Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 8

Natural Born Killer

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2005 on CBS

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  • Mixed Up Ep's

    I Loved This Ep But Ep 9 is Suppose to be Ep 8 and Ep 8 Is Suppose to be ep 9
  • Some will grow up to be killers, others to catch them..

    A police in undercover goes missing when things go wrong and it is believed that a very brutal killer has him and now BAU team has to do everything to catch the man - what does not prove to be too hard but the location of his tourtering is still a mystery and they are running with clock to save the police officer.

    This episode had some great moments but mostly I felt it was somehow too.. not slow, but dark.. and maybe it is not the right word again.. but.. oh.. it had somehow not very pleseant feeling most of the time - maybe all the torture thing..
  • not the best!

    with episodes like L.D.S.K and the fox, i was certainly expecting more from this episode!!
    the last 2 were my Favorite episodes this season..but this one was the worst :/ (next to that bomb one)!

    i really didn't like the torture scenes! they were scary..but thats not why i didn't like this episode!
    there was no suspense in who the Unsub is, and the Torture plot has really become a Cliche! IT did have its good moments though, like the one where we get to know about Hotch's past, and the AMAZING portrayal of a Sadist serial killer by Patrick Kilpatrick! but apart from this, i really didn't find anything else good on this Episode!

    maybe because of the last 2 episodes being So Amazing, i was expecting more :S!!
    in all, its not a bad episode.....just not that good!!
  • The brutal murder of a childless couple takes the team to Maryland but there is much more to it than meets the eye.

    A retired couple are dead in Baltimore, Maryland but when the BAU become involved they find that there is a great deal more involved in the case than just the one murder. The crime scene shows evidence of torture and there is evidence of a third victim whose body parts are found in various areas of the neighbourhood. When Gideon and the team think they have a good lead on the identity of the unsub, they are surprised to learn that the FBI's organized crime unit wishes to take over the case but when they realise that their suspect is in fact an undercover agent, they must work with the organized crime squad to try and track down the murderer.

    A good episode but predictable in places. Nonetheless, very definitely worth a look.
  • No doubt that this was the poorest of the series to date in what has been a very good first season. Hopefully this is as bad as it gets.

    No doubt that this was the poorest of the series to date in what has been a very good first season. Hopefully this is as bad as it gets.

    Maybe the writers could have had an off day, or maybe they really wanted to begin to introduce more background story of the other characters apart from Gideon (i.e. Gibson's possible abused childhood).

    Torture scenes didn't particularly affect me as there is so much violence on television these days, but more implied cruelty (off-screen) works better in my opinion than being on-screen and highly graphic.

    Roll on the next episode, this series has me hooked.
  • Least interesting episode of Criminal Minds sofar.

    This episoed was quite different to all of its predecessors. This one was trather gory, and I really felt a little queasy throughout those torture scenes/ which is why I didn't like the episode too much, in comparison to it s predecessors.

    The aspect of this episode which was flawless was the profiling. Particularly after they had apprehended the unsub and were interrogating him, those scenes were very well done, and it was very amazing to see how much information they could obtain from a profile.

    Overall, if you haven't got a strong stomach, I definitely do not recommedn this episode, as it may just give you some nightmasres. However, the profiling aspect of things was well done, so a decent episode all up, but definitely a step back from the predecessors.
  • Oh what a scary show!

    This was one scary show and it was just so
    Good as a missing undercover cop is the target of
    A serial killer and the best actor to play villians
    Patrick Kilpatrick, steals the show as the serial killer as the BAU team must stop him before he kills again.
    I love serial killer type shows despite my parents protests!
  • Good episode. I hope the writers keep up the good work.

    This was a very creepy episode. It may have gotten a 10 fom me had it not been for the torture by rats. I have never minded rats all that much, and now I really don't like them. The team did very well, they were all able to use their skills to find out the information they needed for the profile, and then finally get Agent Kramer's cooperation. It had a healthy dose of suspense, but hhe rats were just too much. Having the unsub cut open Baker's arm to attract the rats, that was just disusting and gut-wrenching. It was just too much there. I am just glad that the were able to find Baker alive, because that was Kramer wanted after he found the BAU had not picked him up.

    Criminal Minds has a very good tem of writers, keep up the good work, you guys!
  • The killer with the perfect job!

    A killer with the perfect career - it's a scarey prospect. In this case it's only half right, he can cause all sorts of unbelievable terror and torture to men, no matter who they are, but when it comes to women, even a quick kill makes him vunerable.

    Watching him strangling Hotch had me on the edge of my sofa! I was willing Morgan to take the shot!

    I loved how Gideon and then Hotch approached the interrogation, I didn't thing they'd ever get him to break, he looked the ice man at first - nothing could touch him.

    Imagine watching rats eat you alive - must be horrifing! At the end I was left wondering about Hotch's childhood, did he mean he was abused as a chiuld? That's definitly how I read it! I guess time will tell.
  • Torture, rats, grisly murders - what more does an episode of CM need?

    Good plot – from start to finish this guy was totally acting out his profile and every little detail was spot on. Loved the fight scene with Hotch and the moments between Hotch and Gideon afterwards. I was totally surprised by the fact that Jimmy Baker was an undercover cop. I didn’t figure it out until Morgan and Hotch did – and didn’t Morgan find that gun rather easily? His spider-sense must have been tingling to point him to that specific spot on the wall. But the psychopathic unsub was soooo creepy-nasty; well played by Patrick Kilpatrick who can stare down anybody. (shudders)

    The scenes between Garcia, Reid and Elle were utterly fantastic. Beautiful little dialogues and Garcia always comes out on top. The only other plot device that seemed a little off was all the talk about optics. How exactly does optics help you figure out what someone is saying? Color me surprised that the Law of Reflection works with sound waves. Oh, and remind me to keep my coffee cup away from Garcia’s equipment. Those who are tortured often end up torturing others – okay, that could be a broad generalization, but are we supposed to be inferring anything about Hotch’s childhood after his conversation with Vincent? Was he abused? Something to think about.
  • Review

    I liked Hotchers work in this episode, the climax being the scene in the end where he basically tells the world that people that are abused as young kids generall become two types of people - bullys themselves or people that try and stop them. I thought it was a great way to tie characters devolopment into the show without going off of the main goal of the show which is tying the crime to the bad guy. I thought the scene with Gideon and Vincent was another good one. Gideon always calm, knowing what he has to say to try and make someone crack. I like the fact that the killer in the past two episodes has been caught after 30 minutes and then given some great scenes for the character devolopment. Im not sure if I like it more then the last second piece together - solve a crime right before it happens method, but points for origanality. I dont know why this episode is rated the lowest of the season so far - a very solid episoode.
  • An interesting episode

    ***** Revelling***** We got to see a little of Hotchner childhood. It was interesting, though the show was a little gruesome.

    I love the scene at the car place Hotchner was fighting with the bad dude, and he just about lost. Lol poor Hotchner. Any way while Hotchner was talking to the unsub, we learn about the unsub childhood. Where the unsub father would beat him, then his mom too. Hotchner: You were just responding to what you learned, Vincent. When you grow up in an environment like that, an extremely abusive, violent household, it's not surprising that some people grow up to become killers.
    Vincent Perotta: Some people?
    Hotchner: What's that?
    Vincent Perotta: You said some people grow up to become killers. Hotchner: And some people grow up to catch them

    Lol I love how subtle he did that. After that you actually wonder whether he did say what he says.

    I can't be the judge of that, but I think what Hotchner say is true, even though your parents were bad people that isn't an excuse for us to go out killing people, when we know it's wrong, we can change our attitude to make it better and not be the same as our parents. Love it.
  • So far, by far my most favorite episode. Well worth the gruesome, gritty scenes and all around scariness of one of my favorite actors, Patrick Kilpatrick.

    Patrick Kilpatrick brings an amazing amount of depth and complexity to whatever character he portrays and in my opinion was the key to this episode. Not very many actors are capable of displaying this character's apparent seething hatred of mankind with such charm and wit quite the way that Kilpatrick is able to do. The connection revealed between Hotchner and Perotta in the end was not only insightful but very well played by both of these actors. While we see the violent, aggressive and merciless side of this hitman, one inevitably walks away from the episode feeling that these are the remnants of a person who was terribly wronged at some point in his life.
  • Baddest episode of this season

    This episode wasn't good. The script was full of flaws, and the torturing untastefull.
    The only thing that was interesting was the hint at Thomas Gibsons past.
    Maybe the "minds" behind "Criminal Minds" could spent a little bit more time at the upcoming scripts.....................
    "L.D.S.K." was the best episode until now. Want too see more of this.

  • Not the best episode!

    But I did liked watching Patrick Kilpatrick doing the all sick twisted psychopath. The mafia thing wasnt believed since it didnt explain why the boss hired Kilpatrick's character to kill those 3 people. How does the mafia fit in the storyline?? The ending was Ok as Gibson showed why is doing what is doing for a living. My score reflects Kilpatrick performance becaused if it wasnt for him,it should have been no more than a 6.
  • I hate torture episodes.

    Why are all these crime shows doing torture episodes? I hate watching this. The killer guy was not very believeable. Getting insight into Thomas Gibson's character was great. It's nice to know on this show why these people do what they do. I like this show but it could be better.