on that show, it was interesting to watch Gibson angry and in his face.
  • Reid and Emily are held captive.

    Emily showed her strength and devotion to her team members this episode when she not only protected Reid, but stopped a situation from getting worse when she took a beating, and told her team to hold back.

    Emily has always been my least favorite agent, but now she becoming more three dimensional for me.

    Reid worked well with Cyrus, well up until the end.

    It was sad that the girl they were called into save was so damaged that she carried out her husbands destruction.

    Her mother tried to save her, but in the end could not undo her abusers control. She made her move to late.
  • This was a fantastic episode. It showed the amazing teamwork of the BAU unit.

    The edge-of-your-seat suspense generated by this episode was teriffic. It was terrible to realize that Reid and Prentiss were in such harm's way. The rest of the team were besides themselves to make sure that they were going to be o.k. I thought it was interesting that Hotch deferred to Rossi, realzing that Rossi had "written the book" on this kind of negotation. I think Prentiss jumped in to say she was the FBI agent to keep Reid from getting shot. The gal is really tough. At the end it seems that the cult leader felt somewhat threatened by Reid's knowledge of the Bible and was not about to have an interloper step in to challenge him.
    This show bound the BAU unit together in a special way.
    Loved it!
  • prentiss and reid go undercover and get themselves in a situation they didnt expect!!a fantastically realistic episode!

    fantastic episode, i just watched the whole series and i have to say that they get better and better for each episode. luke perry did a wonderful job as cyrus, too bad they killed him, would have been cool if he came back for a continuation episode.
    loved the genuine concern on reids face when he saw prentiss after she had been beaten, and then afterward on the plane. bugged me that jj wasnt able to control the local media, that were "leaking" the story to the cult. also loved it when Hotch ripped the atourney general a new one!!!
  • This is by far the best episode (besides when Garcia got shot). You got to see all the team members get emotional. Loved how Emily took one for the team and held her own. She knew what she was doing. A little sad that the girl did not make it.

    Needed more Garcia and JJ, as they did not get enough screen time. No Derrick and Garica moments which was very lacking and is the comic relief to such a intense show. It was good to see Ried try to out preach the preacher, but a little suprised that he would let three government workers just walk into his compound to talk to the children. I did know that the person who made the call was the mom, as it was a little obvious but they did tie it to the overall plot to make it work. Looking forward to see JJ as a mama.
  • My favourite episode so far!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Emily Prentiss is probably my favourite character and this epsiode showed her development so well. Paget Brewster did a brilliant job from beginning to end and especialy in the middle.

    It also gave insight into the other characters, especially during Prentiss' beating. Their reaction showed how far the team has come collectively since they formed. It was definitely a defining episode for everyone, mostly Prentiss and Reid, but it showed how each reacted to a stressful experience. The acting was great and the episode is the exact reason why I watch the series. It was excellent.
  • Amazing!

    We open with an explosion, which we learn that the FBI were inside of, and them jump back a number of hours. They go into the cult to investigate child abuse. Emily & Reid are sent to investigate, but they pose as child interviewers. A hostage situation happens and Emily & Reid are trapped. The police turn up but then they get ambushed and so they pull out. The rest of the team find out what is happening and head straight there. We learn that the leader of the cult was arrested and sent to prison for statutory rape. The leader learns that there is an FBI agent in the mix, and it's one of the interviewers who came to the ranch that morning. Emily admits that it's her and he takes her into another room and beats her. A few of the hostages are released. The team get word that they will be coming in at 3am to rescue them. At 2.45am one of the women helping Emily takes her and the others down to the basement. The FBI enter and manage to save Emily and they go back to get Reid and some of the other women. The team just manage to escape before the building explodes.
  • Brilliantly exciting...

    This happens when things are not talked trough - Emily and Reid are doing some interviews in case of childabuse when police decides to storm a religious colony. It all goes bad.

    I like the way how the episode started - we have a hint that everything goes wrong and now we need to find out how. I like how Reid and Emily get into the motion in different way - Emily reveals she is FBI agent and gets all beaten but manages to do her part.. and Reid, he manages to gain trust of the religious leader and give on his side to get out too.

    I loved excitement, the way it should how you can turn everything upside down if you just find charismatic enough figure in front. And that girl in the end pushing that button - a clear message how the words are believed.
  • Wow! What an exciting and thrilling episode!

    This was definitely an exciting and very intriguing episode. It was quite different from anything I have seen on this show in the past, and therefore, it provided something new, and originality is always a great thing!

    The storyline was absolutely superb. I thought it was flawless. There were many suspensful moments, and it developed very nicely throughout the episode. I felt really sad (and bad) for Prentiss, after what happende to her.

    Overall, there was absolutely nothing wrong with this episode. It was absolutely sublime, form the moment it commencesd, to the moment it finished. Quite suspenseful, and I hope they keep it up for the future! Great episode!
  • Too realistic

    I absolutely hated this episode. I am not saying it was not great. I am saying it was too realistic for me and I was scared from beginning to end. Part of it was like watching the news.

    A religious order in Colorado accused of molesting children is the premise of the show. Prentiss and Reid are there undercover to find out the truth. Lies were told to the BAU about weapons being present. Politics are involved. The rest of the team rush to the rescue. Info is leaked to the press. Innocents die.

    The only good news is that Aaron's ears seemed to have recovered.

    Whew! There is no episode next week. I need a break after this!
  • What an exciting episode!! Going into a cult leaders sect and trying to get everyone out safely!!

    What a powerful episode!! I couldn't believe how good it was, it kept your interest, but then again this is CM when doesn't an ep get your interst going!! Started out with a bang and kept on going, cleverly written and directed. It reminded me some of what happened in Waco, I think that's where they got the idea of this ep, of course I could be wrong. But, either way they did a fine job at getting another great episode out!! Nest episode looks great too, I can't wait 2 weeks for another great installment of CM!! But, I'll do my best
  • A classic episode!

    This will go down as a classic episode ad that it will be one down for the books of Criminal Minds. Both Emily and Spencer get taken, from an overzealous religious gang. This is like taken from the pages of "Law & Order" like that. Hotch, Derek, and Rossi showed their concern over the two. Even when Emily was being beaten so badly. Gosh, someone needed to give her a huge hug. Luke Perry can really act an that hopefully, he will get better roles because of that. He was way, way, too convincing as the leader there. Really great episode and they are doing well during the fourth season.
  • Right out of the headlines....

    First to start, a raid on a religious compound while there are federal agents on site, somebody's timing is way off. LOVED watching Aaron showing some ba!!s and emotion when going toe to toe with the AG. I thought it also showed a lot of guts putting David in charge of negotiations. I thought Luke Perry played Syrus brilliantly. I just wanted to strangle the reporter covering the situation inside the compound. He was as bad as the AG slipping the fact that FBI had undercover agents inside to the media. Watching David, Derek and Hodge listen while Emily was getting beaten was painful. I was really impressed how Reid carried himself; he's definitely lost greenness. I loved watching the subtle clues that Emily and Reid dropped to the team on the outside, which I think is a credit to their training. The scene with David and Aaron was revealing in Aaron loyalty and feelings towards Reid and Emily and David reminding him that he wasn't alone. All in all as always a very riveting episode that had me hooked from minute one.