Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 3

Minimal Loss

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on CBS



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    • HRT Leader Dan Torre comments to Rossi that the two had worked together before: at Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Freeman Standoff.

      Ruby Ridge: In August 1992, federal officers attempted to arrest Randall Weaver, a white separatist, on weapons charges at his remote cabin. After the deaths of Weaver's son and a federal marshal, the FBI became involved in the case. Eleven days later, Vicki Weaver, Randall's wife, was killed by sniper fire while she was holding her infant child. Weaver and friend Kevin Harris gave themselves up.

      Waco: The deaths of four ATF agents who were with a group attempting to serve a federal warrant at the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas, on February 28, 1993, started a 51-day stand-off between federal authorities and cult leader David Koresh. On day 51, the FBI brought in military assault vehicles to secure the fortified compound and, in response, the cult members set multiple fires in their own buildings. When the confrontation was over, Koresh and 85 of his followers were dead.

      Freeman Standoff: On March 25, 1996, two leaders of the Freeman Ranch were arrested and charged with fraud. The FBI staked out the Freeman Ranch in rural Montana hoping to arrest more than a dozen people also involved in fraud and who made threats against a federal judge. Two days later, one adult turned himself in to authorities. As negotiations went on through April and May, more adults left the ranch in ones and twos. After stalled talks, and increasing demands from the Freemen, the FBI shut off power to the ranch on June 3, 1996. The standoff was finally over on June 13, 1996, when the remainder of the Freemen surrendered to authorities.