Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 3

Minimal Loss

Aired Wednesday Oct 08, 2008 on CBS

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  • This episode was awesome. I taped it, so after I watched it, I rewound it and watched it again. Prentiss is beaten, Hotch shows emotion and something goes boom.

    This episode was awesome. I taped it, so after I watched it, I rewound it and watched it again. Prentiss and Reid got to a religious sect's compound to investigate allegations of child molestation. While they are there, the state police stage a raid on the compound and all hell breaks loose. Luke Perry plays Benjamin Cyrus, the cult's charismatic leader, who we find out is married to a devoted 15-year-old girl and has a history of messing with underage girls.
    Hotch asks Rossi to negotiate with Cyrus, which I thought he did a very good job of. It was very naïve of Cyrus to have no inkling that that the FBI would try to pick up sound from inside and not even look for bugs. It worked out for the good guys though, because Prentiss and Reid are able to communicate to the team, who they know is waiting outside. I love watching Reid get into the minds of killers and gain their trust. Is it because he looks so young and innocent that so many killers have not perceived him as a threat?
    The emotion in this episode was some of the best I have seen since Reid was abducted and tortured on camera for the whole team to watch. In this episode, Morgan, Hotch and Rossi have to listen to Prentiss being tortured after Cyrus finds out she is an FBI agent. Morgan we are used to seeing plently of emotion from, but Hotch really became upset, which was fascinating to watch. I don't dislike Prentiss, but they really haven't developed her character much yet. That made her scenes in this episode that much better.
    Special notes. Very little of Garcia or JJ in this episode. It was sad to not have any Morgan-Garcia interchanges, because they are so much fun.
    A.J. Cook is very obviously pregnant. It made me wonder how long pregnant women can work in the field? It also made me wonder if when it is time to have the baby, they are going to do it in a nice normal way or in the middle of some big case. Probably the latter. Also, how cool was it to see Thomas Gibson briefly reunited with Joel Murray, who played the stupid attorney general here but was Pete in "Dharma and Greg?" Since they were best friends on that show, it was interesting to watch Gibson angry and in his face.
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